Friday, May 27, 2022

Boba Vet's Debut At MegaCon!

I've been told Epbot is a welcome break from the world and the news on weeks like this: a spot to soak up some nerdy joy, even for just a few minutes. I want this to be that place for you, and I also want you to know I am just as shattered and angry as you are.  Epbot is my One Thing: how I keep moving, how I defiantly offer hope and community when the world seems most divided. I'm not hiding my eyes or turning away, but I will be here with my silly posts, my affirmations that you are loved, and my reminders that we are family, anytime you need them.



With Star Wars Celebration happening this weekend in California, I thought it'd be a good time to officially unveil John's long-delayed Star Wars cosplay, which we carted out last Friday at MegaCon.

Let's start with a ridiculously dramatic video:

Awwww yeeeeeeeeeah.

Who remembers this?

Yep, MORE puns. It's who we are.

We did a quick test run of Boba Vet last year, but had to shelve him the rest of the season due to Covid. These critters have been waiting a long time to come out and play, and one in particular was easily distracted:

I shall dub her Dotty. Dotty the Dianoga.

I forgot to take any pictures from the back, so here's a reminder of what the tank looks like:

If you've been here a while you might remember we began building all this last July, and then how I beat-up Salacious Crumb, with no regrets:

You can also see how we made the Porg in carbonite here, and the dianoga in her water tank backpack here. (Fun Fact: the Aurebesh on the tank reads "Visine.")

This cosplay is all about the props, so after the creatures were done we only had to customize and age a lab coat and stethoscope, then get John some scrubs in Boba green.

Oh wait, I never showed you John's arm gauntlet! Boba Fett has a mini rocket launcher on his, so naturally, Boba Vet has giant tranquilizer darts:

Trivia Time: Do you recognize that top syringe?

It's a vintage piping tube for cake decorating! We didn't change a thing, just glued it on as-is. The rest of the gauntlet is EVA foam, PVC tubes, and bamboo skewers.

Grabbing a quick Blue Milk at the bar to refuel.

Right after this photo an actual veterinarian came up, SO excited. Interactions like that make our day, so please, never be afraid to go full fangirl on a cosplayer.

The Star Wars area at MegaCon was off-the-charts amazing this year, easily the best photo spots, continually filled with incredible Star Wars cosplayers, and all free to wander and photograph.

Boba Vet did a tour of the animals and gave a few check-ups:

We found a matching Grogu in carbonite in the scrap heap:


Hey, at last our Porg is being transported for treatment!

The porg was a big hit even for those who didn't get the pun. Well, except maybe this Jawa, who had a mini porg of her own, and kept hiding its eyes:

Eventually we convinced them it was safe for a checkup:

I love how interested Dotty is up there.

John's cosplay always gets a delayed reaction: so many folks would be 2-3 steps past him and then go "OOOOOOOH," which was hilarious. It's definitely too subtle for big crowds - not enough time for them to process before they're swept away - but for those who got it, it was golden.

Mando brought Grogu over for a check-up:

While Dotty is fascinated by someone over my right shoulder.
(I don't know why that keeps cracking me up, but it does.)

One bonus when you're cosplaying as a vet: you have an excuse to ask for photos with some of the Good Boys on the floor:

Though some are slightly less good than others:

"Okay, who brought the dog?"

We only had Boba Vet out about 2 hours Friday afternoon, since we wanted to fit in plenty of filming that day, too. After this we made the long trek back out to the car for John to change, because cosplay life is glamorous like that.

Here's our Friday video from Mega, you'll see we snuck in some Boba Vet and lots of the Star Wars area:

One of my favorite moments in this one is Oogie Boogie; when she takes her hood down and smiles? MAGIC. Also Tulia & Miguel from El Dorado yelling "Ze Balba!" Love comedic deep cuts like that.

We're hoping Star Wars Celebration will return to Orlando next year, and if it does, you can bet Boba Vet will be there, distributing free check-ups. For now, though, I hope all of you at Celebration this weekend have a STELLAR time (eh?) and please send me pics of all the funny/punny/amazing cosplay you see. :D

P.S. One more shout-out to our friend and the amazingly talented artist, Bianca Roman-Stumpff, for drawing the tauntaun we used on John's lab coat. We also turned it into a t-shirt, which I wear as John's cosplay handler and just whenever, 'cuz it's awesome:

You can grab one for yourself in any color or cut over in the Epbot T-Shirt Shop.


  1. That was fantastic. I just grinned my way through all of that. Except for when I almost spewed coffee on the screen when I got to the "Visine". 😆

  2. As a geeky veterinarian myself, I would have totally fangirled over John's Boba Vet. So creative and the details are fabulous! Thanks for sharing this awesome cosplay, it made me smile.

  3. Love Boba Vet! Good on so many levels. I'm a veterinarian and would love to see that tauntaun logo on a scrub top! Also, the Dalek in your video was amazing! Thanks for posting.

  4. I am a vet tech and I just died laughing. I shared your post out on my Veterinary Support Staff Facebook group.

  5. This is so awesome!! I remember when you guys were first putting this together, it's fantastic to see it in action and in all its splendor!! You two are so creative!

  6. Thanks Jen. I needed the smile today. I too, love the "Visine!" Dotty cracks me up too. I think it's funnier that her eye wanders.

  7. I am continually stunned at how people use the made up term "cosplay" as if it's a real word.

    1. All words are made up, Susanna. It's how humans communicate. But to your point, "cosplay" is in the Merriam Webster dictionary how much more "real" would you like a word to be?

      I want everyone to feel welcome here, but you continually criticize both me and the other commenters here. So I'm asking you - again - to please take your anger elsewhere; this clearly isn't a community you value or want to be a part of.


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