Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday Steam: 2/25/12

I can't believe I've been letting our steamy Saturday posts slide! Time to do some catching up!

Let's get right to the goods:

I know some in the steampunk community think modded Nerfguns are old hat, but would you LOOK at how cool this is?

Head over here for the lowdown on how Elesa did it. (Thx to Pam L. for the link!)

Or how about this kickin' sniper rifle?

Made by vanbangerburger, found via

I really must get me an old Nerf gun soon.

You probably saw this when it debuted a month or so ago, but Bicycle is now making steampunk playing cards:

Submitted by Richard R.; Steampunk Playing Cards, $5.95

The box only *looks* like metal, sadly, but for less than $6 I guess we can't complain. Much.

It is wrong that I wanted the cards to look more aged, like parchment paper?

Thea L. sent me a TV commercial, of all things, but you'll see why soon enough:

This is a
Canadian company, so odds are my fellow Americans have never seen it. Aren't the little robots adorable? And that little beating heart! Ack!

Sarah S. spotted this nifty gear crown made from chipboard, metal paints, and charms:

Steampunk Crown by Stamptramp (hit the link for more details)

Kinda reminds me of the steampunk Glinda from that Wizard of Oz troupe I saw at Dragon*Con two years ago.

And speaking of amazing finds, you guys, I FOUND MY DINING ROOM LIGHT FIXTURE!!

Isn't it amazing?? I love the armillary sphere design, and the giant industrial chain and hook, and the magnifying glasses in front of the Edison bulbs.

Here's a close-up:

Yep, it took years, but I finally found the perfect light for our steampunk dining room.

Now I'm just gonna need one of you to spot me $6,375 so I can buy it.


Oh, and the maker, Jefferson Mack Metal, also has this enticing option:

And this one's only $4,275, so that's practically a bargain.

I'm trying to convince John to learn welding so we can make our own, but maybe a Kickstarter campaign would be a better idea. Or lotto tickets. Lots and lots of lotto tickets. Heh.

And finally, I stumbled across this cool steampunk monorail-looking thing on Pinterest...

...and had to do a little digging. Turns out it's the Ocean Express, located in a theme park in Hong Kong. The train takes you on a virtual underwater journey, and is inspired by the works of Jules Verne (of course!). Check out the entrance:


Armored seahorses? Yes, please!

You can see a quick video of the train pulling into the station here.

Ok, I think that's enough for today! As always, if you see something cool and steamy this week, please share in the comments, or shoot me an e-mail!


  1. To be honest, the lighting fixture does not look *that* difficult to make (says a person who never has welded anything in her life). It is just circles put together, no?

    How about contacting a local vocational school or whatever they are called over there and ask some welding students (:-P) to make one for you?

  2. Didn't you see?? Not armored seahorses, but armored UNICORNS! Yes sir! Very awesome!

    ...and now I bet my post will be just one of about 30 posts mentioning that they are unicorns, not just seahorses. Sorry 'bout that!

  3. That Ocean Express train is giving me a huge Bioshock 2 vibe. Even if the ride is dippy, I desperately want to go on it.

  4. Awesome post but I noticed one error. The McCains commercial, they are a Canadian company, I know this because I grew up next to their world headquarters in New Brunswick Canada. Drove past the factory and offices many times growing up. Awesome commercial tho, love it!!

  5. I must now add that park in Hong Kong to my Asian theme park bucket list. How cool is that! Of course it can't hold a candle to Tokyo Disney Sea, and their stuff. But still way cool! One day I'll get to ride 20,000 Leagues in style!

  6. Love the McCain commercial! The little robot that peeks around the dish? Adorable!

    This makes me happy because of the awesomeness and because McCain started in a teeny tiny village 15 minutes from where I grew up! Reminders of the international-ness of the company still surprise me. I forget about its size sometimes...

  7. You really should try to replicate that hanging light. Use a real chain but for the rings, try wooden embroidery hoops. You can do some magic with metallic paints/glazes to get the metal look. The smaller hoops would work for the magnifying lens holders. Not sure where to buy the lenses but you could always disassemble some magnifying glasses with handles and just use the lens. Or you could check at a stained glass shop for round glass bevels. You could soooo do it. Denette

  8. Yu know, if you're ever vacationing in the Bahamas, you need to visit the Atlantis Resort and tour The Dig, an "archeological dig" of the lost continent.

  9. Tangentially related: any recommended sources for sharp, plain hat pins? No feathers, no massive lace roses, no decorative beads, if possible. Just a nice, sharp, black or silver hat pin so I can wear my fedora or my cloche to class? With all your awesome steampunk cosplaying, I figured you'd be in the know.

