Friday, June 21, 2013

Week's Best 6/21/13

Remember the Neverending Story iPad and Tablet cover I featured a while back? Well, John T. and the other makers over at Geekify Inc. obviously know the way to my geeky little heart, because they've just released a Labyrinth cover:


Thanks for putting my bank account in jeopardy, John.

- Next up, these gender-swapped Doctors are too cool for school:

Peter Davison was my first Doctor, and therefore the nearest and dearest to my heart. I've never been tempted to cosplay him 'til now, though; she is ADORABLE. (They both are!) Think I can pull off Number 5 as a brunette? :D

- Here's my most popular Pinterest find this week:

Silvey Shim made these cute little gift bags from a single sheet of 8.5X11 cardstock, and get this: there's NO CUTTING - only folding! Head over to her blog for a full photo tutorial. (And maybe this is my day job talking, but wouldn't these be perfect for gifting single cupcakes?)

- Not only does Epbot reader Jessica D. make a great gender-swapped Dreamfinder:

She also created some Figment/Doctor Who mash-up art that John has decreed he must - MUST - have on a t-shirt immediately:

C'mon. How perfect is this?

Jessica assures us she's looking into t-shirt options now, so I'll let you guys know if/when she gets them available for sale.

Oh, and Jessica's Flickr stream is filled with stunning Disney photography, btw, so check that out for more eye candy!

- If you still have any money left then hang on to your wallets, because there are three new Star Wars backpacks out. The R2D2 and Stormtrooper designs are pretty terrible, but the Rebel Alliance one - ohhhh, the Rebel Alliance one!!


You can pre-order it for about $60 over at the Big Bad Toy Store, and see the other two designs (which are terrible - don't say I didn't warn you!) over at Fashionably Geek.

- For my fellow Dizgeeks, have you heard? MICKEY'S BACK! Yep, Disney is planning to release a bunch of new shorts on the Disney channel featuring Mickey and the gang in traditional 2D animation, although the art style is really fresh and fun:

 This Yodeling clip (sorry I can't embed it!) made me laugh out loud, and I've watched it like four times in a row now. (Why yes, the show IS aimed at 4-10 year-olds. Why do you ask? ;))

Oh, and I like how this one finally points out that Mickey and Donald are only half-dressed:

(Only the shoes, Goofy? Really? HE HAS NO PANTS.)

You can also watch one entire short, "Croissant de Triomphe" here on the Disney site.
(Thanks to Cara B. for the tip!)

- And finally, most of you have probably already seen Conversations With My Two-Year-Old, but since several of my friends haven't yet, this is my reminder to those individuals (you know who you are!) to just watch this:

Then go watch the rest of the episodes, too. There are four total so far, and they're hysterical.

Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. I made some of those adorable gift bags last weekend! Sad to say they are not big enough for a cupcake. Unless it's a mini cupcake. But they are super easy and fun to make

  2. I looked at the BBTS website, and there are also really cool Boba Fett and Imperial backpacks coming out. I wish they were coming out before "August," since I want them for Chicago Comic Con but I don't think they'd be out in time (it starts the 8th)

  3. Here's a Necronomicon iPad cover I made for A-Kon.

    I made a Cthulhu one too, but the picture isn't as good.

  4. Wow...the storm trooper pack is awful...he looks cross-eyed and depressed.

    I must have that dalek-figment mash up as wall art! Must!

  5. One of my friend's did the music composition for those new Mickey shorts, they are super adorable!

  6. If you're willing to sacrifice a book, those ereader covers are very easy to make. I made a whole bunch from wine journals I found at the Dollar Tree, some old pizza boxes, elastic hairbands from Walmart (to color coordinate with the fabric) and quilting quarters, also from Walmart.

    I spent about $3.00/cover, and each one is unique.

    Of course, if you can work leather, you can make even more jawdropping ones.

    Here are some instructions.

  7. Conversations with my 2 year old reminded me of Kid Snippets ( ... so cute and funny!

    Kid Snippets is one of my favorite series of video on youtube, where adults act out situations as told by children ... :D

  8. That 2 year-old has some serious negotiation skills. Remember that when you are on the job market in 20 years.

  9. I love the yodeling clip!! Especially Minnie's little ear covers. So sweet- the new style is fun but still traditional enough to be Disney. :)

  10. I wan an E reader so I can have cool covers for it! I remember back in middle school they required us to have "book covers" for all our text books...Something like that would have rocked my socks off!
    That Disney Vid.. Adorable n.n and the convos with my 2 year old reminds me of the days of keeping kids all the time, "do you want me to just manifest a cookie"? <had i been drinking milk at that moment.. it would have exited my nasal region forcefully

  11. That ereader cover is amazing@ My Kindle is just stuck in a generic black one... ):

  12. R2-D2 wasn't so bad, but I literally started laughing when I saw the Stormtrooper. That is TERRIBLE. If I had an extra $60, I'd be tempted to get one. I carry around a plain black backpack for my kid's diaper bag but the Rebel Alliance one would be so much better.

  13. Have you ever heard of They'd not, They sell a lot of mash up t shirts. The fun thing about them is that they have a new shirt and that shirt is only for sale for one day..I got an awesome avatar the last airbender/captain planet mash up one a while back. Anyway, it's a really fun site and that Dr who/figment picture reminded me of it.

  14. But I don't HAVE $60 for an e-reader cover... DAMN YOU

  15. Okay, the Conversations With My 2-year-old was amazing. I am watching the rest and the subscribing to the channel. Fantastic!

  16. Is it weird that whenever someone writes "Fantastic!" I always hear it in the 9th Doctor's voice?

  17. Seriously, I'm all for craftiness and whatnot, but sixty bucks for a tablet cover?

  18. I don't know if your love of Downton Abbey rolls over to other BBC period shows but Peter Davison was in one called "Campion." It's available for streaming on Netflix. It was part of the PBS Mystery series back in the late 1980s. My mother and I are re-watching it now, actually, and I'd remembered you liked him as The Doctor.

    -Barbara Anne

  19. Campion was a great show! And I looked at the backpacks and they are terrible!

  20. More love for Imaginate! (and it would rock to have a dw shirt in purple! : )


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