Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Labyrinth Love

Random Jen Fact: Labyrinth is one of my favorite movies of all time, and in college I would listen to the soundtrack every night while playing solitaire as a kind of relaxation ritual. (But I always skipped track 8, The Goblin Battle, 'cuz that thing is super annoying. [Cheesy synthesizers. That is all.])

So, when Christina shared this on the Epbot FB page, I of course had to drop everything and run over here to post it right away - even though the dropping and running were in a purely virtual sense, since I'm just sitting here clicking and typing. But there is a definite sense of urgency to it, let me tell ya.

Ok, enough of that - now watch this:

Haunting and oh-so-beautiful. [dreamy sigh]

This was posted all the way back in 2009, and I'm kind of heartbroken that the free mp3 download link is broken since it led to MegaUpload. Maybe Geekella will see this and take pity on me and post a new link somewhere else. [hinthintprettyplease?]

(UPDATE: Yay! New download link here. Thanks, Geekella!)

Oooh, and this gives me the perfect excuse to share Heather H.'s family Labyrinth costumes!

He reminds me of the babe.

And say "'ello" to this little fella!

This entire family is made of WIN. Kudos, Heather!

Plus, this weekend Leah sent me a photo of her AMAZING Jareth Masquerade costume:

She made everything herself, and her wife even wired the glass ball she's holding so it spins! Here's a quick video of it in action:

{Turn your sound off}

[Update: See how Leah did it all on her blog here. I still can't believe that mask!]

Ok, this concludes my Labyrinth Love Fest.

For now.

UPDATE: Someone in the comments linked me to the most impressive Goblin King cosplay I've ever seen. I mean, WOW.

You'd almost swear that was Bowie himself, wouldn't you? His name is actually Massimiliano Poggi, and you can see a few more pics of him in Sandman-AC's DeviantArt portfolio.


  1. Did you know that the work with the ball is called Contact Juggling? And that it wasn't David Bowie doing it, but a master crouched behind him with his arm stuck out to do it? (Michael Moschen)

    I adore Contact Juggling... another great person to watch doing it is Viktor Kee, who is in Cirque du Soleil on DVD.

  2. I did, yes! I love contact juggling; there was a time I was sad that my teensy little hands could never manage it. But then I realized I'm too lazy to learn, anyway, and I felt better.

    I once watched a youtube vid of a performer in Central Park doing the most amazing contact juggling routine - I'll have to go hunt that down again!

  3. Um, totally awesome. Love that cover and the costumes are so adorable!

    I'm glad you've brought this to my attention because now I'm going to go hunt down my Labyrinth soundtrack (on an actual cassette tape!) instead of work. ;)

  4. Every day I love you more and more, Jen.

  5. I'd never even heard of Labyrinth until I started reading Epbot. But it's playing at Cineplex in March, so I guess I'm going. :)

  6. My absolute ALL TIME favorite movie. I have owned four copies of it since I kept wearing my VHS tapes out! I remember dressing up just like Sarah!

  7. I looooove Labyrinth so much. My hubs even got me a Jareth t-shirt for Xmas one year, its my go to t-shirt when I can't decide what to wear.

    And her song was FANTASTIC!!! and now I wanna dress up everyone in Labyrinth cosplay.

  8. I wore out my Labyrinth soundtrack cassette and had to buy a second one.

    Oh yeah. I'm a huge Labyrinth nerd... even knew about contact juggling and everything!

  9. Labyrinth is one of my fave movies, too! So amazing! I quote it all the time. I watched it in college, but usually after a few bevs. It was one of my favorite drinking movies... that and Rainbow Brite.

    If she makes that available again, make sure you post it! That was FANTASTIC!

  10. Jen - could it have been this juggler from Tokyo? His skill mesmerizes me...

    Love, love, love the costumes!

  11. My 4-year-old daughter calls it "the other, other princess" movie..."the other princess" movie is, of course, The Princess Bride. Her older brother loves both as well. Yep...raising kiddos right since 2005! :)

  12. Aaah. Labyrinth. Love me that movie!! I once had a prospective beau make me a mix tape in high school that included the entire soundtrack of Labyrinth, Mahna Mahna (by The Muppets) that one Bryan Adams song from Robin Hood and the Earthworm Jim theme song. Among other things.
    Oh, to be young, in love and a band geek once more!

  13. menhanI love even harder than I did ten minutes ago before I read this post. I loved that family costume set, those kids have the most RAWKawesome parents in the entire universe. Now that I know that you love Labyrinth and I know how mush you love cosplayers, I think you should see this guy. Holy WHOA. I still double take think that it's David Bowie . . . but it's NOT. And he made the whole costume himself. IMPRESSED.

  14. My first college roommate felt the same way about Labyrinth. She watched the movie every. single. day. I loved the movie before that. Luckily, after we decided we were not suited as roommates, I was able to rediscover my love of the movie (and she and I got to be friends again, too). She had a baby last fall, and my gift to her was this:

    Sarah's ball gown is still on my list of replicas to make, but I'm holding out until I can find the perfect fabric -- I've been very unhappy with all of the replicas I've seen so far.

  15. I love this movie. I used to make my Dad let us watch it every time he came to visit us when we were little and he let each and every time, lol! The best gift I ever got from my lil brother was a giant framed movie poster print. It went well with my framed Dark Crystal movie poster=)

  16. The singer in that video really reminded me of Happy Rhodes (who is also a huge geek girl, of the space and literature variety--a lot of her music reflects it). Here's a link to her performing one of her best songs, "Temporary and Eternal."

