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Procrastination Station 12/6/12

Thursday, December 6, 2012

- I've been losing more productive hours than I'd care to admit on my new favorite craft blog: True Blue Me and You: Doable Unique DIYs. The name says it all, but I'll add that this is the most ethical Tumblr blog I've ever seen, with a blogger who cares passionately about properly crediting sources and linking back to every site she mentions. She also has an archive that goes on forever (I *still* haven't found the end), helpful tips and summaries, imminently browsable categories tagged clearly in the sidebar, and craft roundups like these sprinkled throughout:

So when you get tired of seeing the same ol' craft and DIY pins over and over on Pinterest, head over to True Blue. Just be prepared to lose the rest of the day when you do!

- GeekMom posted a fabulous fashion & jewelry Etsy gift guide; it helped me add at least three or four things to my wish list:

And for a truly massive gift guide of random delights, also check out BoingBoing's 2012 list. They've got gadgets and gizmos a plenty - and you want thinga-mabobs? THEY GOT TWENTY.


- Hey, do you remember the story of "The Paris Time Capsule Apartment?" It first came out last May, but Lindsay G. reminded me of it this week. Basically a Parisian apartment was left untouched for 70 years, locked up with all its rich furnishings and treasures, and was finally opened for the first time this year.

There's something magical about these pictures, and the story of the apartment's former occupant is so mysterious (the rent was faithfully paid all those years) that I'd love to see Ransom Riggs weave a story around it, with pictures of the apartment sprinkled throughout ala Miss Peregrine's. Anyway, definitely check out that article if you missed it before!

- Prepare for some Extreme Cute with this article M.C. spotted on CNN: World's 20 Cutest Animals - And Where To Find Them.

More than just pictures, this has a short snippet of info on each animal and where you can still see them in the wild. Fun AND educational!

- And finally, hold on to your ear hats, Disney fans, because an honest-to-goodness, flying, fire-breathing DRAGON flew through the skies of new Fantasyland Tuesday night, and you're not going to believe the video:

 (found via Casey Jones)

In fact, I *didn't* believe the video, since there were a few obviously CGI'd teaser promos leaked prior to the big debut, and the video is so dark it doesn't really feel like you're in the park, looking up.  So I went digging around online for more specifics. Turns out, yep, it IS real (!!), and if you'd like to "ruin" the magic by seeing how it's done, there's a photo and article here that explains. (Inside the Magic also has a more realistic looking video & a nice write-up.)

The really baffling thing, though, is that Disney has stated this was a one-time event only, and it was held on an exclusive media preview night, at that, so no regular guests got to see it. Seems like the height of cruelty to me, to show us video and never let us see it ourselves, but many speculate the dragon will still make special appearances from time to time, despite what Disney has told the media. Fingers crossed, 'cuz I'd love to see the dragon in person!

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  1. Seeing how the dragon was really done did not destroy the magic at all. It made me further appreciate the ingenuity of the Imagineers who created it. And people ask how I can still be a Disney geek at my age...

  2. The Paris Apartment, which rent has been paid on all these years... It makes me think, "vampire." Or more specifically, Lestat.

  3. I think the reason that the dragon would be a one time thing is because of FAA regulations...

  4. I am a Disney cast member and I can tell you that Dragon was real!!! It's just about the coolest thing I have ever seen and I even got to see him fly last night when I was working! You're right I really hope that they'll use him again it seems a shame to waste all that tech. Though I do hope they don't over use it if they do I want him to stay special!

  5. I love True Blue on Tumblr. She and you were the first people to really kick my butt about sourcing things correctly and are the reason I make sure I do so now. It's so cool when people collide on the internet.

  6. @ Lydia - I agree, seeing how the magic was made only enhances it for me. I appreciate Disney so much more after having worked there!

  7. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I'm a huge fan of your blog (and I own your book... seriously!)so you made my day!!!

  8. Oh man, that dragon! The videos of it are amazing. I would give a lot to be able to see it in person. I do believe I posted this before a few days ago, but if you REALLY want the nitty-gritty details of how the dragon is created, I highly recommend this patent.

    Sorry to harp on about this, but as a would-be cryptozoologist, I just can't stop watching the videos. The wings! The roaring! The fireballs shooting from its mouth! I know it sounds frivolous, but this is the kind of new invention that restores my faith in humanity. Blood, devastation, death, war and horror all exist... but then I remember that somebody's actually created a realistic flying dragon, and the world feels just a little bit better. I'm actually hoping that it's such an amazing success that they clone the beastie and ship a copy of it to Disneyland in Anaheim. I do manage to make it down there every four-five years or so. And if they did adapt it for Avatar land... that would be pretty cool too.

  9. Yeah, that's pretty bad marketing to have a one-night only dragon fly-by for press only. However, if there is one thing Disney does know how to do it is market to their diehard fans, so there must be more going on than they've let on so far. Here's hoping anyway. I would love to see this in person!

  10. I was at the pin release event tonight and ended up standing in the middle of a bunch of cast members. Apparently a couple of them saw it, but they were warned rather sternly not to take pictures or video. Such a shame that it was a one time thing. I believe my Disney geek brain would explode if I got to see it in person, though.

  11. Regarding the super cute animals, I love seeing the alpaca on there, but the title of the article references "wild" animals. Alpacas have been domesticated for thousands of years, and there aren't any wild one. Oh, and you don't have to go to Peru to see an alpaca farm, there are thousands in the US. I actually live on one.

  12. Ooh, thanks for sending me to True Blue Me & You. It's so much fun to look at and think, "Huh, I could do that . . ." Loved the dragon, too! Disney, I would plan another trip down there if I knew I could see that!

  13. GASP! That dragon is Soooooo amazing! Keeping my fingers crossed that they don't keep it to themselves for too long. If they spent the money developing it, why not show it off? Things like that really bring out the magic for me. How amazing to have something like that developed, especially after a lot of nay-sayers are all down on Disney for letting the magic slip, and 'bad show' and "That's not what Walt would have done!" I'd squee like a little girl if I saw it in person!

  14. Thanks for the link to "True Blue Me & You". Her selection of DIY projects is endless and I've already linked one or two to my pinterest boards.

  15. Even crueler? I was at that media event with my wife and we didn't see the dragon! We think we were inside the Ariel ride at the time and didn't get to see it. :-( (Of course, I'm not *too* sad since you can never be sad when Disney invites you to see some of their new coolness.)

  16. Hi! I'm new to your blog because I ran out of cake wrecks to follow... oh wait. There's probably a new one up today. Lol

    Anyway, if you want an interesting book similar to the time capsule apartment story, check out "Kissing Adrien," by Siri L. Mitchell.
    It's a hilarious/down to earth/romantic story of what happens when a young French American woman gets left just such an apartment, and reconnects with her childhood crush in Paris. And is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE book!


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