Friday, June 14, 2013

Week's Best 6/14/13

Rachel and her boyfriend Trevor cosplayed as Hermione and Ron going to the Yule ball... for their own prom!

BRILLIANT! Haha! (And thanks for the link, Heather N.!)

- Do you like historical conspiracy theories? Then read this. It's fascinating. (I can't wait to see Hollywood's version hit theaters - because you know it will.) via SuperPunch

- It's been pouring pretty much all week here, but we headed out to Epcot on Tuesday anyway to meet up with some readers, and....

We found it!!
(Not sure what I'm talking about? Click here.)

Took a fair amount of searching, too, since it's hidden behind/inside a partition pretty much backstage, though just barely. If you go looking for it yourself, follow the path between the Imagination Pavilion and The Land, and hope the wooden gate is open!

- In other news, Patrick Stewart continues to be a delight on Twitter:

Oh captain, our captain! ALWAYS. :)

- And speaking of Twitter, this happened on Wednesday:

Now, Felicia Day is a personal hero of mine, and probably the one person I most aspire to be like (with a healthy dollop of Jenny Lawson, of course). This was the first time she's ever directly mentioned me, but I think I handled it pretty well:


If you caught the fact that I unconsciously made both a Phineas and Ferb AND a Grinch reference, then you may now award yourself ten thousand Geek Points.

I'll be sure to let you guys know when Felicia invites me over for a girls' night out, or, more likely, admits she mixed me up with someone else. ;)

Moving along...

- Jessica Angus is a costume designer and supplier who's created the most jaw-dropping, uber-realistic Toothless (from How To Train Your Dragon) quad costume I've ever seen:

You're really got to watch the video of her in motion to get the full effect, though:

Jessica's site DreamVision Creations sells all kinds of supplies for creating your own creature and furry suits, but it looks like she stopped taking costume commissions in 2011. Oh, and if you check out Jessica's DevianArt gallery, you'll find several of her adorable Toothless plushies - including one that's five-feet tall! This two-foot version is my favorite, though:

D'awwww.  DO WANT.

Jessica stresses that these are not for sale, though, and she also doesn't sell any patterns. I can understand why with the copyright concerns, of course, but that doesn't stop me wanting one!

- Here's some adorable geeky goodness we CAN buy, though: 3D Marvel phone cases from Disney:

 photo by TouringPlans

Not the most practical, sure, but now you can turn your phone into an action figure!

These are being sold at the Disney parks, but when I went hunting for a place to buy them online I also found these designs, and oh. my. CUTE:


I found all of them over on Amazon for about $30 apiece. Now you just have to decide between Batgirl, Joker, Wonder Woman, and Harley. And maybe Superman. Ok, basically I want them all except Batman. Because he looks grumpy. Which is totally in character, but still.

Happy Weekend, everyone!


  1. Okay Jen, for us geographically challenged you're gonna have to be a bit more specific as to where Figment's signature is located. To help you, I'm including a google map. Zoom in on this baby and right click and then click What's here to mark the location.
    (furiously saving all her monies for another trip to Epcot to go in search of the signature!)

  2. Love, love, love the HP cosplay for prom! It's fabulous!

  3. Ooh, I so hope you and Felicia get to meet! That would be GEEKTASTIC!

  4. That last set of covers almost looks like the kids from JL8.

    Which I am presuming you already know about but will link it, just in case.
    For strategic cute purposes.

    1. HA!! I just sent her multiple links to that, for the exact same reason!

  5. Uhhnnggg.. there is all kinds of WANTING going on with those iPhone cases! I have never even wanted an iPhone before, but now I would totally consider getting one JUST so I can have Wonder Woman protecting it!

  6. Love, love, love the Yule Ball and Toothless costumes. And *SUPER SQUEE* I neeeeeed that little stuffed Toothless!

    But that Daily Fail article (because, it's true, the Daily Mail is nothing but a sleazy tabloid) is absolute rubbish. No real sources there, and this "research" was conducted by someone aspiring to be Dan Brown? *scoff* I admit it could make an interesting movie, though.

