Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Dapper Day Spring 2022: My Favorite Looks At Epcot!

John and I don't have Disney passes at the moment, so I asked a couple friends attending Dapper Day last weekend to take pictures for me. I expected maybe a handful of photos, so imagine my delight when my friend and FoE Traci spent her entire time at both Dapper Days taking pictures for me!

So for everyone wondering how I took your photos without actually being there, meet Traci my proxy photographer, the redhead on the right:

  Traci is also an awesome local cosplayer and theme park geek, you can follow her on Instagram at @MeridaAnn.

I've had a blast the last few days sorting through all Traci's pics, editing, and selecting my favorite Dapper looks for you - so are you ready to see??

Let's start with the family Madrigal, from Encanto:

 Luisa with the weights on her skirt, Isabela with her flower garland...! This group makes me happy.

Traci also found tia Pepa & Félix:

Outside shot so you can see Pepa's umbrella and fabulous rainbow purse:

SO GOOD. All of them! (Pepa is @HeyBlondieOnline, btw, give her a follow!)

A Princess and The Frog group:

I'm pretty sure the 2nd from the left is Evangeline, the North Star - my cat Eva's namesake. D'awww. Also love the gender-swapped Tiana with that lilypad fascinator!

A subtle Aurora & Prince Philip on the right:

... and epic matching playsuits on the left! I'm a huge fan of co-ordinating outfits, from 'bounding groups to matching couples. Come to think of it, John and I need more matching clothes, right? ::grin::

I remember running into my friend Jessica here (@DaisyGator) the day at Renninger's antique fair she found this jaw-dropping vintage floral hat:

Isn't it stunning? And she really did it justice with this look! Plus let's talk about @libraryladylife and @dapper_daddy_o  on either side of her, because swoon.

I like seeing a few more 60s-inspired looks this year:

  The bright colors and bold lines are pure eye candy, perfect for Dapper Day.

Here's another friend and online celeb some of you follow, though I bet you won't recognize her:

This Dapper Wanda is Kelsey Ann Brady, from our big puppet room makeover! She's also huge on TikTok, and the new Crow on MST3K, so I fangirl over her a lot.

I always look forward to seeing @TaleOf2Castles; this time looks like they're bounding as Club Cool(?) & a bucket of popcorn, haha:

See the Beverly dispenser on Benny's shirt? :D And wait'll you see his outfit for Sunday; it's one of my favorites in the next batch.

Victorian sweetness:

And this gender-swapped Mary Poppins & Bert are practically perfect in every way:

The Future World Orange Birds are so bright, I gotta wear shades:

Really dapper ones.

I'm completely smitten with this whole look:

The hat, the hair, the fit, THOSE SHOES.

How about a dapper fella lineup?

One can only hope they did a kick-line after this.

Special shout-out to the Chip & Dale duo, because PUNNY 'BOUND FOR THE WIN:

Bahaha! That's my friend @GibsonGirlK in the middle, who sent me this photo plus several more in this post. Thanks, Karen!

An Alice in Wonderland group with guest stars Donald & Panchito in the middle:

Donald and Panchito are members of the The 3 Caballeros, and now that I'm looking, I also spy José in the back, yellow jacket. Here's a reference:

Dapper Day is like a scavenger hunt combined with a trivia game, identifying all the character bounds. That's what makes it so fun.

Also from Wonderland: dapper Tweedles!


Another Orange bird couple:

An Aristocats trio:

(I admit, without her Marie purse I wouldn't have guessed Aristocats. Purses, pins, and accessories are so key! I've even seen some people carry little plushes around of their characters, to make it easy.)

Let's just say my friends know me well, and exactly who to chase for me:
All the rainbows! I just realized the rainbow on her head is in the shape of Mickey ears, too. Excellent.

Here's another of my favorite Dappers each year, Haki:

You might remember he 'bounded as Mushu before, complete with a little gong, haha.

He's 'bounding as Pegasus from Hercules this time, and found the perfect backdrop for his photo on IG:

Give him a follow (@hakizzle91) for more, including his hilarious 'bound for Sunday that I'll be including in my next post.

Pretty purples and parasols:

And a sweet Piglet & Pooh:

I'd like to steal this entire sunflower ensemble:

The ears, the flower appliques, the yellow chucks? WANT.

Plus it's sweet to see some lolita styles!

This Aurora has a color-shifting dress, yesss:

Make it pink AND blue.
Isabella and... a topiary?

(@foolishmorgans & @meganxmacabre)

I'm not sure if the grass dress is a specific character bound - could be Poison Ivy - but it is unbe-LEAF-ably good. (Update: Checked with the creator, and
she IS a topiary. Woot!)
 Here's a fun and unexpected fandom bound - do you recognize them?

Indiana Jones and Marion!

