Friday, April 29, 2022

Lightsaber Rainbows, Flying Duck Orchids, & The Best Cosplay Mashup Of All TIME

It's Friday, you fantastic beast! You made it.

Here come a bunch of my favorite finds this week to celebrate.

Did you know there are lightsaber meetups at Disney's Galaxy's Edge? I didn't! There was one last month, and look how pretty:

 The group that arranges the meetups is Galaxy's Edge Discord, here's a photo from their IG account:


This is all fan-run, so give them a follow for future meetup dates.


Also in the Stuff-I-Never-Knew-Existed category, this is called a flying duck orchid:

(Photo by Heiner Cuno)

They're native to Australia and are teeny-tiny, with blooms less than an inch long. You should also know I'm imagining a little purple bandana around one and humming the Darkwing Duck theme song.

Speaking of old cartoons, let's see if anyone else gets a kick out of watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dance-fight their way down Main Street in the Magic Kingdom:

My thoughts:

1) Those performers are ROCKING in those turtle suits. Dang.

2)  Am I just ancient, or are the Foot Clan members actual children.

That's from ye olden days of 1993, and I've heard the Turtles were even in the parks back then for meet-and-greets? Really? I missed most of Disney 90s era, so please tell me someone here remembers this.

And while I'm on a mental meander, let's talk about how the original Turtle theme song will always be great, but the 2012 reboot song is just a little bit better:

Tell me that rap isn't a chair-dancin' bop.

(Also did I just listen to this 3 times in a row? Yes, yes I did.)


From the Facebook fan page The Princess Bride: Inconceivableposting:

The comments were a hoot: "So I CLEARLY cannot choose the cup in front of me!" etc.


Check out this magical bedroom:

Rick Murray shared this in Weird Secondhand Finds; he's been collecting swag lamps since the 70s, and WOW has it paid off.

These vintage styles are so much harder to find now, not to mention expensive.  I wonder if you could add a finial to the bottom of a more modern pendant light for a similar look. Hmmm. Oh! And then add stained glass paint to make them pretty colors?


Halloween and Easter are long over, but I'm declaring this photo a timeless classic:



You know those cosplay mashups that are so freaking good, you get a little mad you didn't think of it first?


The Man-Delorean

This work of genius is by Smart Alex Cosplay, who specializes in punny mashups and is my new best friend, though he doesn't know it yet. Definitely give him a follow to see his Ducktor Doom, Weird Alexander Hamilton, Jon Snow White, and more. So, so good.

A moment of appreciation for his Grogu McFly in a Mattel Hoverpod, haha:

Omigosh, wait, one more! When I visited Alex's cosplay page to grab a link I about did a spit-take at this shot, bahaha:

"I'm your density. This is the way."

I'll... give you a moment.



That's a hard act to follow, but here's a clip I've watched at least half a dozen times and it still makes me cackle:
Instant mood-lifter.

I hope these brightened your day, and this week leaves you with new passions, deeper friendships, bigger belly laughs, and the kind of peace you want to share. The world's better with you in it, my friend, and in case no one's told you lately: I'm so glad you're here.


Oh! One last thing: look what popped up in my personal Facebook memories today!

Next month marks the 12th anniversary of my favorite corner of the internet! Egadz, can you believe it?

I'm hoping to give the blog a little refresh this summer and finally move the back end off of Blogger, so if any of you work in website design, are familiar with SquareSpace, and would like a paying gig, shoot me an e-mail. (Please. John and I've muddled through this far, but we need help!)

P.S. April's almost over, have you entered this month's Squeegineer Give-Away?

I added some new geek tees, toys, and jewelry to the prize galleries, so check those out, and come adopt my treasures!


  1. The Man-Delorean is awesome! The more you look at the pic the more you see. A guy I know that is 20 years younger than me sent me the 'How to Holla at Your Crush' clip a couple of weeks ago. I don't know if he was doing it because it is a funny clip or if he was sending it to "Holla" at me. I'm afraid to ask!

  2. My favorite cosplay mashup is 'Thanos, the Hands of Fate'.

    1. The Name/URL option is not working, that's why this is 'Anonymous'

  3. Those lamps are gorgeous, but it looks like at least two of them deserve black lights for full effect.
    My weirdo-sense is tingling, they seem to be uranium glass.

  4. Yes, the Turtles really were at Disney's Hollywood Studios back in the 90s! They would come out on the backlot (New York street), do a little dance/fight sequence, then split up to take photos with guests. I have a photo of teenage me with Raphael.

  5. ALL the TMNT theme songs are awesome! Thanks for the flashbacks!

  6. I definitely remember TMNT being at Disney's MGM (as it was then) at a point. I remember it being interesting that certain turtles had longer lines though at this point I can't remember any details about who was long or short. I remember them like showing up in the van and April O'Neil was there too. (Can't remember if she was a meet and greet option. I know they were near the Muppets and the Honey I Shrunk The Kids 'set'/play area. I saw they're even mentioned on the 1991 map when I just googled to see if I was right about them being near those attractions.


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