Sunday, January 13, 2013

I'm On Pinstrosity!

Well, ok, I'M not on Pinstrosity, but my penny desk is. And my desk is actually the inspiration for the real Pinstrosity, so really my entire post title is completely misleading. Sorry.


My penny desk:

 Hee! Be sure to read the rest of the post for all the gory details, or just for more craft confidence-boosting giggles.

Oh, and this is the perfect time to mention a big, big project John and I just started working on this past week. Here's a peek at my work surface:

I bet most of you will know what we're up to just by looking at this, but I think I'll keep the details a secret for now. Still, you should know I am SO EXCITED to FINALLY be starting a project we've been discussing for YEARS. Woo woo! We're doing it right, too: lots of research and sample boards and chemical tests are happening in the garage. And when we're done, you can bet there will be an extremely thorough tutorial. all that's left is about a zillion hours of tedious manual labor. Wish us luck!


  1. Let me guess: you're refinishing your floor with pennies, and that is the penny-tile pattern! :DDD

  2. I LOVE Pinstrosity! I was really worried that someone considered your work worthy of being on there but once I saw the post, it made much more sense. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I saw!!! I said to myself, hey that's Jen's desk! I felt bad for the family that their project didn't go well, but it was fun to see one of your pictures on there :)

  4. Gah! Poor them!

    Someone over there mentioned the pennies oxidizing, but doesn't the resin prevent that?

    Every time I see Jen's penny-desk it makes me want to cover a small spiral notebook in pennies ..

  5. Funny! I was just on pinstrosity and rushed over here to tell you that your tutorial is featured there, but you already knew...a day late and a dollar short as usual!

  6. I can't imagine how many pennies you're going to need, but have a lot of fun!!! I'm going to do this when we build our house.

  7. Penny shower tiles?

  8. My sister actually made your penny desk and it turned out great! I told her that she should send you a picture of it but she said, "Why would Jen want to look at my desk?" She also made me the most gorgeous necklace with some of the left-over resin. That I will have to send you a picture of because I think you'd really like it.

  9. Oh I know! You're going to make honey! (Sorry. I'm having internet issues today and was only able to see this on my little iPod screen. It looks like tiny honeycomb.)

  10. Technically you ARE on Pinstrosity. It's you in the picture, glueing down pennies to your desk. ;D

    That other one is so sad - they should've read your WHOLE post, and not just looked at the pictures! You do clearly state that it doesn't take much glue. Too bad for them!

  11. Ok, I made myself a rule after the princess for hire website: I'm not allowed to click on your links until after work. I was almost late that day, and I didn't get lunch. So I'll look at the Pinstrosity link later.

    Thanks for finding all the really awesome links on the internet!


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