    And another favorite, Warpaint

    That last one is pretty dark, so if you want to hear some happy Happy, here is an Ode to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Would That I Could


  17. If you're talking about the song with the dancing pink head-coming-off goblins, I hate that song too. ~_~

    Some day - hopefully before I'm too old to look utterly stupid in it - I want my own masquerade dress. It's so overblown and frilly and totally not me, and I love it anyway! :D

  18. Jen I have used Zamzar many times to get videos from Youtube and I never have had any problem with them. I even use it for work.

  19. Reminds you of the babe? It reminds me of Nothing tra-la-la!lol

  20. One of my all time favs!!!

    You remind me of the babe
    What babe? The babe with the power
    What power? Power of voodoo
    Who do? You do
    Do what? Remind me of the babe!!

    lol I love it... gotta go listen to that now!

  21. I told my sister two weeks ago if I met a man that got the "Nothing? Nothing? tra la la" reference my sense of morals and decency would go out the window.

    Also, it makes me happy to know there are others out there who know all the words to the Chilly Down rap.

  22. Wow, thanks for posting my costume! I've kind of spluttered my lunch all over my computer screen with the shock! Total geekgasm at being featured on your blog ;)

    Sorry about the sound on the video. The wife was annoyed that I couldn't hear her asking me to turn around!

    I've managed to collate all the pics into a blog post about how I created each piece if you want to share the link.

    Hopefully it inspires other peeps to try and make it themselves! Be warned, it's a lengthy process.


  23. I bet that family has the best Halloweens...

  24. That. Was a gorgeous cover omg.

  25. Geekella has now changed the download link for the mp3.

    Also, I did not realize that Dr. Beverly Crusher was the choreographer for this movie. The mind it boggles.

  26. the link attached to the vid on youtube worked for me. its on repeat now. :-)

    and i adore Labyrinth. In my life, there have been a total of 2 movies that I have watched, blinked in wonder for a few moments before rewinding and watching again straight away. #2 was The Matrix and the first was Labyrinth. first saw it when i was 13 and wasn't what i was expecting but i loved it anyway. I used to have the novel, the very hard to get novel, but alas it was destroyed in the floods last year.....along with everything else.....which saddens me coz i used to read it every couple months. darn i wish i could find another copy. *sigh*

    speaking of Labyrinth, did you find a place for the print i sent? or have i simply added to the space dilemma? :-)

  27. AWESOME!!! Labyrinth is my favorite movie ever, and I have a certain love of acapella, but always reminisce that not enough women sing it. This is awesome.

  28. I love, love, love Labyrinth. Every year that I have been teaching, I've made it a point to watch it in class with my kids so that I can introduce it to a new generation. I've never had a student who didn't love it. When I was little I spent a long car ride from my aunt's house to my house repeating the movie almost verbatim (from beginning to end). I'm surprised she didn't tell me to shut up at some point!
    Oh, and my friend had a punk band back in high school and they used to do a cover of Chilly Down.
    I had an old copy of the book, but gave it to one of my students who loves the movie as much as I do.

  29. When our kids are bad, my best friend and I will call each other and simply say, "I wish the goblins would come take them away. Right now."
    It makes us laugh EVERY TIME and then we daydream about David Bowie in those delicious pants. :)

  30. Wooooooow.... I'm speechless xD

    It's such a compliment that you liked my cover enough to put it on your blog!!! You seem like a really awesome person and I want to check your blog out now haha.

    I was wondering why my cover randomly got a bunch of attention as of late...Well now I know why! haha! LadyMeerkat1 on youtube said she came here via Epbot and I had to figure out what that was. And in my statistics, it said I got 1,891 views due to Epbot. So I thank you from the bottom of my geeky heart xDDDDDDDD

    Isn't Labyrinth a magical work of genius? There's just something about Henson's vision combined with the musical expertise of David Bowie and Trevor Jones that creates a feeling you don't want to have go away when you watch the film. I've watched (and still watch) this movie a million times, zoned out to the addictive soundtrack, and am on a never-ending search for a rare copy of the novel adaption. I could go on and on about how much I love this movie!!!!!

    Oh and I've reuploaded the mp3 of the cover to 4shared haha. So I took pity on you lololol. I've often contemplated re-covering this with my good-quality mic and highly improved mixing skills...Just because this version is so...I dunno....But i'm so glad you guys all enjoy it xDDDD

  31. She has reposted the mp3 and updated the video description.
    It's now found here:

  32. Labyrinth is still my avourite movie. I remember when it came out I was just smitten. In high school I would rent the movie almost every weekend and as a wedding present, my best friend bought me the soundtrack. Which I still listen to (minus track 8 o course). My daughter thought it was called movie the first two years o her life because whenever I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie I would put it on. Now she calls it Sarah, Hoggle and Toby.
    That family costume is incredible. So jealous! And the Jareth cosplayer? Wow, I was like 'There is nowhere int he movie with that background."
    Great post thanks.

  33. P.S. I own the four volume manga series published by Tokyo Pop. They are Meh. They could have been better but someone somewhere got bored. (it would seem) and then pushed out the last book to be done.


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