Thursday, October 8, 2015

WDW's Fall Dapper Day, 2015

Last Saturday the dapper crowds descended on Disney's Hollywood Studios, and we were lucky enough to get the year's first almost-cool weather for the day. AHH BLISSFUL 78 degrees!

I snapped over a hundred group and single portraits that day, and loved every second of it. Unlike a convention, you're more likely to surprise someone when asking for a photo here - but without exception, it always made them smile. And I really like making people smile. :)

So, ready to see some of my favorites?

Love seeing more and more men get into the dapper act - and I hear this year's was the biggest turn-out yet!

As always, the dapper Disney Bounding caught my eye the most:

For those unfamiliar: Disney Bounding is a form of subtle cosplay achieved with everyday clothes. It's quite fun figuring out all the different characters!

Anna and Elsa are still popular choices, along with classics like these:

Check out dapper Boba Fett's antennae fascinator! And beside her are a perfect Haunted Mansion & Tower of Terror.

Sally and Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas:

And I totally fangirled all over these two:

It doesn't show too well in the photo, but they're both wearing sculpted pins from Steven Universe! Her's is a Cookie Cat, and his is the pink Lion. YES. (They tried to help me convince John to watch the show, and I think we made a little progress. Right, John?)

 There were so many people dressed up, it was often hard to choose who to chase! Other than great Disney Bounding, I looked for either the most authentically vintage looking outfits, the most eye-catching, or a bit of both:


Btw, Dapper Day is actually a fan-run event, but Disney knows when to show some love for a good thing:

 Dapper Daisy & Donald! 

I'm tempted to make Donald's outfit for myself next year. Only, you know, with pants. (Or maybe a big white fluffy skirt? OOooOOOOoooo...)

Speaking of which, I actually attempted to be a bit dapper myself this year, but I conveniently "forgot" to take a picture.  John made me be in his selfie in line, though, so at least you can see how well the fabulous bow tie he made matches my dress:

Mah baby makes his own BOW TIES. Aw yeah.

Ok, back to my pics and this amazing DAPPER ROCKETEER:

Look at her helmet fin fascinator! And her purse is the rocket pack!  [SWOON]

Ahem. More sweetness:

That's an oh-so-subtle Rapunzel 'Bound - look closely, and you'll see a sparkly chameleon pin on her purse!

So many perfectly coiffed curls and fun vintage sunglasses:

I assumed this next couple was Bounding as Dreamfinder & Figment - but it turns out they were actually inspired by Merlin and Mad Madame Mim!

I snapped this next one too close, but imperfections just make it look more vintage, er, right? 

 Here's Traci Ann, one of the readers that managed to track us down, as a dapper Merida:

She sewed pockets into the tips of her "fur" stole, which is just the most brilliant purse substitute ever.

 I chased this gentleman down from across the plaza:


I also went barreling after these two, which I think kind of scared them, but I promise, ladies, I just REALLY liked your outfits:

 Dapper Roger Rabbit & a Kiss The Girl poodle skirt!

 You guys, I want everything this girl is wearing:

Now here's a pair who ARE Bounding as Dreamfinder and Figment:

As I was editing these photos, I zoomed in on that trim on "Figment's" skirt - and would you believe it's the hand-lettered lyrics to "One Little Spark?" Now I love these girls even more.

 A Toy Story Trio:

That's Bo Peep, Woody, & Barbie!

And here's Mushu with Mulan:

 A dapper young Buzz Lightyear and a practically perfect Mary & Bert:

Another fun find while I was editing: this dashing couple was inadvertently photo-bombed by the Doctor:

(The Doctor is John of Cosplay Craziness, btw.)

Peter Pan and Captain Hook plus another dapper Jack:

A beautiful Elsa and Prince Eric & Ariel:

(Some of these Disney Bounds are pretty subtle; if she hadn't been with Ariel I never would have guessed Prince Eric!)

Here's Camryn, another Epbot reader we spent the day with at last year's Dapper Day. Check out the fun Wonderland skirt she made!


A few more sweet vintage dresses - plus picture-perfect makeup:

Those furry pom-poms and that cherry pin! Ah!

I loved this gent's sunflower boutonniere:

 I heard Gertie the dinosaur is leaving the park for good this week, so I made sure to snap a farewell photo before we left:

 And one last shot looking back towards the theater - now sans Sorcerer's Hat! - just after sunset:

Believe it or not, there are plenty more photos where these came from - so head over to my Flickr album to see the rest!


  1. I love these all so much! Someday I'm finally gonna find a perfect dress for my own dapper Rapunzel Disney bound.

  2. I always love your photos! Thank you for sharing!

  3. I made a bow tie for a friend last year. It turns out it was more difficult to learn how to tie the thing than sew it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Perhaps I'm wrong, but the lovely young lady in the photo next to Ariel & her prince appears to be Princess Jasmine more than Elsa. I think it's her hairstyle, the colour of her dress, and the distinct lack of snowflakes. At least that's how it appears to me anyway

    1. That was my first thought, too. Perhaps Jen has it straight from the bounder's mouth, so to speak?

      -Just Andrea

    2. Based on the hair especially, I think you might be right.

    3. You know, I could have sworn she said to tag her as Elsa, but now that you mention it, maybe I heard her wrong? Because that hair IS quite Jasmine-y. Maybe she'll find this post and settle the matter. :)

  6. Sooo - on image 2129 (from Flikr), does his tie have the Star Wars intro?? If so, that may be my favorite of the day! :D

    1. That was my thought, too, but when I zoomed in I saw it's actually a Walt Disney quote: "Let's not forget it all started with a mouse." Cute, right?

