Saturday, January 5, 2013

Steampunk Sparklies, Vol. 4

I love just about all things steampunk, but when it comes to a little late-night retail therapy, you just can't beat steampunk jewelry. Here's the best of what I've added to my wish list since my last roundup:

At first I thought this pendant was a piece of Photoshop art:

But in fact, those are *real* watch parts under resin. (!!) It comes on a nice chunky chain, too, perfect for everyday wear. And I WANT.

This next one is the opposite of an everyday wear necklace, but I'm sure you can guess why I love it:

Yep. It had me at "Tangerine."

I'm also digging this assemblage necklace of copper bells, rhinestones, turquoise crystals, and a small glass lens:

So much goodness. Though I'd probably swap the silver chain for a copper one.

Plus it comes with matching earrings:

For you guys out there - or gals who like super chunky watches - check out this industrial-looking leather watch cuff:

I'm not sure how the LEDs work to tell time, but dang this looks badass. It's available in three different finishes, too, so you could also get it in a cool silver with blue LEDs for a more sci-fi look:

  (John loves this one.)

Being one of the few females in our society without pierced ears, I'm always on the lookout for a good earcuff - and these ones are delightfully steamy:

In case you're not familiar with ear cuffs, here's how they fit your ear:

Awesome, right? The seller has several more fab designs at her shop, too, including a Labyrinth-inspired pair that is SO going on my wish list.

Next up, get a load of this gorgeous green!

Sadly this particular one has already sold, but the seller has the same style necklace with different colored stones starting at $40.

And finally, this bracelet melds the chunkiness of a cuff with the flexibility of chain - and it's pure steampunk elegance:

Steampunk Bracelet Victorian Style, $124.99 at DesignsBloom

Just gorgeous.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing the sparklies as much I did hunting for them! In fact, I couldn't fit everything in this one post, so I guess I'll have to put together another roundup in another few weeks. (Oh, no. HOW TERRIBLE FOR ME.)

As always, if you see something steamy this week, be sure to let me know on the Epbot FB page or Twitter!


  1. those are all incredible, but the last is breathtaking.

    for christmas my mother-in-law gave me a bracelet made of antique watch's very subtle and truly lovely, and i'll see if i can find out the artist, you'd like it!

  2. I don't know WHERE to the ear cuff and the copper bells necklace is fantastic but yeah, copper chain. What were they thinking?

  3. Ok want want want one of those watches. Also to read them you look at the last number on the outside ring (for the black on with blue LEDs for example)which would indicate the hour, so 8 for that watch and then the inside ring for the minutes so 45, so the time of that watch is 8:45. And I want want want!

  4. THAT EAR CUFF is really cool, and gave me a fabulous idea! Steampunk Bluetooth! Has anyone done it? Must explore...

  5. Those are AMAZING! I love the last bracelet and the ear cuffs. Have you seen Heather Jordan's shop on Etsy (here)? I got one of her beautiful ear cuffs (they come in lots of colours!) for Christmas and I'm delighted with it.

  6. I like the leather watch! Funny how it's a digital analog watch. The LED's light up to where a watch hand would point. Very clever. The brown one looks to be at 4:32 p.m. and the black one at 4:48.

  7. That resin heart just adds more fuel to my "go buy resin!" fire.

  8. Hey, my ears aren't pierced either. So I took a pair of clip-ons and attached a clasp to it so that I can repurpose earrings that I love and just attach them into the clasp. Makes it easier than converting all earrings to clip-ons.I mostly wear silver so my clip-ons are silver, but I'm sure that you could find clip-one in a variety of metals, attach a matching clasp and be ready to remove the hook from the earrings you love and attach them to the clip-ons with the clasps. :)

  9. I am SO IN LOVE with those cuff watches! As for the time-telling, it looks like the outer set of lights is the hour and the inner set is minutes in five minute increments. I'd wager that the four square lights in the middle circle is for the additional minutes, and there's a "P" lit up in the brown cuff version (for pm I'd think?). So the brown cuff is at 2:34pm, and the black cuff is at 8:49am. Both are so gorgeous! Where can I come up with $260 so I can get one of each?!

  10. Hey Jen! Thanks for this post (Am now the proud owner of the sci-fi black-cuffed watch:))

    I just wanted to share my own etsy find. TejaJamilla. She does awesome steampunk and lolita tights. Some have pocketwatches and old keys printed on them, my favorites are tights with ships and narwhals on them. NARWHALS!

  11. LOVE your picks, Jen! Those are all so gorgeous. I'm so thankful for people who are talented enough to make stuff so we can drool over it and spend our money on it.

  12. I don't have pierced ears either! Sometimes I feel like the only one. lol I have never seen ear cuffs before (yes I live in a bubble). They look neat. :D


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