Friday, June 7, 2013

Week's Best 6/7/13

I'm sure you've all seen this by now, but just in case:


Lauren, the girl responsible for this work of genius, actually has an entire blog dedicated to the  design process, and it's well worth a visit. So many fantastic details! (And isn't that Chell art gorgeous?)

Here it is with the lights off:

My favorite is Lauren's set of made-from-scratch infinity Portal mirrors:

DO WANT. Sounds like they were a pain and a half to make, but wow. Looks like they were worth it!

 For my fellow Ghostbuster geeks, check out the Ghostbusters ride that never was:

Hit that link and scroll about halfway down the page for tons of amazing photos, mock-ups, and art.

Reminds me of the MIB ride at Universal, only spookier.

Oh, and a commenter mentioned this ride is very similar to Ghost Blasters, a ride that still exists in several amusement parks around the US and Canada. Any of you know it?

- Would you believe this gorgeous wolf sculpture is made entirely of pipe cleaners?

Yep, you read that right: Lauren Ryan makes her sculptures out of 100% chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners). I can't get over how perfect that face is!

I'm also partial to her Fennec Fox:

Head over to Lauren's blog, Chenille Stems, to see lots more. (And thanks to Miranda A. for the link!)

- Frank of Post Secret tweeted one of the most inspirational things I've seen all week: Duct Tape Surfing. It's kind of like what John did for our friend Ken, only way, WAY harder. Hehehe.

Confused? Just watch:

Pascale (the woman) is a paraplegic, and is the mother of one of Tyrone's friends. The two have a Facebook page where they post pics and links to interviews and such, since they're starting to get lots of media coverage now. You can also donate duct tape there!

And while we're talking feel-good stories, have you heard about the Brazilian hospital that re-themed its children's cancer treatments into "superhero formulas?"

Not only do the kids get these special cases for their IV treatments, they also get custom comics - officially licensed from Warner Brothers - that show each superhero getting the "super formula" treatment using those exact same cases:

Plus the entire children's cancer ward there (located at A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo) has been themed into the Hall of Justice! Head over to NerdApproved to see more pictures and video of the ward. (And in related news: are you totally crying right now, or is that just me? GAH.)

- While we're talking superheros, Target is really pulling out all the stops with their new Avengers line. Check out this fun LED Thor hammer night light:

It's battery powered, so you just stick it to the wall - easy-peasy. There's also a Hulk fist version and this Captain America shield:

SO COOL. $26.99 at Target's website, or I'm sure you can find them in local stores, too.

And finally, I've had several of you ask me before if I "Disney Bound." I never have, but after seeing this roundup of 39 examples over on BuzzFeed, I am seriously tempted! In a nutshell, Disney Bounding is like the world's most subtle form of cosplay: you dress in everyday clothes that still manage to evoke your favorite Disney character. Here are a few examples:

Daisy & Donald!
(I'm in love with Daisy's tights and shoes. IN LOVE, I say!)

The Disney Bound Tumblr mostly posts outfit inspirations, but there are also plenty of pics like these, with Bounders sending in photos of themselves - often with the characters they're dressed as! In fact, I met a reader out at DHS last week wearing the most PERFECT Perry-the-Platypus outfit. Here's Elizabeth (check out her orange converse!) with her sisters Taylor (as Phineas) and Kelsey (as Ferb):

 So fun!

Hope these made you smile! Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Hey, I'm sure it's just a mistype, but Thor's not in the Justice League. You're thinking of the Avengers. :)

    1. Boops. I saw that Target had both, and then mixed 'em up. Heh. Thanks!

  2. DisneyBound sounds like an awesome idea. Totally doing this from now on!

  3. had to come back to read the rest of the post after the screen got a little misty reading about the hospital....

  4. I love the Portal bedroom, such great attention to the details. :D

    I have been on the Ghost Blaster ride, we have one that is Scooby Doo themed at Canada's Wonderland up here in Toronto. It's basically a haunted house ride, but you get a gun attached to the car so you can shoot the targets on the ghosts and ghouls, at the end you get a score and they keep track of the top scores. It's an interesting ride, but my son doesn't like it, he's almost 7 and says it's too scary.

  5. Oh, yes, totally crying. The "superformula" idea is genius. I am amazed by how awesome people are.

  6. The story on the child's cancer ward is so sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  7. That Portal room is Freaking. Sweet. And she has TWO PORTAL GUNS!

