Friday, February 11, 2022

FOE & Tell: Glowing Dragon Eggs, Flying Dogs, & A Wedding With Oscar The Grouch


::chair dancing::

Ahh, sweet, blissful silence.

Yep, as of yesterday afternoon we have a brand new roof that looks exactly like our old roof, except this one has that exciting new feature that makes all the money in your bank account disappear.

::sour deadpan stare::

But enough about my boring roof. Let's talk about Daya's daughter and these creative problem solving skills:  


THE FACE. That is the face of a drama queen who has been bested but doesn't know how to process her defeat, y'all. Brilliant. Maybe next we have to transport Eva I should put her in a onesie, and then John and I can carry her around on a pole. (Don't worry, I won't. Probably.)

Oh right, I skipped the part where I tell you I'm sharing more of my favorite Foe finds today! It's been a little while, so let's throw back to Anna's INCREDIBLE Christmas tree dragon, Myrrhtle:

I was captivated with this build from Anna's very first post asking for construction tips, and the end result does NOT disappoint.

A gorgeous rainbow dragon AND a punny hashtag? BE STILL MY HEART. Head to Anna's post to see the rest of her finished photos.


 I know you're going to love Jordan's choice of wedding venue:

Y'all. She got married with the cast of Sesame Street!

This is at the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. If you've never been, put this magical place on your bucket list; it's a combination museum/theater, and includes the entire Sesame Street & Muppets gang in their exhibits, along with screen-used characters from Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, and more. Here's my photo tour from the year they had an entire area dedicated to Labyrinth, it was INCREDIBLE.

Jordan, I hope you'll share more wedding photos when you have them; I'm dying to know how the ceremony/reception was set up!


Remember a couple years ago when the Queen wore a green dress and everybody was photoshopping dogs and pizza onto her outfit?

WELL... (I'm already laughing)... look what Mindy did:

Omigosh. EVEN THE CROCHET VERSION WORKS. This is amazing.

I think the corgi one is my favorite:



I love that FOE is a place to share the silly passion-project stuff our boring friends won't appreciate. You know, like Alison closet-cosplaying every character she can think of with her hair color:

Shout out to this goodness from The Rescuers:

And look, there's even a part 2!

That Patrick one is glorious, Alison. Bravo.

I really appreciate seeing your faces in Foe. Things like Tiara Tuesday and Selfie Saturday help remind me there are real live humans behind the likes and comments, and that makes me feel so much less alone online. So for every one of you who feels comfortable sharing your photos: Thank you. Truly. More of that, please.


Shevy shared THE most jaw-dropping dragon egg, look how incredible:

OooOOOoooh. I can't remember if Shevy shared the link or if I hunted it down myself, but it's listed on Amazon as "Lava Dragon Egg w/ Lighted Base" and only costs $20?! Not all the reviews are as glowing as these photos - be sure to read them for yourself - but for $20 this is totally going on my wishlist anyway. Dang.


Will I always share your pets wearing our recovery onesie design? Yes, yes I will:


I get a few grateful messages a month from strangers who stumbled across our tutorial, and I maintain this may be one of the best things John and I've ever put into the world. I love how much this has helped our fellow pet parents.

Plus we get adorable peektures like this! BONUS.


And finally, a hilarious "Introvert Pep Talk" from Elisabeth that I bet we've all needed from time to time:

I'm thinking we need a wall plaque version, Elisabeth: "They're not scary, they're just extroverts. It will be okay."  Written in large, friendly letters. Heck, now I kind of want it on a t-shirt to wear to conventions. :D

I hope your week's been a decent one and that you have a wonderfully wacky weekend ahead of you, my friend. May there be mayhem and hijinks galore. Plus a couple really good naps.


P.S. I bought something silly that's been on my wish list for ages -  it's on sale, woohoo! -  and if ever there was a crowd to support my decision, I think it's this one:

Disney Minnie Mouse Waist Pack

It's a giant bow fanny pack, y'all. We have achieved peak accessory.

The reviews are full of adorable Disney moms rocking these, so if I can look half as cute as this it'll be worth it:

Best of all it's 40% off, so even with non-prime shipping the total cost was only about $16. Hopefully the sale is still running when you see this in a few hours, so click fast if you want to snag one!

As always anything you buy through my Amazon links gives a little back to help support the blog, so thank you for your clicks. I'm extremely picky about what I link, and try to only mention things I genuinely like and have purchased for myself. If you want to see more, check out the Epbot Amazon shop! I've got all my favorites there listed by category.


  1. I to need to thank you for the Cat Oneise. Little Miss Maine Coon had a fatty lump blow thru her skin. Now she came to us as an adult with trust issues, so picking her up is a NO GO. That meant the Cone of Shame was a no go. We had her in the t-shirt for 3 weeks, airing out the wound and amazing the vets at the idea. Gave you all full credit for it. Saved a lot of cussing and human blood in my house.

  2. Is there a non Facebook tutorial for the dragon?

  3. We're really grateful for your onesie tutorial, too. When our baby girl had her kidney out last year, she nearly hurt herself trying to get the cone of shame off. But I turned several t-shirts into onesies and we managed to keep her safely in them for her recovery. Thank you so much!

  4. ***Looks at my 70lb english lab* who freaks at nail trims***

    ***Looks at the shower rod***



    1. Ok, but if your dog likes peanut butter.... you could smear peanut butter on the tub (on the tub, again I say on the tub, NOT ON YOUR HEAD!!) and let the dog lick it off while you trim nails! :D

    2. heehee, henceforth and forevermore, i will never hear 'dog' and 'peanut butter' without thinking of this ad:
      aaaand now 'the peanut butter box is here' will be stuck in my head for the rest of the day

  5. OMG that's the same museum from the Antiques Roadshow follow up podcast. They appraised a couple of original figures from Rudolph a few years back and then... (spoiler aleret, i guess)
    "Can you put a price on Christmas? Years after a visit to GBH's Antiques Roadshow, Santa and Rudolph original puppets from the beloved 1964 stop-motion-animation holiday special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer made their way to the auction block. Join host Adam Monahan as he uncovers the story of the puppet's discovery and restoration, the bidding surprise at auction no one expected, and whether efforts to keep these cultural touchstones on public display succeeded!"

  6. You have my sincere sympathy. I had a new roof installed last week, too. I don't know which was better: the anxiety from the noise and shaking (even with ear plugs), or writing the check for $170 million billion.

  7. Went to a wedding reception at the Atlanta Center for Puppetry Arts many years ago and it was enchanting. Highly, highly recommend this place to anyone heading to Atlanta.

  8. I'm now plotting how to get Muppets to my wedding, if I get married. :)


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