Monday, June 24, 2013

Jewelry for DizGeeks

There comes a point in every Disney geek's life when you've had all the Mickey-head charms you can take, and you just want something a little more interesting to show off your pixie-dusted passions.


 Yep, here are some of the best goodies I've found during my online shopping therapy sessions:

Ellie & Carl Up Necklace, $25 by BeautifulBaublesSC

This Up bottlecap necklace is just the thing for inspiring teary-eyed smiles. (Or is that just me? GAH.) That "balloon bunch" of beads adds the perfect sparkly touch, too.

Rachel has lots of Disney-inspired necklaces at her shop, but that and this Neverland design are my two favorites:

The little bottle is filled with "pixie dust," and there are two stars on the chain so you can always follow "the second star to the right!" (LOVE.)

I spotted my friend Michelle wearing this fun Orange bird necklace a few weeks ago, so of course the first thing I did when I got home was hunt down the seller on Etsy:

Orange Bird Beaded Necklace: $20 by MigotoChou

Oh! And while I was searching for that one I also stumbled across this one:
Orange Bird Necklace, $15 by BeyondCuteBoutique

(John, sweetie, you better hide my credit card!)

There are lots of Alice-inspired "Drink Me" bottle necklaces out there, but this one leaves them all behind because LOOKIT THAT TINY DOORKNOB:

Drink Me: Alice's Adventures Necklace, $32.95 by Rhea's Renditions

I love how elegant this is - and there's actual blue liquid in the "Drink Me" bottle! Cool! 

(On second thought, John, just leave those cards out. It'll be fine. Honest. In fact, I'll just hold on to them for safe keeping...)


I had a couple of you send me the link last week when Dreamfinder's original top hat was up for auction on Ebay - but it sold for something like $2,500 by the time I saw it. No problem; this Figment charm bracelet would make a FINE consolation prize:

 Figment Charm Bracelet, $29 by Melody Loves Disney

I was trying to figure out why I love this so much, and then I realized it's all those orange touches. (Of course!) Who knew orange, pink, and lavender could look this fabulous together?

There are tons of boring ol' "print out some art & slap it under resin in a plain bezel" necklaces on Etsy, which I'm generally not a fan of. However, this Haunted Mansion Tightrope Walker pendant is an example of Doing It Right:

Daisy De La Cruz Cameo Necklace, $20 by AmyLynnButtchin 

 The floral bezel/frame picks up the colors in the painting perfectly, and makes it look like fine china! Love it.

This Monsters, Inc necklace is being sold as a toddler's necklace, but if you're into Kawaii style then I bet you'll want it for yourself:

Gumball necklaces make me happy. :)

I know the Muppets aren't exactly Disney, but they have licensing agreements Disney owns them, so that's close enough, right? Besides, I want to show you this elegant Kermit cameo:

Kermeo in Carnelian, $24 at DiamondStarHaloATL

It also comes in green, but this red reminds me of The Muppet Show's theater with it's rich red curtain and gold scrollwork. Aaaand now I'm going to be humming the theme song for the rest of the night. ("It's time to play the music, it's time to... CURSES.")

And finally, let's end with some cute to end all cute:

 The Alchemian Shop has TONS of squee-worthy pendants like these, all handmade with polymer clay in Italy. The Evil Queen is just under $30, and the Snow White is just under $34. 
(Be prepared to pay over $20 for shipping if you don't live in Italy, though. Ouch.)

I also may have squeaked something girly and unintelligible when I spotted these ADORABLE Alices:

They're hanging on to silver keys! Brilliant! (And not Disney, but these Wonder Woman ones and this Harry Potter have stolen my heart completely. DO WANT.)

Hope you guys enjoyed this roundup as much as I did researching it! Now let's see how many of us can make it through the week without buying one/all of these. ;)


Oh, nearly forgot! Time to announce this month's art give-away winner! So, the randomly selected winner IS ... Rachel Brown! Congrats, Rachel! Please e-mail me your mailing address and choice of art - though going by your comment, I think I can guess which one you want. :D


  1. YAY! Congratulations Rachel! You finally got picked! Enjoy your iocaine poster!

  2. Disney owns the Muppet characters now and the name Muppets itself. They're as Disney as Iron man and Jar Jar Binks!

    1. Scott beat me to it! Disney bought them in 2004.

  3. THAT'S THE BIRD I'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR! I've been telling my husband that when our daughter makes her "duck face," she looks like a cartoon duck. I thought it was Yakky Doodle until I saw some videos and realized that wasn't it. Then, I realized it was on a beach ball that my Grandpa had. He passed away when I was in college and my parents threw out SO MANY THINGS without my input (Only a little sad about that!) so I was sad that I couldn't compare -- but of course, it was a ball that my cousins brought from Florida! Gah!

  4. I love the hair on the Alices that are holding the keys! So sweet! Lots of pretty things. :)

  5. I think that doorknob charm was originally a dollhouse miniature accessory. Its a great idea! Especially since it already had convenient holes punched into it for jump rings.

  6. Jen! You read my mind about the Up jewelry! Now I can't decide between that one and this one

  7. Those polymer clay charms have completely stolen my heart; they're so little and perfect, and I *want* lol. I just wish shipping wasn't quite so expensive :/
    ~erin kristine

  8. I would love, LOVE to have that Alice in Wonderland necklace with the tiny doorknob and tiny key, but sadly I have just gotten back with my cat AND dog from the vet and am broke as joke right now.

  9. These are all fabulous. The Harry Potter one evoked a spontaneous "Oh" of utter geek-lust.

  10. They are amazing... I giggled with delight!

  11. Curse you, Rachel Brown! **Heavy sigh** Ah well, maybe next month. Anyway, that Up necklace. So adorable! Gotta admit, I cry at least four times every time I watch Up, and two of those are in the opening montage.

  12. I just got back from Disney and all of these made me squeal! Adorable! And I'm so sorry for this next moment of '90's nerdiness....
    "Who knew orange, pink, and lavender could look this fabulous together?"
    Claudia Kishi (from the Babysitters Club). Because on anyone else it would look really weird, but on her it was amazing.

  13. My daughter just made the exact same noise when she saw the Alice pieces! Gotta love my geek kids! :D

  14. ...It's time to light the lights!

  15. Totally off-topic here, but a while back you posted about non-violent video games. Just recently I found out about a new game on Kickstarter called "Armikrog" which is being developed by the same clay-animation team that did a game in the mid-1990s called "The Neverhood" that I just loved. "The Neverhood" was a classic point-and-click adventure with puzzling and a fun, witty story with adorable visuals and a great soundtrack. I'm hoping that "Armikrog" is just as good - they have much of the same talent working on this game. I'm really hoping it gets to its goal so I can play it; if you like this sort of game then you might be interested as well.

  16. I have a love hate relationship with the movie up.. but that necklace I think I need! I have for a while banned myself from etsy due to the negative impact it has on my wallet (hehe) o well now I go and drool over some of the jewlry (one day grape bottle cap necklace.. you will be mine..oneday)

  17. MigotoChou is awesome, she made me custom mickey head earrings for a WDW trip last fall. I love all of her disney creations! And that Figment bracelet is amazing, love!

  18. These are all SO cute! I'm loving the designs by BeautifulBaublesSC and the Haunted Mansion cameo! Looks like I may need to pick something up before my next Disney trip...


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