Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Pun Times With John: The Doc Oc Edition

I've been having a creative dry spell lately, so when these gloves at Dollar Tree gave me a silly idea, I decided to roll with it.

I grabbed a handful of polyfill ("handful," get it?), lightly stuffed the fingers, and hot-glued the gloves overlapping like this:

Then I joined the outside edges to form a tube:

... tucked the wrist parts inside:

... glued the top shut, and added a ribbon and googly eyes.

Boom badda bing, an octopus that has seen things, man.


(I was aiming for cute with the oversized eyes, but definitely landed on the startled and/or horrified side. Um. Oops.)

For the green one I chopped off the glove thumbs and fashioned little ear flaps, ala the Dumbo Octopus:

This also has cuttlefish vibes... if the cuttlefish is wearing cat ears.

It did need some extra padding, so I smooshed polyfill up the butt:

Also I know this is hard to believe, but it's not easy to segue out of a line like "smooshed polyfill up the butt." So sit back, and watch the master at work.





I just pinned the leg up, but craft wire inside would be even better:

Next I left these two on top of my radio cabinet for a few days, where they spent the hours contemplating societal ennui and staring wide-eyed into the abyss.

As a bonus, everything John and I did during this time was both fascinating and mildly alarming.

The eyes really were too much, though, so eventually I went back and tried again.

Better? I think they're better.

(The new eyes are just painted googly eyes and stick-on pearls.)

Now here's where it gets silly.

I had two reasonably cute-ish octopuses, but no plans on what to do with them.

"They need something," I complained to John.

"Like what?"

"I don't know, something more. A purpose. A display. A pun. Something."


I thought that was the end of it, but an hour later John called me back to the dining room.

"Come see," he said with a grin.

"Look," he said, "It's a Sock-topus."

John's actual face.

Let's pause to appreciate the unexpected adorableness of octopus gym socks:

I still don't know what John even used to make these. I'm a little afraid to check my sweaters.

Anyway, while I was still laughing and awwing,  John brought over:


(Though I'll be calling her Doc Oc, thank you verra much. ;))

He used craft wire and metal snaps to make the teeny stethoscope - which I just realized makes the Doc look like she's smiling, omigosh. Bonus! And so cute.

After much exclaiming I headed to the couch for a headache nap. (The pollen counts down here are off the charts, and my sinuses are angered. ANGERED, I say.)

Some time later I was awakened by a softly glowing cellphone screen in front of my face, a screen showing this photo:


Did you already guess?

It's a Rock-topus.

Playing Octopus's Garden, I imagine.

And finally, after I staggered off the couch at John's insistence, here's the one that broke me:

Me, still sleepy: "Uh... I don't get it."

John, trying and failing to keep a straight face: "It's a Chef-alopod."

A chef-alopod.



It finally happened.


And I'm so proud.

 I still don't have any sort of occasion or purpose for these cuties, so hit me with your suggestions and/or more puns for John to craft, haha. Just be advised if you make the pun we're all thinking of, it's going to be a chicken. Which makes me think of Hei Hei with tentacles.




Happy Tuesday!


P.S. I was just telling a friend about this Funko Pop shelf yesterday, and thought of y'all:

3-Step Acrylic Riser Shelf

These acrylic risers help maximize your display space, fit Funko Pops especially well, and are on sale right now for less than $13, Prime. Not too shabby.

And look how nice!

Of course if you have a lot of Pops that cost can add up, so you might also check out my DIY version made from foam board:

I got fancy and embedded LEDs in mine, but that's optional; all you really need are hot glue and foam board. With my free templates you could easily make two dozen foam risers for the cost of one acrylic one, so these are a great option for those of you with extra large collections.

Happy crafting! Happy Tuesday! Try not to think of Hei Hei with tentacles! Byeeee!


  1. Octopi(e)=two octopus holding a pie with their tentacles.
    OctoPuss in Boots.
    Tape wrapped candy to the underside of the tentacles = suckers. ;^ }

  2. Is it okay to call the doctopus "Liv"?

    Also, this makes me think of "octochicken" from "Better off Ted"

  3. We have a purple stuffed octopus with a deerstalker hat we call "Sherlocktapus". Yes, I found a pattern to make a tiny deerstalker cap. Yes, I am an adult. I'm HERE FOR THE OCTOPUS PUNS, PEOPLE.

