Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Geek Chic Bling

Sometimes we geeks need more from our jewelry than a sparkly rock on a chain.

Sometimes we need something like THIS:

Kinetic Winged Gear Pendent, $49.95 (thx to Abbi for the link!)

Those tiny gears are laser cut from wood, and they move! I can't decide which I want to do more: wear it or play with it.

Check out the rest of Green Tree Jewelry's "Gear Garb" for more cool kinetic designs - there are also some sweet pulley necklaces over there I've got my eye on.

Here's one for you MST3K fans out there:

$60 at PicaPicaPress, found via

You can insert your own picture in the frame for an instant snarky peanut gallery. I think I'd print out tiny screen shots of some of my favorite sci-fi moments. Oh! Or maybe a shot of Wesley Crusher in one of his famous sweaters. Aww yeeeah.

Dang it, now I think I have to buy one of these.

At first glance, this is just a cool Sputnik-y starburst necklace:

Blue Bursts Resistor Necklace, $22 at digiBling (Thx to Robyn for the link!)

(Is "Sputnik-y" a word?)

At second glance, omigosh those are electrical resistors! How cool!

After a while a lot of sparkly jewelry can start to look the same, but Matina just directed me to an artist with a style that is totally unique:

Event Horizon v8, $39

Youniquely Chic's industrial pendants are the perfect blend of hardware store grunge and Swarovski sparkliness. Tara uses retaining rings and wire wrapping to make the most eye-popping designs:

Ultraviolet Light v3, $39

I'm usually all about symmetry, but these asymmetrical designs are just gorgeous. There's also a small steampunk selection:

Theia v4, $55

Plus, every one of her industrial pendants are only $39, which seems like a steal considering they look like they belong in a pricey jewelry gallery. (Can you tell I'm rationalizing buying one for myself? Or two? Or fourteen?)

Now, you guys KNOW how I feel about adorable robots, so just try to imagine the squealing heard 'round the Jen & John household when Kelsey sent me a link to these:

PicoBaby "The Captain", $20 at Picobaby

SQUEE CITY. Seriously.

It took me a minute, but I just realized who that little guy reminds me of:

Tik Tok from Return to Oz!

And this next one has Sam Eagle written all over it:

"Picobaby the Junior Robot", $24


And one more:

"Picobaby the Pharoah," $38

Each of the bot's bodies are made from an old capacitor, but I couldn't tell you what the rest of the odds and ends are. I just know I want them. ALL OF THEM.

Check out the Picobaby etsy store for lots more designs.

Oh, and that last one is a larger size, which is why it's more expensive. Personally I like the smaller bots better for necklaces, though. (Must....not...buy entire...store...)

Ok, that's enough damage to my bank account for one post. Have you guys seen any awesome geek bling this week? Post your links in the comments!


  1. http://redpeacockdesigns.com/gallery

    You need to hover over the word gallery, and it's running a little slow tonight...but it's worth it!

  2. These heels. I am down to pleading for these for Valentine's day. So. Fabulous.

  3. Oh my goodness! My husband still hasn't got over me buying the 'There and Back Again' t-shirt after seeing it here - I'm not sure he'd appreciate me bankrupting us at all of these sites ... but it's really tempting :)

  4. The youniquely chic jewlery is so fantastic. I just showed my boyfriend about 12 of her pieces and he just may get me one!!! squee! Thank you so much for posting those. I am now obsessed.

  5. My jaw was on the ground when I saw the MST3K necklace. That has been my favorite series since I was a little kid, and I want to get one of those (maybe when I get my tax return money back.)

  6. Pricey...but hey, you said if you have some pesky money you need to spend in your bank account! :) On sale for V-Day, JOHN!!!! ;)

    Robot dog, Stanley Steampunk

  7. The industrial pendants are absolutely stunning.

  8. For my birthday I bought myself this trilobite necklace (http://www.etsy.com/transaction/69186363) but she has tons of geeky art on ceramic pendants. I have a little robot I got a while back too :)

  9. The Picobaby captain makes me think of the robot who carries heavy things for Link in LoZ Skyward Sword. Cute =)

    Here's a treasury of geeky stuff I put together on etsy: http://www.etsy.com/treasury/ODQzMjkyN3wyMDM2NDgwOTY1/geek-love?index=0

  10. Noadi is a friend of mine who makes cephalopod-related polymer clay jewelry: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Noadi?ref=seller_info

    This one is steampunk-y and there are a few others along the same lines: http://www.etsy.com/listing/61842770/brass-steampunk-squid-necklace-polymer

    And, of course, she pays homage to Cthulhu: http://www.etsy.com/listing/62145522/copper-cthulhu-cameo-necklace-polymer

  11. excellent post with V day comming up, I NEEEEED that MST3K piece.

