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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Because work is overrated.

- The Secret Messages in 12 Logos

For example:

Can you spot the hidden arrow in the FedEx logo?
(Yeah. Mind = BLOWN) Hit the link for the other eleven.

- Make a Book a Day

Donna Meyer is making a new book every day for 365 days. So far she's used everything from boxes to leather, and playing cards to LPs:

Thanks to Craft: for this fun find.

With over fifty days and books already under her belt, you're sure to come away inspired!

Or, for a laugh, there's always:

- Awfully Photoshopped Wedding Pictures

So bad, they're good.

And speaking of bad, don't miss:

- Badass of the Week (found via Wired)

This is the story of a Japanese hero, Hideaki, who grabbed a set of scuba gear after the tsunami and dove in to his flooded village to rescue both his wife and mother. You'd think a post like this would make you cry, but in fact it's written in such a hilarious (and NSFW due to language) manner that you'll be grinning and high-fiving everyone around once you finish. Great pictures, too.

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  1. Speaking of work being overrated... I am so reading your post whilst at work. Love it!

  2. There seems to be an odd trend of small husbands popping out of weird places in those wedding photos.

    Thanks for the great distraction!!

  3. Such a awesome post. I love these types of things!

  4. Ever since I saw the logo's post on Neatorama I've been seeing the arrow EVERY TIME a FedEx truck drives by.

  5. Ok, Badass of the week is a freaking rock star and I'm just loving it!
    And I too am reading this at work...shhhh. Don't tell. It's a break. ;)

  6. Oh have you seen this one?


  7. The story about Hideaki Akaiwa literally made me tear up. Thanks for sharing these! I love both of your blogs, and they always make me smile when I need it.

  8. The Badass of the Week needs to be promoted to Badass of the Century...wow!

  9. Thanks for ALL of this. So dang good! I posted that Badass of the Week on my fb because it is the best!!

  10. Thank you for filling my time of insomnia tonight. I especially enjoyed the 365-book-a-day blog.

  11. I wish I could get paid for procrastinating...

    I thought the wedding photos of the wife-crushing-husband were kind of sad. Weddings are meant to be romantic!

  12. Ahh, Epbot. How it makes me happy.

  13. My new favorite procrastination/play site:


    You can make yourself as a Disney Princess! Or a mermaid. Or a Harry Potter couple. Or Sailor Moon.

    Too fun, you have to try it out!

  14. Love the Badass of the week! Did anyone else hear the A-Team theme when they were reading it?

  15. The story of the Japanese Badass was great, but I was afraid it was a little too great, so I did some research...as expected the wired article was exaggerated, though not all of it was false. The man did not have scuba gear, but he did have a wet suit. He rescued his wife and mother from their homes when there was still deep water swirling around, and patrolled (or patrols, I am not sure) the streets on a bike with a fanny pack containing tea, water, cigarettes, a Swiss army knife and a lighter. It was still very dangerous and cold and wet, and I think he is still a badass! Here are two stories about him that do not seem to be exaggerated.
    Truer story 1 Truer Story 2

  16. The wedding pics were hysterical, but what's with the brides treating their miniature grooms like cockarooches?

  17. Did you see this trailer? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAvzvjIefS8&feature=uploademail

    I would say it falls in the awesome steampuck category.

  18. OMG Kimmie- that dolldivine website is AWESOME. Thank you for sharing!

  19. If you're around, Ben's signing his newest Badass book at Sanford' Books A Million today...

  20. Chiming in a little late, but I wanted to thank you for the link to my "365: Make a Book a Day" project. I appreciate the attention. I'm now up to Day 70 and loving it. Every single day I think "Oh God, I have to come up with a book today," and every day when I do it feels so fine.

    Great blog you have. I'll be back.

  21. I don't know how intentional this is, but if you turn the Molson Ex logo on its side it becomes an armadillo.


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