Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Wreath Roundup

Time for more glittery Christmas goodness! I've already posted my favorite trees, so now here are my favorite wreaths from our local Festival of Trees last month:

 Take away the glitter, and this one could stay up all year! Isn't that soft teal pretty with the leaves?
 It had a whole room vignette and tree to match, too:

Again, you can barely see the tree under all that stuff, but I like the color scheme and fabric textures.
This one looks so...foresty. In a good way. I love the lavender bunches and moss.

It was fun seeing wreaths in just about every style imaginable. From traditional:

...to old world elegant:

...to funky:

 ...to beachy!
 (The wreath is made of small bits of drift wood.)

I think this one was even trying to be steampunk:
With, er, limited success. 

(New goal: Make a steampunk wreath!)

Here's another classic:

And some more sparkles:

 And finally, these large floor vase thingies were in the museum lobby, and I fell HARD for them:
Look at that snowy, glittery prettiness!!

I want my entire world to look like this. I'm having to restrain myself from painting everything I own white and dousing it in glitter. :D

Which reminds me: this was the table scape next to it:

 Yep. Time to stock up on white spray paint and silver ornaments, pronto. I wonder if I can find that many branches in my back yard...

*If you want to see the rest of my photos from the Festival, head over to my Flickr album.

Oh, and hey, I used that gold deco mesh (look at me, using the right name for it!) on our back tree - both for garland and for the topper - and it was SO EASY. I think it looks pretty nice, too! I'll post pics soon so y'all can see.

So how's your decorating coming, guys? If you have pics online, please share links in the comments so I can see! Or you can share your pics directly over on the Epbot Facebook page.


  1. After seeing all the lovely glitter and sparkles, I'm thinking my wreath (from 28 coke cans) is looking a little lacking!

    Although the sanded metal surfaces do have a nice subtle sheen..

  2. Decorating?

    **looks around house, looks at calendar**

    Um...I guess I should get the menorahs out.

  3. I love the bird on the first one, it looks so real.

    Yeah, I want steampunk decorations too! But the question is, am I too busy/ lazy...

    Not a fan of the beachy wreath, we have waaaaay too much beach themed stuff in Australia. It's like a plague, a plague of fake frangipanis and shells and drifwood and preserved starfish and puffer fish! Yikes!

  4. ha...speaking of painting everything white...have you seen The Producers? Love that movie. :)

  5. I suddenly feel the need to run out to Michaels! I have several 'mostly dead' planters on my front porch that would look so much nicer filled with white and silver (and it would go with the giant snowflakes hanging in the trees - it was meant to be!)

  6. The floor vases look like large urns or planters.
    I make weathes out of scrapbook paper flowers and the grapevine wreathes. The joy of using scrapbook paper to make your flowers is you can do any pattern imaginable. I have a halloween one and a everyday brown and pastel one that are up now. I've made hot pink ones and chrismas ones. and now I'm tempted to try for a steam punk one..I wonder if I can get my dad to make me a pipe wreath...

  7. Pretty!
    I have a little Muppet tree this year. :) With Kermit presiding and Statler and Waldorf heckling the at the nativity...https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151153577072543.451045.506757542&type=1&l=e4d9d7aa41
    Not the greatest pictures, but there's some recent ornaments mixed in with newly purchased vintage ones. :D

  8. My decorating is simple and plain. We have a very small skinny Charlie Brown kind of tree. It is decorated with all the ornaments my children have picked out each year since they were born. (well, I picked the first one for each of them. LOL) The ornaments range from Veggie Tales to trains to Tie Fighters and Chewbacca. You name, we more than likely have it in some form or another. I call it a memory tree. The angel is handmade by my husbands aunt out of a quilt that his great-grandmother made. The tree skirt has my children's handprints over a 5 year span.

    I <3 my tree!

    However, my niece informed me this year that my tree is weird.

    I told her that's ok. We are a weird family. :D

  9. Decorating is coming along - big tree is done, the kids put up the Christmas village (and added Playmobil characters and proceeded to play there for about an hour - a solid win, in my opinion). I tried making pipe cleaner springy things like those in the Disney post the other day, and they were so easy and look so cute, so now I'm festooning every bit of garland in the house with tons more of them, much to my husband's delight. (Laughing like a maniac and telling me I'm crazy counts as delight, right?)

  10. Target has some super cute animal ornaments this year; white fluffy woodland creatures, and glittery Christmas creatures. They are $3 a piece, which I think is highway robbery (but they tell me I'm unusually cheap).

  11. I'm just here to gawk... Not much of a decorator... But I want to say that these are all lovely!

  12. Steampunk wreath? Challenge accepted. Lol Ill be the one covered in copper spraypaint and gears. So many pretty wreaths.

  13. Does anyone else see a happy face in the foresty wreath? The ribbon being the mouth and the two golden balls being the eyes... No? Just me? Okay, I'll go start working on that padded room now then :P

    Gorgeous wreaths and pictures regardless, I actually live in Orlando and am so sad that I forgot about this until after it happened.

  14. I have a pirate cat that I just cannot trust with a tree. So I'm probably going to buy one of those rosemary bushes this year. I think they're so pretty. I usually just put out my Fitz and Floyd boxes and decos my grandpa used to give me and some candles. I also have stockings for everyone, including the cats, dogs and horses. Plus, our dogs and cats wear Christmas collars!

    I love all of this except the tree--I just don't like not being able to see the tree under all the "stuff."

    I once put together a wreath that was a grapevine wreath that I wrapped chili pepper lights on...yeah. I still look at it and laugh.

  15. Every year on Thanksgiving, some people on my sister's block put up their Christmas decorations. One of the decorations is something we've affectionately dubbed "sticks in a bucket". They are literally plastic buckets with sticks covered in lights sticking out like a sad little bouquet. That's all I could think of when I saw the (admittedly far more elegant) branches in an urn. :)

  16. I am loving all the wreaths! I want you to know I'm living vicariously through your pictures for holiday decorations this year because we're moving the week before Christmas and I just can't bring myself to unpack one of the few boxes that is actually already packed. (grumble grumble)

  17. I was already feeling guilty about not decorating yet, but I'm home with a sick kid and decided to get going. The only thing I had out already was my Santa Yoda. :)

  18. *sings* "Just put some clock faces on it and call it steeeeeeeampuuuuuunk..." ;)

  19. FYI, phillips has a huge new line of light up twiggy things... we found them in the holiday section at target, but im sure they're carried other places as well. But basically they are decorative twiggy things with pre-wired led's mixed in. Pretty cool- and they come in both a plug in and battery powered version!


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