Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Clay Day!

I've always had a weakness for polymer clay creations, whether they're fun Mario earrings or tiny robot sculptures, and you guys just keep sending me more awesome links! So here's my most recent roundup of Etsy goods attempting to drain my bank account:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Robots:

$80 for the set, by the bots

This shop has tons of cartoon and pop-culture characters (The Katy Perry one is especially hilarious) all recreated as tiny, one-inch-high robots. They average a little over $20 each, which could be seriously detrimental to my wallet.

Retro Cereal Necklaces:

Pac-Man Cereal Necklace $22.50 by TheMenu

Anyone remember PacMan cereal? The shop also offers Frankenberries and Fruit Loops, and I seriously can't get over how real that "milk" looks. (Tinted resin - who knew?)

My fellow Etsy shoppers know you can't toss a tiny plate of sushi over there without hitting another amazing tiny food shop, and mini cupcake charms are *everywhere.* That said, these are some of the best I've seen:

Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting, $35 by Roscata

And believe me, I see a LOT of mini-cake charms.

There is a way you can make a cupcake charm better, though:

Salvador the Batty Cupcake, $31 by MonsterKookies

Make it a vampire cupcake!

I'm in awe of sculptors who can make the clay look glass-smooth and like a cartoon character come to life. Which is why I am so, so tempted by these adorable wedding topper sets:

Love Angels, Raccoon & Fox $120 by Kikuike Studio

Love Angels Dinosaurs, $140

She makes every kind of animal pairing imaginable, from corgis to bumblebees to sharks, and they are all SO STINKING CUTE. Expensive, but cute! And who needs the cake anyway, right? Right?

Here's one for those of us with just a few bucks to burn:

Rainbow Lolly $5.75 by KooKee Jewellery

I bought a rainbow lolly charm much like this on Etsy years ago, and it's still one of my all-time favorite necklaces. It goes with everything! Mine's getting a little grungy, though, so I've combed all of Etsy looking for a replacement. It's between that one, or this one:

Rainbow Lollipop, $10 by SugarCubeCorner

I like the extra white swirl in with all the other colors. But I may just have to get both. :D

I'm also itching to snag this bitty jar of lollipop sticks:

Tutti Frutti Pendant, $21 by MonsterKookies


Ok, let's bring the sugar high down a notch with this gorgeously macabre, Labyrinth-inspired necklace:

Masquerade, $20 by Purplerhino's Place

Can you believe that mask is sculpted clay? Those iridescent baubles really seal the deal, too; I can't think of a single way to make this necklace fit the masquerade scene more perfectly. And only $20?! If this thing isn't gone in two seconds, then I don't even KNOW you people anymore.

I've seen these Mario piranha plant earrings a lot lately, and I think I know why:

By LizGlizz Shop

'Cuz they are FREAKING AWESOME, that's why.

(I don't miss having pierced ears often, but when I do, I'm looking at earrings like this.)

Liz will be accepting more orders starting tomorrow, so prime your engines, shoppers: these things keep selling out!

And finally, while searching for the perfect Companion Cube I stumbled across this delightful set:

The Cake is a Lie Gift Set, $40 by Kelly's Keychains

That's the best clay Portal Cube I've seen, and the custom cake gift box really raises it to "stellar gift" territory. (You can also purchase the cube and the box separately, if you don't have $40 to spare.)

Well, that's my Clay Day round-up, peeps! As always, share your links (embedded, if you please!) to anything I missed in the comments!


  1. Oh my goodness! I've never wanted pierced ears until JUST now. Those pirahna plant earrings are awesome. I've never seen anything like them (then again, my ears aren't pierced so I don't spend a whole great deal of time looking at earrings). Love.

  2. The crab and lobster cake topper has me singing the Smothers Brothers song about Herman and Sally ("Crabs walk sideways, and lobsters walk straight, and we won't let you take her for your mate!") They would if that was on the wedding cake!

  3. I must have that Count Chocula Ring. I don't know why, but it must be mine. Either that or the Lucky Charms one.

  4. Say yes to Pirhana Plant Earrings!

    Also, I like you, Jen. Today the phrases "Smile Police Marshwiggle" and "Urine is urine" have been on my mind all day because of the fun place you have created at Cake Wrecks. Thank you so much.

    ~ Haiku Joy

  5. Did you see thebots flickr page? The doozer bot, the stay puff bot, the bowzer bot. So many reasons to squeeeee!

  6. Every time you do an Esty post my bank account winces LOL

  7. KERMIT BOT!!!! I just died. Thank you Jen, once again, cuteness has struck.

  8. Weeones

    Hope that works! Alright, so these are mainly stitch markers, but I admit to coveting them for some years now.