    Also, that pipe cleaner art is unbelievable.

  8. Wow - great roundup.

    * I want someone to make the Ghostbuster's ride! As said in the interview, it could be AMAZING with today's technology.

    * I am fighting very hard not to buy the Thor light so I can put it in my new house.

    * The Disney bound are so awesome!

  9. Pictures headed your way :-) Sorry I didn't think of it earlier! I can't believe it's already been a week!

  10. I've been on the Ghost Blasters ride ride quite a few times at Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America. It's one of the rides that didn't change when the park switched over from Camp Snoopy. I think it's fun and it holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the rides my husband and I went on on our first date. The music from it gets stuck in your head for like a week after riding it.

    Also, I think that Disney Bound site is going to keep me busy for the rest of the day. :-)

  11. Great post today. I loved everything! I have seen the duct tape surfing thing, but it still gets me *pounding chest over heart* right here! And the superhero cancer ward!? *sniffle* SO. MUCH. AWESOME.

    Those pipe cleaner sculptures are amazing!

    On another note, has anyone seen Smooth McGroove over on Youtube? He does acapella versions of lots of game theme music. My favorite is the Final Fantasy VII Battle Theme: but he also does a Fall Out Boy parody called My Cat Knows What You Do In The Dark that I think is awesome. Anywho, just thought some of y'all might like this guys geeky acapella groove.


  12. I didn't know that Disney bound was a thing but I totally do it! I'm wearing my Aurora outfit peasant top,with an ankle length pink skirt. I'm just missing a gold headband :-)

  13. Well, I was going to ask that you post the picture of Elizabeth in her Perry outfit, but I see you've already done it. So awesome, I would totally squeal out loud if I saw her! I love Perry the Platypus; in my head, I always hear his name in Doctor Doofenshmirtz's voice, which makes me laugh (sometimes out loud). In fact, I'd love to see her with a DisneyBound Dr. D., that would be groovy. Thanks for all the other fun stuff too; I'm waiting to look at the children's hospital stuff until I'm not at work, just in case I get misty (which seems likely).

  14. I have to say, I love Thor's' Hammer! I named my son Loki and that actually seems like an appropriate item for the brother of Thor to have.

  15. Awww... Disney bounding seems like so much fun!

  16. I love that your plea to Elizabeth to send a pic was filled so quickly. You're right--they're outfits and great and hers is PERFECT! :D

  17. All the superhero stuff you post makes me think you'd enjoy checking out promise I'm not trying to spam you for views, I just think you'd enjoy some of what we're writing!

  18. We have the Boo Blasters on Boo Hill ride here at Carowinds in Charlotte, NC. It's pretty bad, but my son insists on going on the "Bad Guy Ride" every time we go. I usually have to sit alone, so I have fun using both guns and pretending I'm in an action movie with a gun in each hand.

  19. My Sister, Niece, Mom & I all did the "Disney Bound" thing for our five day trip to the Disney Parks. Each day had a theme- Aurora, Ariel, Rapunzel, Tinkerbell & Star Wars. It was pretty fun, although having to dress in bright colors is not really my thing. lol

  20. Um, I started crying before before I even got to the related news! In related news: GAAAHHH!

  21. I never knew there was an official term for subtly dressing up as my favorite characters, but I do that all the time! Though not just with Disney characters, so I guess the "Disney Bound" definition doesn't always work. We need a designated word or phrase for when you do that with any character-- I've always thought of it as everyday cosplay or cosplay-lite!

  22. Hi! I love your blog coz it gives me my dose of geekiness!! Have you seen this AMAZING Disney princess/Star wars crossover? my personal faves are ariel and rapunzel!

    Oh and there's also a cool/creepy catwoman as well.Check it out!

  23. the first Disney Bounder you've got posted is known on Instagram as hayleythehatter ( I don't know her, don't even follow her, but inevitably I end up back on her pics b/c she's at DL all the time and Disney Bounding like no body's business... The #DisneyBound hash will lead you to all sorts of fun stuff.. I guess it's much bigger at DL than WDW, and that's probably b/c it's a more local park than WDW. Oh, how I wished I lived closer to there.. :-/

  24. OMG, how badly do I want to Disney bound as Eeyore???


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