Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

John and I spent our New Year's Eve playing video games - which was fun - and then I was up 'til dawn clutching a heating pad and cursing the day God invented uteruses (Uterii? Uterpodes?) - which was decidedly less so. But hey, today is a new day, and I'm kind of awake, and our neighbors are STILL setting off fireworks (Dude, it's daytime. YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE THEM), so...


I know this photo has nothing to do with the New Year, but it's my favorite shot from our Christmas trip to Epcot with my parents, so I'm sharing for the eye candy. :)

I hope you all had a wonderful 2012, and that 2013 will be a year filled with more creativity, joy, screaming geekiness, peace, laughter, inspiration, power tools, friendship, happy colors, new adventures, and extra-long hugs right when you need them. Thank you for making 2012 all of those things for me and John, even if most of the hugs had to be virtual ones.

And on a random note of Brony geekery, if you're looking to lose a good hour playing with a virtual paper-doll game, then go check out this custom My Little Pony generator my friend and fellow blogger Amy Ratcliff found. It's insanely addicting. And here's *my* little pony:

You can even import a graphic to make your own custom cutie mark, although I didn't go that far. (Mostly because I looked at the clock and realized I'd been playing with this for 45 minutes already. Ha!) Be sure to share your creations over on the Epbot FB page so I can see!


  1. Happy 2013! It's the only 2013 you're ever going to get, after all.

    Our neighbors are setting off fireworks. . . in the rain. To be fair, it's been raining here for about three days straight, so maybe they're making life take the lemons back. In any case, they're making me rue the day life ever gave them lemons.

  2. Happy New Year to you & John as well!

    Here is hoping 2013 is a lovely year for all.

    And I got to spend a good part of my night grooving on the hot flashes. SO not fun.

  3. That picture is so cool!!! It feels like a Star Trek set. (Well, in a world where they had an unlimited budget, no redshirts had died yet, and the rocks weren't cardboard...)

  4. Happy New Year! I'm not actually a brony or even the slightest MLP fan (I liked them well enough when I was a kid, though), but I like these little generators and decided to give it a whirl. Unfortunately, the library background I had chosen didn't get saved with my pony version, but if I were a MLP, here is what I would look like.


  5. Great shot! Is that HDR? The colors on it really pop.

    Hope you and John have a crafty, geeky, fabulous 2013!

  6. Happy 2013! I hope it's a great year for you & John. (Also, I had neighbors who set off fireworks for weeks after 4th of July. So that just cracked me up.)

    Hope you feel better!

  7. I thought EPCOT was that big, round, spore-looking...never mind.

  8. I spent pretty much the entirety of 2011 in a major depression over my brother's death (he passed two years ago tomorrow), so 2012 was pretty awesome in comparison, including finding a treatment for my migraines that took me from having them 2-8 times a month to a grand total of 5 in the ENTIRE YEAR (Ask your doctor or practitioner if the Chinese herb Dong Quai is right/OK for you, fellow migrainerds!)! When our landlady told us in July that her bank was foreclosing on her on November 1st, we thought we'd have to go through the hassle/expense of moving, but the new owners are AWESOME; they not only love us and asked us to stay (partly because of our obvious extreme nerdism and the fact that we had a Trek wedding; they're Trekkers too! :), they're fixing the place up for us, including putting in a brand new stove/oven (the old one was 60 YEARS OLD!) and painting the outside, which was frightfully shabby. Went to a mini-Con that was pretty much a reunion for old school original Comic Con folk, some of whom I hadn't seen in years. Made some great clothes and costumes (I barely sewed so much as a button in '11), and I've made friends with several local drag queens, including Drag Race All-Star Chad Michaels, and they're VERY interested in my doing costuming for them, which strange as it may sound has been my DREAM for YEARS; I LIVE for drag! And I found out that my mentally ill mother, whom I had not heard from in over 22 years (half my life) when she disappeared turned up alive in a hospital, where she is finally getting the help that she needs, which was my best Xmas/Solstice present EVER, such a weight off my soul. So yeah, thank The Maker, 2012 was pretty damn rad!