  9. WANT WANT WANT that Pacman cereal necklace!!! And it's not clay, but have you seen the MST3K necklace with the photo window???

  10. This is so bad. I love working with clay. Now I will have an excuse to spend way too much time finding cute things to make. I am far too excited.

  11. A lot of etsy sellers are willing to make custom pieces. you should try asking if Liz will make those piranha plant earrings as clip-on or magnetic. Its worth a shot. :]

  12. M.U.S.T. FIGHT THE URGE...we just got our tax return and I'm fighting the urge for an Etsy buying spree. I must be good...already bought a camera and a computer today.

  13. OMG so much cute stuff! I may need those Mario plant earrings...

    The cake toppers are also especially adorable, and mean I now have to plug Keren Smith's shop, "Mud Cards" on Etsy, she made me a custom Domo-Kun & Tashanna topper for my wedding several years ago. You can see it in action here. I surprised my husband (huge Domo fan) with it and he just about died.

  14. Saw this and thought of you!

  15. these are so freaking cute. and man, i love those cake toppers. though i'm probably just doing cupcakes (though not the dreaded ccc! it's just going to be a teensy wedding) so i don't even know how a cake topper would work. but wow, it's tempting to try to make it work...

    and the food jewellery! i love the little cereals, pop-tarts, etc. so adorable. the bots are so cute too. god, if i were rich i'd just spend all day on etsy buying stuff.

  16. Got my Picobaby robot. I love it and have friends comment on it too. Thanks for the link to their Etsy store. I keep checking back for new ones and putting them in my favorites.

    P.S. I think it's funny that the wv asks to prove you are not a robot even though you really like them! ;-)

  17. This is such a cute Wookie necklace! There is a matching earring set and she (he?) does other Star Wars pieces as well as Nintendo, food, monsters, etc. I love polymer clay things!

  18. I love this art blog Joojoo
    She has some amazing polymer clay creations on there. She has an etsy site as well, but I have not seen any of her clay snails, which I adore, for sale. My favorite snail is Adorable snail. I also like her mini veges Too cute to eat veges.

    I wish she sold some of her clay creations.

  19. Those are all very, very cute!

  20. There is a polymer clay artist at our Rennaissance Festival that does gorgeous work. They happened to have a black cat with a purple bow that I bought--matches my real life black cat who always wears a purple collar!

    And um, Jen, DID YOU NOT SEE THIS???? From the TMNT folks...

    Mr. Stay Puft

  21. Wow! I love tiny things! *begins to hunt for wallet*

  22. AUGH! Miniatures! Jen, you have found my kryptonite. I want them ALL. Those earrings are hilarious.

  23. Oh my god I just saw a chain chomp wedding cake topper. I need to take some time to process this. Thank you for linking to that Etsy shop.

  24. You know it is funny, I went to look at the Labrynth necklaces and got totally enthalled with the owl one...then got sad cause they don't ship to Canada. But there is one huge mistake everyone makes with David Bowies Eyes, even in the Labrynth posters...He doesn't have a blue and a brown eye, he has blue eyes and a blown pupil in one. The dialation in one pupil makes it look like he has a brown eye from afar. He apparently got hit the eye when he was 15 by a friend, he also doesn't see well out of that eye....*shrugs*

  25. @ Crycket, I never knew that! I had to go to Google image search to see for myself - fascinating! Thx for teaching me something new! :)

  26. Polymer clay! My favorite artistic medium! I tend to prefer the more realistic myself when it comes to polymer clay, I prefer realism... even when sculpting steampunk pirate mice that glow in the dark....

    But yes, polymer clay is amazing. Cell phone cameras are not. And if you haven't seen the amazing artwork of ... pixiwillow's fairies and animals, you should. Stunning lifelike polymer clay.

    Oh, and I have to thank you for getting me into Portal (at least the flash version for now...). first purchase once I have a steady job is that game. :)

  27. Hey. :)

    Longtime Cakewrecks reader, but I only peek in here sometimes. I didn't even know you were into clay minis. I used make them. Might again someday...

    Not to pimp my own [old] stuff, but you can check it out here and here if you'd like.

  28. If you are into dragons or other fantastical creatures, the little figures at this etsy shop are just ADORABLE!! Haven't gotten any yet, but this shop will be getting some of my hard-earned cash eventually. Just not sure how to pick just one!


  29. I ended up buying one of the cereal necklaces, as well as both the lollipop necklaces you showed. My bank account hates you :)


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