    1. Your are my new internet BFF- whether you want to be or not!!!
      Sherlocktapus is brilliant.

      Your non-celery friend

    2. Sherlocktapus!!! It's brilliant!!! It's Elementary that you win!!

    3. Thanks for the love! I'm always happy to meet more punsters, and I'll be your internet BFF!

  4. Octopuses are their own reason. You don't need a reason to have multiple octopuses.

    Ask me how I know.

  5. That was absolutely punderful! Thank you.

  6. A small numbered jersey to make a jocktopus? Lightning bolts from a shocktopus? The possibilities are endless!

  7. What about display ideas for shiny enamel pins, especially ones that you want to keep on their original cardback, and/or display with other things from the fandom rather than with other pins? Anyone have creative display ideas for those?

    1. I use large embroidery hoops with felt in them to display my pin collection. It's cheap, colorful, and easy to add/rearrange whenever the mood strikes.

    2. Hmm, to keep the pins on their cardback I think I'd make a display out of a small picture frame. Remove the glass, add a few small nail to the frame back, and hang the pins inside the frame. You could probably fit 3 or 4 pins on a small 4X6 frame, then stand the frame on a display shelf with your other collectibles.

    3. I like it! I'm really not very crafty, so that sounds quite doable. :)

  8. haha, I love it! I don't think I can beat chephalopod, but here are some other puns in case anything strikes your (or John's) fancy:
    * spocktopus
    * tiktoktopus
    * croctopus
    * clocktopus
    * frocktopus
    * blocktopus
    * moptopus
    * proptopus
    * cephaliPod
    * refalopod

  9. Many libraries (mine included) are doing a "Ocean of Possibilities" theme for their summer reading programs. You could always make a passel of octo. . . octopi? . . . octofriends for them to use in their décor!

  10. These are absolutely adorable and I need to make a few for the library's summer reading program (I do the planning & implementing for everything involved with that at our library). This year's theme is Oceans of Possibilities, and they're just too perfect to not have sitting at the circulation desk. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. In honor of today, I am so glad that you made 2 of them! One could be holding a Lego and be a Blocktopus, grab a crook and a little sheep and be a Flocktopus, put one on a boat and it's a Docktopus :)

  12. See, I was sure you were going to add a stuffed dolphin. THEN they'd have a porpoise.

  13. I think the green one had a kind of chthulu vibe going while it had not-as-much stuffing in it... you know, if you want options...

  14. I’m going for both together being octo-3.14159…

  15. How about a referee octopus? A ref-alopod, if you will...

  16. Well.... They were made from Gardening gloves... I think they need to be in Your garden!! Your Octopus Garden!! (Even punnier if you make a special Wire wreath as a "C" and put it near them...) An Octopuses garden by the C!!

  17. You might appreciate this song then...plenty of word play. The band, Ookla the Mok, has played many a con and is a favorite in our house. https://youtu.be/nTESSEFAbTg

    Oh, and if you like this song check out their song Mwahaha...see how many bad guys you can figure out!

  18. You and John are GOALS, man.

  19. Those socks look like the baby booties I put on my kids when they were tiny, so maybe what he used to make the socks were ... socks.

  20. A few more octopi and you'll have a poddy!
    no squidding around!

  21. I must have missed it--what happened to the thumbs?

    1. The thumbs became the ears on the green one. For the orange one they're just tucked inside as extra stuffing.

  22. The green one with cat ears could be an octo-puss... just needs whiskers.

  23. There is also an octopus called the flapjack octopus that has little ear flaps. So cute!

  24. Glue on a little microphone and you'll have a talktopus

  25. ...or a little gun and you'll have a Glocktopus.

  26. Put it in a baggie for a Ziplocktopus?

  27. Actually, if it has 10-tickles, it's a squid. So you need squid puns, too.

  28. I don't know, that first generation with the google eyes has Seen. Things. Very cute ideas.


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