    This blog, and your presence, has been a constant source of inspiration, humour, wit, and hope for me for years now; it/you really helped me get through my annus horribilis that was 2011. I can't thank you enough, and will probably never meet you in person, unless you make it to Comic Con or I go to Disney World, or I would give you a Klingon-style hug that'd pop yer back outta whack! Much MUCH love and respect to you and John; you guys ROCK!

    Your Pal,


  9. OMG! I love love love love love the EPCOT photo. It's like a happy place and a half.

    ...er, Happy New Year!

  10. Funny side note: We bought my kid some My Little Pony fruit snacks a few years ago, and for the LONGEST time he called them "Mom's Little Pony." I kinda wish we had never corrected him.

  11. if you head over to http://www.ponychan.net/chan/art/ you should be able to find someone to professionally draw your pony for you.

    just make sure you read site rules, if in doubt about how posting works play around in http://www.ponychan.net/chan/test/ (the test board) and don't freak too much out if folks from 4chan decide to visit and post nsfw content (the mod team will take care of it)

  12. As a fellow sufferer, I just want to commiserate (there are days I pace, cry, and even vomit in pain), and suggest Natural Calm. It's for athletes, to help with muscle cramps, and it's the only thing that does any long-term good for me. It's granules that you add to water (basically calcium & magnesium). I get it at the natural grocery store. I also use Cramp Bark, in a little eyedropper bottle (from Whole Foods) with some success. But rather than add it to water as suggested, I drink it straight.

  13. Happy New Year, Jen!

    Great photo, beautiful colors!

    Has Redbook posted a correction on their website yet? I can't find anything, and I guess you would've mentioned it if they did.

    I don't do Facebook or Twitter, and I didn't read ALL the comments here, so someone may have already suggested this, but I vote that we refer to that whole mess in the future as the "Flip-Flop-Flap." Do you like it?

    And, in case no one else has already mentioned this, John's extra sweet for going to the store to buy a Redbook magazine for you. Did he have to buy something macho with it...like a sledge hammer or a chainsaw or a plumbing snake? Heh!

    Thanks, John, for taking good care of Jen, even when that means having to buy embarrassingly awful girly-mags.

    Jen, I hear you on the cramps. I spent half of last night sitting on the bathroom floor moaning, crying, sweating, and vomiting from the pain. I'll try the stuff that previous commenter mentioned.

    Has your new gynecologist helped you figure out if a hysterectomy is right for you? I'm thinking about pursuing that option, but there's so much information and contradictory opinions to wade through online. I don't think you've posted anything about that since July (I just went back and looked), and you were going to have some more tests. Any time you feel like doing an update on that, I would be grateful to read it.

    Wishing you both (and the kitties) a happy and healthy 2013! Thanks for everything you do!


  14. Ugh, I hear you on the cramps. I was suffering from the Monthlies the last few days of 2012, and a migraine the first few days of 2013. I'm hoping that holds me over re: awful pain for a good long while.

    I did play around with that Pony Creator toy a while back, and a little Paint.net magic later I had a battle scene between pony-fied versions of my and my husband's The Old Republic characters and Darth Mane. I'm not sure where the picture is now, but if I find it I'll share it.

  15. I can't say enough about how happy I've been since my hystertomy. No more periods! Since you don't (or can't) plan to have kids, who needs a Uterus?

    Except for the hot flashes until my ovaries recovered, it has been divine.

  16. I LOVE that EPCOT photo! Is there any way to purchase a print of it? That's the best photo of the Imagination pavilion I've seen yet.

  17. I'm going to thank for the hours of beautiful silence that pony creator is going to give me once I show it to my niece. Wow that was a long sentence. Sorry about that.

  18. I should probably mention that the Hub's site (the owners of MLP) have a good creator too, with different sort's of options.

    I would say General Zoi's is more versatile, but I should warn you that some of the mane options are based off other fandoms of a NSFW variety (Homestuck specifically).
    If that doesn't bother you, though, it's still a great game.

  19. Hi! Okay so I know this post is AGES old (3 years??? Yikes!) but I saw browsing through here looking for doodle inspiration, and I LOOOOOVE your Pony picture! Have you made one for John?
    Thanks In Advance!


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