These ladies always have the most show-stopping headpieces, look how gorgeous:

(@adventurelandang & @slave1millie

::swoon:: They make me want to wear big flowers in my hair every day. Can we make that a thing?

I've been photographing Dappers for so many years that I remember more faces than names - but I know this talented lady blows my socks off every time:


Do you know who they're bounding as? Check the hats!

She's Heimlich the caterpillar from A Bug's Life, and he's Francis the ladybug! Her purse is even a candy corn, from this scene:

Ahhh. This is everything I love about Dapper Day.

I'm grateful for Traci's eagle eye recognizing this group:


This is a hard one - do you know the bound?

Tiny clipart reference:

They're from Disney's Atlantis! (Kira has a red stripe at her hip in other pictures/dolls.)

I've been happily stalking all the Dapper Day hashtags on Instagram and Facebook, so here come a couple more gems I don't want you to miss:

The cutest Dopey, and the most perfect use of kaleidoscope glasses I've ever seen! Eeee!

This was posted by her mom Christy in the public Dapper Days facebook group, which I just joined and am LOVING, highly recommend.


Panda Power from Turning Red! Abby is a trooper to wear fur in this heat, yowza.

Then there's this dreamy gothic glam vibe on Peyton:

Click over to see the full view of her dress!

Here's a two-fer: the amazing @planet_mb is in the Kraken headpiece, and @SuburbanWildCat is in the stunning art nouveau:

Again, the headwear game this year was STRONG. Click over to both of these ladies' accounts for more photos!

The perfect trio of 'bounds for Epcot: Orange Bird, Spaceship Earth, and Figment:

::reaches through screen to grab the rainbow fan::

I'll leave you with one more smile: Traci was in the right place at the right time to snap the most delightful proposal photos, which I turned into the world's happiest gif:

HIS FACE. Y'all. I can't stop grinning over this. Pure happy.

I hope these photos brought a little extra happy and pixie dust to your day, too! Also stay tuned, because this is only half of the dapper goodness. I'll be back next time with more of Traci's photos from Sunday at Hollywood Studios, and they're just as swoon-worthy - and in some cases, hilarious. You definitely don't want to miss them.

Thanks again to my amazing friend Traci (and Karen!) for chasing down Dappers all day to make this post possible. Love you!

Now, go have an incredible week, all of you. Shoo.


Oh wait, but first, congrats to Jennifer O. & Elizabeth B., my Squeegineer winners for April! Please check your inboxes, you two, for a message from John so you can claim your prizes.


  1. My six year old desperately wants the rainbow outfit. (And I kinda do, too!)

  2. Bucket list visit

  3. Awwweeeeee!!! Thank you for adding our engagement!! 💖💖💖

  4. Although I didn’t make it to your favorites I had a blast doing my 60’s on my 60th birthday.

  5. I think maybe the topiary is that island goddess from Moana? Can't recall (or spell) the name.
    Also my daughter wants you to know that the dress you called Victorian up there is actually Regency. I asked her what the difference was and got educated, but most of what she said didn't stick. I did learn this: women's dresses historically were simpler when kings ruled, and fancier when the ruler was a queen. A general rule, not hard and fast, but interesting! (Regency was the end of the Georgian period when the Prince Regent ruled. Jane Austen is Regency. Apparently.)

    1. She wants me to add a disclaimer: she's an uneducated amateur historical fashion buff who does it for fun, and could possibly be a bit wrong-ish.

    2. Chris, I'm with you on the topiary. I had to google her, but the island's name is Te Fiti.

  6. I love how loose the Atlantis overalls are, because they match the character and also adapt to the heat better (I hope!)

  7. Oh, I love seeing the Encanto bounds out there! I'd love to do Isabella -- but in her messy dress after her awesome character arc, not the prim and perfect one.

  8. The lady in all blue, is she possibly the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio?

  9. Could the topiary person be Isabella and a topiary? The person in the purple dress looks like Isabellas dress?
    I originally thought the Atlantis group was maybe Kiki's Delivery Service. I think she wears a blue dress with red bow.

  10. Squee! I love this post! Thanks Jen (And the lovely Tracy too!). So much goodness!! I can't even have time to gush over it all. All I will say is thanks again!

    1. Whoops, shoulda spelled that "Traci" insead. Sorry!

  11. So happy to see Kelsey Ann Brady here - I've shared this post with the MST3K forum. I loved her Crow, I loved the Ariel onesie she wore during the Q&A after the show. She packs a lot of energy and I'm eager to see more of her.

  12. Hey there. I’m the “ Rapunze” with the topiary dress. lol my dress was inspired by Isabella but I can see the punzie in it now lol I’m foolishmorgans on IG.

  13. This fills my heart with joy! Thank you!


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