    2. Oh, I like that too! :) Clever folks out there.

  7. I saw The Doctor (and his companion with a TARDIS dress that I would very much like to steal) at the bar area they set up near the Sci-Fi Drive-In!! He was fantastic. And I may have convinced my nephew that he could pull off Eleven in the future. This was my first Dapper Day and my nephew and I had the best time. We even accidentally Bounded as "Fear" and "Disgust" from Inside Out, so that was awesome.

  8. Can I say how lovely the Lady Figment's Wing Shawl is? It appears like she crocheted it - what an awesome and well planned out idea!

  9. So much fabulous bounding! Love it, makes me miss my pass!

  10. Oh! I thought the Doctor photobombing your picture looked familiar so I checked my own pix and I'm right -- I had a picture taken with him and his lady cosplaying as a Weeping Angel while I was dressed as the Tardis at TampaBay ComicCon this year! Cool!

    And wow, your pictures of Dapper Day are swoon-worthy as always! I would love to see it myself one day.

  11. Oh, how I love Dapper Day pictures! It surprises me that they don't expect to be photographed; I would think people would be snapping pics all over the place! Everyone looks amazing!

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  13. Love it! We were at CA Dapper Day - it was sooooo hot that a lot of folks didn't venture out before dark. My husband just saw that dapper Baymax and said "Cute! I could do that!" so...spring dapper day plans are starting!

  14. Oh man, these outfits are amazing!! I would love to go to Dapper Day one day (is it only at Disneyland?).

    1. Not just Disneyland, this one was here in Orlando! In fact, I think most (if not all) of the Disney Parks have their own Dapper Days now. You can check for the dates.

  15. Sorry I missed you! This was my first Dapper Day and it was awesome! I did a Belle "Provincial Town" blue dress Dapper bound. 😊

    my gallery of pocs

  16. Two things:
    1. These pictures make me happy!
    2. Is "bounding" something that's only done with Disney cosplay or does the term apply to any subtle cosplay using regular clothes?

    1. It started out as just Disney I think, but I've seen it done for a lot of things!

  17. Awwwwww. I've always absolutely loved Gertie. Thanks so much for the farewell picture, it's making me tear up a little bit. Here's hoping they move her instead of ripping her apart or letting her sit in a warehouse somewhere.

  18. Wouldn't the Peter Pan from the Peter Pan and Hook picture be the crocodile? Her purse is the clock... Tick Tock! Though, after looking at the larger version, her necklace looks like Pan's panpipes, so perhaps she was just referencing that pan threw the clock...

    1. I thought Tick Tock, too, 'til I saw the red feather in her fascinator - so I think you're right, the clock is just a reference to the story.

  19. Gertie the Dinosaur is going extinct?!?!?
    I was on the Disney College Program back in 2007. I was assigned to the Outdoor Foods Department at the park formerly known as Disney-MGM Studios (aka Disney's Hollywood Studios). One of the many stations I was assigned to work at over the course of my 7 months of work study was Dinosaur Gertie's Ice Cream of Extinction. At the time, she was my third-least favorite work station because her air conditioner was broken. If Gertie was your station for the day, you had to make sure your great big container of drinking water was readily accessible and you had to hurry to get the guests their ice cream before it melted. The heat was so bad that I unofficially nicknamed Gertie "the dino-sauna." I guess they never fixed her air conditioning, but it's sad that they're just getting rid of her. After all, it's thanks to Gertie that I gained the ability to make really pretty-looking Dairy-Queen-style swirly soft serve cones.

  20. yes, yes yes to the white fluffy skirt next year!

  21. The "Dapper" outfits from your pictures of Donald and Daisy are actually their everyday Hollywood Studios outfits. They are the Hollywood Stars out on the town to meet you. Chip and Dale wear hats and ties and Goofy has a 3 piece suit with cufflinks.

  22. This is an awesome source for new dresses that look vintage. :)

  23. So sad that I missed Dapper Day!! Now that I'm a Florida resident I thought I could make it finally, but I got sick. :( Bummer!! This is how I dress every day! Maybe next Dapper Day. And you can bet I'll be mowing you down in my wheelchair, so be ready Miss Jen! :)

    1. Rachel, there's a group on Facebook called Disney Dapper Darlin's that does dapper meet-ups fairly regularly in the WDW parks - we'd love to have you join! We tend to have events at least monthly, and the more, the merrier!

  24. Conjugate "fangirl".

  25. I was at Disney just 2 weeks ago and noticed Mickey's Magician Hat was gone. Why did Disney get rid of it? I always thought of it as the Hollywood Studios icon.


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