Saturday, December 8, 2012

Saturday Steam 12/8/12

My friend Renee found a fantastic bracelet this week that's totally going on my wish list:

Isn't it awesome? I love seeing truly unique steampunk jewelry, since so much of it out there all looks the same.
(Also, I'm not the only one seeing an owl face here, right?)

Next up, Brandie M. made this gorgeous steampunk ornament:

I spy a certain Jolee's sticker set I've been hanging on to, just waiting for the right project! (I was hoping to find some more flat ornaments [like these] to stick the stickers on and use on my tree, but so far I haven't been able to find them again. Any ideas, guys?)

I'm actually knee-deep in several steampunk Christmas crafts, so it's nice to see I'm not the only one dreaming of a steamy Christmas. Here's another goodie Erin M. shared on the Epbot FB page:

Tiny top hats!! Whether you're a fan of Mad Hatter, steampunk, Victorian fashion, or just whimsical frippery, these are a must-make. (You KNOW I have to make some for my steampunk Christmas tree.) Head over to Seeing Things for the printable template & tutorial!

And speaking of top hats, Lisa Y. made a truly epic top hat topper for her tree:

She started with a blank cardboard hat, adding the swirl design using puff paint, and then she gave the whole thing a pretty aged copper finish. I love all the feathers and wire swirls, and check out the detail on her snowflake/gear and hatband:


Lisa also included a few close-ups of her ornaments, which I'm now in love with:

Compass rose ornament! I NEED A COMPASS ROSE ORNAMENT.

And finally, veering back into non-holiday 'punkery, Jason W. sent in a really cool music video by Korean singer IU. It's a beautiful fantasy story of a girl living in a clock shop who builds a kind of steampunk TARDIS. Here it is with English subtitles:

If you didn't follow all that, the top comment on Youtube  explains the storyline really well:

"IU is a girl living in a clock tower. The boy she likes is in a deep sleep. One day on the fantasy express, she sees a glimpse of the future. She sees that by the time she is 20, she is together with the boy. She wants to find a way to make time go by faster. She invents a time machine and goes to the future. But, right when the time machine starts, the boy wakes up, but it is too late. Years later, they meet again."

K, that's all for now, guys! Time for me to get back to wiring up my steampunk wreath. (WHEE!!) I hope to have pics for you by next week, so, fingers crossed! 'Til then, as always, please share your steamy links and projects in the comments or over on the Epbot FB page!


  1. I love that song by IU, steampunk is a recurring theme in quite a few Kpop MMVs, have a look for ones by SHINee and TVXQ.

  2. For flat ornaments could you spray paint some bookmarks?

    At least that's what Brandi M's ornament kinda reminded me of.

  3. If you're looking for disc-like flat ornaments, try making some out of modeling clay. Crayola has some super lightweight stuff that's easy to work with and comes in assorted colors. You could roll it out to the thickness you want and use a biscuit cutter to cut it. Then smooth the edges, let it dry and paint it.

  4. That bracelet is probably supposed to be an owl's face. I see it too, but what clued me in was that it's called "YOLO". I saw a funny t-shirt that made fun of the whole "YOLO" thing by translating it to "You obviously love owls". Also, when I saw that flat ornament, I kept thinking it looked like the back of a cell phone case. Great post! I always look forward to Saturday's, so I can sleep in and have cool steampunk goodies to look at when I wake up:-).

  5. Those little top hats are so cute!

    The ornaments you can design and order from zazzle are all flat ceramic shapes. You could always design something really simple and embellish it when you get it.

  6. The bracelet might have been intended to look like an owl. It's called "Yolo" which Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content poked fun at by making a shirt design that says "You Obviously Like Owls".

  7. Michael's has flat glass ornaments this season. You may have missed the window, though. I got a bunch for my girls to make crayon ornaments, and they came in various shapes (round, squarish, heart, etc).

    Saw this post today and thought of you:

  8. I got some flat acrylic ornaments at Michaels, by Martha Stewart, stars in one package and "ornament" shaped in another.

  9. Tim Holtz has lots of scrapbooking ephemera that could work; gears & findings and the like in copper/antique finishes.

  10. Get some cheap card luggage labels and use them as gift tags. We make our own every year and they always get commented upon.

  11. Did you look on the Dollar Tree's website? You can actually buy from there and they will ship free to your store. Also, I found some flat ones similar about a month ago at Walmart, but they were clear. They were near the scrapbook section on an end cap. They had flat, round, oval, etc. You can fill them with whatever you want.

  12. OMG! Thank you for the feature and linkage! I was going to write up a blog about how I made the ornament. It's actually a shipping tag. =) This totally made my night!

  13. Here is the blog post about the ornament!

    Ornament Tutorial

    Thank you again!

  14. Eeee! I love the hats! You're totally helping me build my tree next year by sharing Jen, thanks!
    Nikki T

  15. Oh wow. Thanks for including my hat topper! ^.^

    And, just FYI, that compass rose is a pendant from Hobby Lobby.

  16. aww the paper template is gone now


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