  12. OMG on the MST3K necklace. I'm not a geeky chic kind of girl, but that is an awesome necklace - I've been a fan for much longer than I care to admit! And the fact that you add your own photo to the movie screen makes it doubly fun! The rest of the pieces are beautiful, as well.

  13. Oh my. I want SO many of the things you featured and people are posting! Tell ya what.... when I win the lottery, I'll buy you some prezzies. :)

  14. Right now there are steampunk playing cards on Fab.com (http://fab.com/sale/3241/?navEmail=1&utm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_term=2012-02-07_daily_sale_email&utm_campaign=Daily%20Sales%20Campagin%20on%20February%2007%202012)

  15. Damn you! MSTie from wayyy back, but I'm saving money, I am! I am! I am!

    I'm planning the ultimate Geek Vacation and I CANNOT spend my tiny bit of extra money on pretties! I cannot!

    Stop it, I implore you!

  16. Thank you so much for featuring my jewelry! What a wonderful surprise to wake up this morning to many hits and sales and all thanks to your amazing feature!

    It is wonderful to have my work appreciated and shared :)


  17. Wow did I just get completely lost for a while in the Youniquely Chic gallery. I want all of it, seriously.

  18. Just made an impulse purchase at Picobaby because of your blog post. ;-) Bought the junior robot with the pig tails. Sooo cute! Excellent customer reviews for Picobaby.

  19. Oh my. And now i will blame you for the purchase i just made on youniquely chic! The shop is really full of gorgeous items, and i know those aren't overpriced. I do create some jewellery from time to time using swarovski crystals, and those are really in the "good spot" of prices, with the creation and time required to do such a piece. Really not a steal! I just hope now that my man won't mind too much...lol.

  20. It occured to me that you could make a bigger MST3K picture frame by carefully cutting the frame image out of black paper, and inserting it in a plain picture frame, along with your fav SF picture....

  21. I found a seller on etsy with some pretty cool hand-blown glass items, including a tiny chemistry set, a heart or brain in a jar, message in a bottle, and - geeks rejoice - a klein bottle! :D


    ~ Katie J.

  22. Dang. I want that MST3K necklace now, but am unfortunately a broke college student. Curses!

  23. OMG, somebody else who remembers Return to Oz! I have tried to explain it to so many people...

  24. Ok, this isn't jewelry but since many people mentioned Valentine's Day, here are some robot Valentine's Day cards I found by accident:

    My husband and I have always protested against the silly day but I thought these were really cute and could be used on any day.

  25. This is my favorite little robot necklace-- so adorable and the artist can make the heart in several different colors.
    I adore the snap ring necklaces!!

  26. It took me like, .2 seconds to associate that robot with Return to Oz. I have an odd obsession with that movie...even still I want to say "Oz!" when I touch green things. :)

  27. I just bought a pair of kinetic gear earrings! SQUEE

    you are sooooo bad for my bank account. :D

    -Barbara Anne

  28. Oh my god, why wasn't this posted in time for me to "accidentally" leave it open on my bf's computer and him have time to order before Valentine's! /cry

  29. Those little robots on picobaby remind me of the little guys in batteries not included. Must buy them all.

  30. Aw, you have to touch the gears to make them move. It's just begging for the addition of a pendulum or something else to cause motion. (Yeah, it's easy to wish without having to actually do the engineering)

  31. I showed my husband the MST3K necklace and he loved it too! Except...the $60 price tag is a bit prohibitive. So instead we just watched MST3K "Touch of Satan" to get our fix. ;o)

  32. Loving the Tik Toc necklace and LOVING (yes, those are caps) the MST3K necklace. Off to pinterest that one...

  33. Why oh why do you do this to me? I just went and bought $70+ of jewellery on Etsy thanks to this post.

  34. After reading this post a while back, I went browsing through the Green Tree jewelry website and purchased a single pair of earrings.
    My treasure showed up today, and not only did they send me my order, but they sent a handful of freebie extra pairs of different designs and colors! It was like Christmas! :D

    Yay for Epbot posts!


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