    Etsy, of course, has many beautiful pieces, but they are much more decorative than I want.

  10. Yay! I've missed the Saturday Steam posts. These are some awesome finds, for sure. I love the light fixtures, especially. Definitely don't have thousands of dollars for them, but damn are they cool!

  11. John can't weld??? I'm flabbergasted that there is something that man cannot do!
    Hope he's feeling better.

  12. McCains is actually a Canadian company.... not a British one. While the ad is British, the company isn't.

  13. Great seahorses! McCain Corporate is in Canada, but you can buy their products in the US. They make cute smiley face "fries". Of course, this doesn't necessarily mean the awesome commercials are broadcast here :( I, like you, do not have cable, so maybe we are just not seeing them...

  14. I don't know if you know already (you probably do), but has a really decent steampunk collection that I just checked out yesterday.

  15. Hey! That's my gun! I am a huge fan of yours and very, very flattered to have you feature my gun. You made my day. Thanks. Now I gotta go buy me some steampunk playing cards cuz those are awesome.

  16. I saw this & thought of you!

  17. Wow, so many cool things! Those light fixtures are WAY cool! And you're right, those playing cards need a little aging - I might have to get some and try it. (I'm thinking Old English rubbed/sponged on might work...)

    Have you ever seen Space Mountain at Disneyland Paris? Very Jules Vern and even cooler when you see it working in person - the train of cars is "shot" from the bottom of the "cannon" thing on the side instead of "click-clicking" to the top for the first drop.

  18. @Haiku Joy - Do a google search under shopping for "millinery hat pin" and you should find some.

    I found these hat pins with black round heads
    that look like some I've seen in costume stock at places I've worked - they go with everything. =)

  19. Jen! I JUST now stumbled across this light fixture
    - it's 10 times less expensive and probably hackable enough to create something close to what you are liking for your dining room (comes in 2 sizes). Not quite as cool but I know you could make it better. =)

  20. If this is Ocean Park in Hong Kong (which it looks like it is) then you may want to check out the google earth shot of the park. There is a little seahorse "carved" out of the greenery on the side of the mountain as you go up the skycar. Very cool looking! (My hubby visited while he was overseas in the military and said it was amazing.) If money weren't an option, we would have honeymooned here.

  21. Now I'm waiting for your tutorial on how to make that fantastic dining room light. You could do it with your imagination, talent, etc. While I wait to see how you accomplish it I'm going to buy me some new steampunk cards.:-)

  22. I think you could totally come up with a DYI solution for that light. You've done some amazing projects. Coming up with a design drawing inspiration from the light you like shouldn't be too bad.

  23. Hey Jen, love your blog :) Why wouldn't you want to learn to weld? John doesn't have to do everything power tool like. Empower yourself girl!

  24. @Brooke - that light you posted is great when in the bronze finish... I think I may be buying it. Some old fashioned light bulbs (like Jen used for her christmas tree topper) recycle some magnifying glasses and I think you could certainly get close to recreating the one posted!

  25. @Brooke, you research goddess! Thank you muchly. When I used just "hat pins" as my search term, I kept getting pin-up posters that happened to have women wearing hats in them. Your term is so much more helpful, and then you gave me links, too! Thank you!

  26. Thanks so much for featuring my gear crown! I love the cards and agree that they should look more aged. It would be easy enough to do with a little sanding and some sepia ink.

  27. I'm glad to see this! I'm recently engaged and you're one of my bigger inspirations for wanting a Steampunk wedding. Thank you for the many tutorials and ideas!

  28. Restoration Hardware has similar light fixtures and a couple other styles you may like... they also have all different shapes of the fillament lightbulbs that you mentioned...

  29. Oh yeah! I meant to tell you-- the lightbulbs in that fixture!!! LOOK! Look look look what Home Depot sells!
    Now all you guys have to do is weld! ^^

  30. I'm actually going to Hong Kong next month, Jen (on the way back from my son's wedding in Australia!) That theme park is on our to-do list -- if we go I'll get some more pics for you!

  31. Are you looking for a new pair of shoes, Jen? Check THIS blog post out! Using t!m Holtz (natch!) products!

  32. Wow, thank you so much for all of these!

    As for the chandelier, when you make it, you'll post a tutorial, right?
    I so need one for my Steampunk, time-traveller's, Gothic, vampire Sherlock Study (a remodelling project that has gotten way out of hand)

  33. Fabulous chandelier - the copper globes look like old-style toilet tank floats, which are still sold at real hardware stores. Now, if I could just take that welding class...


  34. More Saturday Steam items!

    Steampunk animal masks.

  35. Anyone else notice, there are 2 x Ace of Hearts????


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