Friday, February 18, 2022

Smiley Stingray Brooches, Pink Fairy Armadillo Earrings, & Gothic Raven Pendants

Happy Friday, my crispy, twice-baked truffle fries! (Are those a thing, or am I making stuff up because I'm hungry?)

Today I have 5 indie jewelry artists that are going to give you whiplash, their styles are so different. Even so, I'm willing to bet you're going to love them all as much as I do.

Starting with the sweet and playful character brooches of Joujou Little World:


Julia, the maker, is a fiber artist who also offers dolls, embroidery, and art stickers - but for now let's focus on THIS STINGRAY ERMERGERSH

::besotted flailing::

I've had a soft spot for stingrays ever since I visited Stingray City in the Caribbean and hugged a wild one in the ocean. She was the size of a dining room table and swam right into my open arms, making my heart explode into a thousand rainbows. Also, SO SOFT. Anyway, this little face reminds me of that moment while also being a hundred times cuter, so, bonus.

 Julia makes all sorts of animal brooches, but the stingrays and sharks are definitely my favorite:

She also has hammer head sharks and sharks in party hats, so you really do need to click over to see the rest. Her wool brooches are made to order and are around the $30 range, super reasonable! Check out the Joujou website to order, and also give her a follow on Instagram!


Next, the magical creations of The Goblin Faire, a mother/daughter artist team. These women somehow make glass beads look like dew-kissed flower buds, and it is stunning:

I love their color combos, especially when they have buttery yellows and plums together:

Seriously, look at the textures and details here:


They also offer earrings:

Be sure to follow them on Instagram for more eye candy, and also bookmark The Goblin Faire Etsy shop for when they release new pieces. (They go fast; last I checked there was only one flower necklace left.)


Let's see, so far we've had wool brooches and glass flower drop necklaces... now how about some acrylic armadillo earrings?

Dom of Jewelry by Future Frenzy has pink fairy armadillos, to be precise, and if you didn't know those are a real thing then you have some fun Googling ahead of you.

I always respect an artist who isn't afraid to get super niche and super weird, so heck yeah I'm showing you Dom's Aqua Team Hunger Force collection:

Or if that's not your fandom, she also has Animaniacs:

And possums!

And friendly snails! Follow Dom on Instagram for more, and click over to the Future Frenzy webstore to shop.


 Next up, Druzy Daze Jewelry takes wire-wrapping to the stars:

This happy little cloud only shows its face when the light hits just right:

So cute! Here's a video gif showing the face play peek-a-boo.

Love this design:

All of Druzy's work is incredibly delicate, intricate, and oh-so-creative.

Just... dang. Head to Instagram to see all the pretties, and you can browse all of the Druzy Daze available pieces here on their webstore.

And finally, hold on to your ascots, tots and bots, because the sculptural pieces of Valeri Art Jewelry are about to make your jaw drop:


Yep. Drag over the fainting couch, I feel a swoon coming.

EEP. Look at that enamel work in the wings!

I'm sputtering over here, I have no words for how insanely beautiful this is. Plus I've barely scratched the surface; there are so many more.

I stumbled across Valeriya's work through the shop suggestions on Etsy, and couldn't find any other websites for her - but happily one of you found her Instagram, yay! So head there for more, and also be sure to check out her fully stocked Etsy shop. (The moths and cicadas are especially impressive.)

And there you have it: Five drastically different jewelry artists, all making our world a little more wonderful, one piece at a time. I hope this added a little more magic to your day, and that you have a seriously sparkly weekend.

Now, go say hi to all your favorites here! None of them are expecting it, so it'll be fun to surprise them with a little Epbot enthusiasm.


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  1. Wow, the flower glass beads are just stunning!

  2. is the IG for the last artist mentioned.

  3. Each artist is stunningly talented in their own way. I don't know if I could pick a favorite!

  4. I really adore these posts and am head over heels about those glass flowers!!
    Heads up on the last artist. Her stuff is absolutely gorgeous, but materials list needs to be reviewed to ensure you understand what you are getting and whether it is worth the price to you.

  5. Thank you Jen, for alerting me to the existence of pink fairy armadillos. I did indeed do some googling on my lunch break, and I was so fascinated I had to share the information (and pictures) to my preschoolers during afternoon circle time. They were also duly impressed. I'm learning new things every day on this blog!

  6. Thank you for posting the stingray pin photos and shop link! I've got a young relative who loves cute critters, and that would be perfect for her birthday.

  7. The snails by Dom look like the snail in Adventure Time - my husband told me that supposedly the snail shows up in every episode, hiding in the background. It's usually waving. =)

    The jewelry is amazing though!


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