Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Geeky & Girly Etsy Wish List

(These posts are how I justify some of my late-night virtual window shopping. Humor me. :D)

You guys, this Hobbit Hole necklace is actually a tiny bottle:

...and inside the bottle is a teensy-weensy Bilbo figurine!

Hobbit Hole Necklace, $40 by GildedPixel 
(Sold out at the moment, but the seller also has some cool Hobbit door rings!) [Found via FashionablyGeek]

Excuse me while I faint from the cute.

And now I will squeal girlishly from the floor, because OMIGOSH HOT AIR BALLOON PURSE!!



I'd also like everything the model is wearing, please. That whole outfit. WANT. Then I'll just move somewhere it ISN'T 80 degrees in January so I can wear it all together.

Here's a geniusly geeky decorating touch: custom light switch covers!

How cool is that octopus? The seller offers these in a bunch of different colors and styles, so you're sure to find one that goes with your decor. As a crafter, I'm especially impressed that he carved the original designs himself and then made molds, so what you're buying is a resin version of his original sculpt. So clever!

And while we're decorating, how about some laser cut bookends?


I'm sure you can tell why this one caught my eye, too:

For something a bit more affordable, the shop also has some fantastic laser cut charms for jewelry or zipper pulls that start around $16. Owls and hedgehogs and cuteness, oh my!

I've been a fan of the artist PinkyToast for years, and I like how she's started making custom art dolls with fabric made from her paintings. This little Humpty Dumpty doll is the stuff of candy-coated Tim Burton dreams, don't you think?

Happy Humpty Dumpty Art Doll, $22 by PinkyToast

Am I the only one who shops for ridiculously opulent things like jeweled headpieces and giant feather-and-flower hair clips and crowns and whatnot, even though I never ever wear them? 


Oh, good, then maybe you'll like this:

Couture Yellow Peacock Headband, $14 by LittleLadyAccessory

Granted, this is actually the height of subtlety compared to the giant feather mohawks I was looking at last night, but it's still pretty glamorous, don't you think? Not to mention cheerful; I love that yellow with the peacock green!

The seller makes these pieces for use on a hair clip or a headband, for babies or adults. (It's not weird wearing a baby's headband, right? I mean, c'mon: babies DO get some of the best headwear these days.)

And finally, here's something I found while researching resin jewelry, and fell head-over-heels for:

 Lost Key Necklace, $28 by NaturalPrettyThings

I'm fascinated by the way the bits of moss are floating both behind and in front of the little key. It gives the pendant a much more 3D look than your average resin piece. Plus the free-form pebble shape makes it look like a drop of water floating in zero gravity, don't you think? Love. (Be sure to check out the rest of the shop, too, for some of the most stunning resin work I've seen.)

Ok, I think that's enough shopping for now! 'Til next time, guys, be sure to send me your own favorite finds - Etsy or no - via Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail!


  1. Just bought that key moss necklace. LOVE :-)

  2. Beautiful choices. Etsy has given opportunities to be seen to so many wonderful crafters and artisans I might never have seen otherwise.

    I can get lost in there going from one favorite to another.

  3. To keep with the girl power/geekery caftiness I've come to expect from your blog I thought I would share my friends page, especially cause she has octopus jewelery, mario dresses, etc....

  4. Jen,

    It seems like you could totally make a hot air balloon purse like the one pictured. Have you thought of trying to make your own? Maybe you could even find directions on the 'net.

  5. I'm a long time reader,* and I don't comment often. When I do, I'm loath to self-promote, but me and my sister have a little etsy shop where me make geeky inspired shiny things like these earrings: You might like what we do.

    *Long enough that when I tried to remember how long I'd been reading cake wreaks, the answer I got was, "Wow seriously, where do the years go?"

  6. Oh cool, the light-switch plates are made in my home town :).

  7. I totally thought the hot air balloon purse model was you until I saw how much the purse was, and then I was like, "Psh, Jen wouldn't have spent that much on a purse." I bet you even spent a few minutes pondering how to make your own (in orange).
    I swooned over the tiny Bilbo. What workmanship!

  8. That last pendant is beautiful. I have the cutest resin robot brooch made by the lovely Mic at Dagaz Designs, I don't have a pic as I'm currently at the office pretending to work but he's similar to this chap from her Etsy shop.

    Also, check out her looking glass pendants with gold leaf floating in them - Gorgeous!

  9. That necklace with the key...darling.

    Hopefully you can do soemthing like that with some of the keys I sent.

  10. I LOVE the hobbit hole necklace. So amazing!

  11. that gear book end reminds me that my dad had a set he made himself when he was a machinist.

    They were made of Brass. a simple 1/2 inch wide by 2 inch pinion on a rack of machined out of piece about 6 inches by maybe 2 in a angle iirc.
    I wonder where they went?
    The folks downsized possessions when they retired and traveled around and I've not seen them since before that.
    They'd be worth a good bit today in brass weight alone(not that I'd dream of doing that)outside of the machinists art they represent.

  12. Little Lady's stuff is so cute and reasonably priced. I love perusing Etsy!

  13. I totally thought it was you modeling the balloon purse, and then cracked up when you said you wanted that whole outfit! I have full confidence in your ability to make that purse yourself!

  14. Haha, I am SO glad you said you liked everything the purse model was wearing, because when I was scrolling down, for a split second I thought "Is that Jen?" Apparently I should be a stylist since I can peg your style after seeing just a few pictures of you, mostly in costume.

  15. If you didn't buy anything, it's not just virtual window shopping -- it's virtuous, too. I'm trying SO HARD not to be sinful, but these are all great...

  16. (okay, former lurker, etc, etc.)

    you always find the most amazing things. i think when they handed out find-things-on-the-internet-fu they gave you mine, too. because i don't have any. although i DID find you. so.

  17. Oh man, I just got back home from a week at Disney World with my family, and can I just say, 80 something degrees in January... Why? WHY?! I'm from TEXAS and I was still sweltering in my chucks! I brought an outfit very similar to the hot air ballon picture (minus the hot air balloon to my very deep misfortune, AH-mazig!) just in case, but it just decorated the cabin in a depressing, festive sort of way. Still fun though, nothing like eating Popsicles and watching young and old try to pull the sword out of the stone (and maybe giving it a tug and letting a little one try ONE MORE TIME incase someone loosened it) I forgive you Florida.

  18. Hey I just wanted to share this amazing shop I found on etsy that makes resin jewelry with real flowers, moss, and other foliage. I am practicing extreme self control right now.


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