Monday, October 19, 2015

Favorite Etsy Finds: Robot Planters, Ice Cream Clips, & The CUTEST Little Orange Squid!

You clearly have too much in that bank account. Here, let me help.

Currently loving:

This Hobbit door locket by MiraCrafts:

And it opens! I think I'd put a little piece of art inside - maybe Bilbo or Gandalf?

She also has this lovely Beauty and the Beast inspired necklace:

The falling petals are so clever! About $57 here.

Also loving:

This modern Cuckoo Clock by Decoy Lab:

The white silhouettes remind me of paper cutting. SO SWEET.  It's $96 here.

Some oh-so-creepy pillow cases, just in time for Halloween:

I still can't believe that's a screen-printing - it looks completely 3D! (And very "that-scene-from-Ghostbusters", right?)

They're just over $22 each at wfrancisdesign.

This print of Zappa the Greyhound:

I don't even *like* dogs, and this makes me grin like a loon. Hilarious and adorable. Hilorable.

These tiny handmade "pocket totems" by Ramalama Creatures:

I thought this was a cuttlefish, but it's actually a Bobtail Squid? Anyway, it's $60 here.

[Side note: Wow, if you want some serious eye candy, Google "bobtail squid." SO PRETTY.)

These bitty robot planters from XYZ Workshop:

3D printed goodness! They start at $35 each here.

This Ducky Momo plushie:

Since I just admitted to being a big ol' cry baby in my last post, I guess it won't surprise you to know the Ducky Momo song gets me every. time.


These felt Ice Cream Hair Clips:

And finally:

This one-of-a-kin "Diabolical Box 87" is one of the most gorgeous steampunk lamps I have ever seen:

It costs a whopping $1,250 from SteampunkLighting, but WOW. 

You guys go on with your browsing. I'mma just sit here and stare for a while. [dreamy sigh]

Any goodies you guys are crushing on this week? If so, feel free to share links in the comments, so we can all shop n' drool.  ;)


  1. That light.... need to get my dad in on a new project. I think we could build that ;D

  2. Love the Hobbit door! Sold out. 😕

  3. oooo the hobbit doors are so cute!
    and! I saw this shop and thought of you!
    They make spell book journals and hollowed out books!

  4. Tell you what, Jen, if I ever win the lottery, I'll buy you the lamp. However, I wouldn't hold your breath :D

  5. Ducky Momo!!!!! Yay, a fellow fan!! Must have a pocket lemur.... gotta go.

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  7. Those pillowcases are amazing! I have a problem where I put up Halloween decorations and then they just become all the time decorations, and I think they would be a lovely addition...

    As far as adding links goes, I'm obsessed with the fish necklaces in this shop . It's hard to believe they're made of clay--so pretty.

  8. I just received my pillowcase I ordered from wFrancisDesign. I thought about the ones you pictured, but I ordered a grove of trees with keys and empty birdcages dangling from the branches. *Awesome* quality. I just need to buy the pillow form and good to go!

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  10. I get the feeling you introduced me to this but love this piece

  11. I am in love with this shop right now, in particular the bicycle earrings, hot air balloons and geometric stuff! So cute!

    I actually love those pillows. I am a Halloween maniac and those would fit in nicely here, though I don't think I would put them away after Halloween was done :)

  12. Ah! That Hobbit door locket is too cute! I can't handle it!

  13. That Ducky Momo plushie is adorable!! And I think my kids' science lab needs those robots...

  14. I found a great jewelry shop on Etsy called Fripparie. She does a lot of fantasy-inspired necklaces, bookmarks, rings, etc. This is one of my favorites:

    She also has Health, Mana, and Stamina potion pins that I loved:

  15. I think I need a little 3D printed robot with "hair" made of plants. Oh, and a pillow case that will keep me from ever sleeping again.

    That lamp is really, really cool (and I'm not a huge steampunk fan -- I know, I'm sorry).


  16. I'm really digging this Etsy shop's "Hot Air Balloon" earrings ElainaLouiseStudios , they also have some other nice steampunk offerings

  17. You don't like dogs?!

  18. Jen! You don't like dogs? *GASP* How could you not like dogs???

  19. Man, Etsy could easily take all my paychecks all the time. Recent faves are the shop TAYHAMS for their hilarious greeting cards. Also loving this series of movie line character cutout...things by 17thandoak (maybe you've featured him before?): Also Lauren Gregg did a fantastic Bill & Ted piece:

  20. I've been eyeing these neat embroidered hats, headbands and hairclips: So many fun designs!

  21. Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this or if you've seen it - a kickstarter to make plushies based on Toby Allen's monsters (I think you've mentioned him here)

  22. Jen, I love this little gallery! As someone who is "craft challenged", I would love a curated Christmas list from you so that I know what I'm buying was actually made by a person (as opposed to mass manufactured in substandard conditions). For example, my daughter has finally fallen in love with all things Potter this year, and I am crushing on a Hermione Time Turner necklace but searching for it in Etsy reveals many suspiciously similar items. I would also love to purchase through a link that benefits you & John & the cats. Anyway, just a thought because I am all too aware of how close the winter shopping season is. :)

  23. Might I recommend PhoenixFire Designs? Everything is 100% handmade from scratch.

    PhoenixFire Designs


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