Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Candle Stick

I noticed my candle labels post has been surprisingly popular over on Pinterest, so I thought I'd show you guys another one I did ages ago and then promptly forgot to post:

(Yes, it smells amaaazing. I don't even have to light it - I just keep the lid off on my bedside table.)

The label is from The Graphics Fairy, and started out blue. With a little Photoshop magic, though, it became a pretty emerald green:

This is a great trick anytime you want to color-coordinate your labels. Just go to Image - Adjustments - Replace Color, and play with the sliders.

And here's my tweaked graphic, in case you'd like to use it yourself:

(click for the full-size, then right-click to download)

As with the others, just print it on regular paper and use a little glue stick to adhere it to the glass. The glue stick works like a charm: all of my labels from last year have held fast, even after burning each for multiple hours at a time!

Looking for more candle labels? Check out this post for eight more of my favorites.


  1. I love the mint-chocolate candle! We have the giant three wick candle we loved it so much. I do the same thing with leaving the lid off too. Though my label solution is just to rotate it toward the wall so I just get the candle color through the glass.

  2. I have this exact same candle, and you're right. it does smell amazing, not flame necessary! Thanks for the label!

  3. Just in case some of you can't afford Photoshop, I recommend Gimp. It's a free, open-source program that is a good alternative for those of us on a serious budget.

    Since it is FREE, if you do have *some* money, a donation would be great, but not required or necessary at all.

    And, that candle looks great Jen, par usual! :D

  4. I love the idea of drinking something "while in a state of effervesence"!! This is probably a good description of me at those moments, indeed.

    MC from NZ

  5. After the last one, I made a sugar scrub for a friends and used one of the labels as a template for a custom label. It turned out really pretty, and with very little photoshop effort. It made a short mason jar look very fancy. So, thanks!


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