  7. Have you seen the Thor/Captain America/Hulk nightlights at Target? I want to buy the Thor one so badly -

  8. Silly me, a minute into the toothless video I expected him to take off and fly............until I remembered there was actually a human inside.

  9. OH MY GOD the prom couple are PERFECT. And they went to their own prom? 1000 points for Gryffindor!

  10. I totally saw that tweet, and thought, OMGosh! 2 of my favorite internet celebs meet! must happen at Disney! wish I could be there!

  11. I think it would be weird if Batman were smiling.

  12. I can't wait to see you and John on Tabletop with Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton!!!! Yeah.

    Make that happen, okay?

  13. Ron and Hermione costumes + Toothless costume = speechless. Absolutely speechless. Jaw on the floor speechless.

    I imagine those Marvel phone covers are for iPhone only, though. COME ON, phone case manufacturers! the iPhone is not the only phone in the world! Luckily I was able to find a beatuful purple case with butterflies on Amazon for mind, but still!

  14. 1) That picture of Patrick Stewart is fabulous. 2) I want one of those phone cases soooo badly! Unfortunately, it looks like they're only made for iPhones, which I don't have. Why are all the fun cases only for iPhones???

    1. My local comic shop has these iPhone cases! Apparently their distributor is working on getting Android cases made later this year. Fingers crossed

  15. Jen, have you seen/heard about this yet? The Bloggess tweeted it earlier, and after initially squee-ing over the fact that he was MY son's Jedi Master, I cried over the entry and cried over the comments, especially the one FROM the Jedi Master.

    Also I completely geeked out right along with you as you and Felicia were tweeting. I heart her...

  16. Now I am not the biggest superhero fan but I want Wonder Woman on my phone like yesterday!! She is so cute!!

    Thanks for sharing

  17. First of all; NERD COUPLE IS TOO CUTE FOR THE ROOM. The Hell with the others kids in their cookie cutter Charlotte Russe dresses and rented tuxes! You go on, chil'ren, WORK IT.

    Second, quad-costumes astound me, and I've been at this game a while now. I've had a few requests for quads and/or furrysuits, and I'm the first to admit, I have NO clue, and it would be utter crap if I tried. This woman is crazy-- goodcrazy, of course.

    As for Patrick Stewart, just when I thought it was impossible to love him any more than I do, he not only goes and starts a campaign against violence against women (because his own mother was abused by his shellshocked father years ago), during a recent con Q&A when a young woman said that he'd given her the strength to leave her abusive partner and got a li'l verklempt talking about it, he came down off the stage and just held her, saying "You're safe now". I mean, what? How can a man be THAT cool AND sexy? Tisn't natural-- he's in league with Lucifer!

    Your Pal,


  18. Can i just say, That book on whether the Virgin Queen was a man or not sounds interesting, but from the little amount of information provided with that article, to me as a historian - it sounds like the secret that needed to be kept was that she like the ladies - if you know what i mean...*wink*

  19. My first thought about the Elizabeth I article: 'Yeah right, modern conspiracy theorists don't realise how many servants people had in those days, you couldn't just cover up things like you can now'.

    My second thought: 'Here we go again, yet another case of someone trying to cover up that women can be powerful on their own terms, even against overwhelming odds'.

  20. Oh my gosh so cool! My friend's brother makes those phones cases (well, his toy company does). I saw some prototypes when we got together at Christmas. How cool to see them in stores! I just emailed her with a link and told her the cases popped up on my favorite geeky blog! :)

  21. Do....want....spiderman phone....

  22. I think it's safe to say that Rachel and Trevor had the best prom ever!

  23. I think that conspiracy theory is great - and provable either for or against. Would that all theories be as easy to prove/disprove.

  24. Love it all (as usual) but esp love Rachel & Trevor!!!

  25. My boyfriend got me the Wonder Woman iphone case for my birthday. I think he's a keeper. :)


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