Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The Celebration That Must Not Be Named, 2022

Last weekend was one of my favorite local fan events: The Celebration That Must Not Be Named. When Universal Orlando cancelled their official Harry Potter Celebration back in 2019, the fans took it on themselves to keep the event going, and so the "Uncelebration" was born. I think I may like the fan-run version better; it's smaller (but growing!), more close-knit, and focuses more on the community and making friends. The regulars I see year after year are some of the most lovable goofballs I know, they always inspire me to be just a *little* sillier, in the best ways.

Sadly I wasn't able to attend this year's Uncelebration, because John and I were helping a friend move. (Which was actually super fun, no regrets.) HOWEVER, thanks to my relentless internet stalking, I still have tons of highlights and photos to share! So let's gooooo.

The fan group that organizes the Uncelebration is the Central Florida Slug Club, and admins Melissa and Stephanie are the most welcoming, enthusiastic hosts you could hope for. Love these ladies.

That's actually admin Melissa Penatzer on the right.

You don't have to live in central Florida to join the Slug Club, so feel free to join me over there in fangirling over everyone's photos and posts, they're good people.

(photo by Nona Sandberg-Zierer)


... though I'll admit some are a little shiftier than others:

(photo by Diane Lewis)

Oh hey, I just realized Peter is even "missing" a finger. That's some excellent attention to detail!

  Here's Nona Sandberg-Zierler herself as the Gray Lady, one of the ghosts of Hogwarts:

... with a gorgeous Rowena Ravenclaw.

Then Nona's hubby was Nearly Headless Nick!

Universal is extremely accommodating to the fans  - much more than Disney - and allows anyone to wear elaborate costumes, provided you follow some common sense rules. (Things like no posing for photos with guests or signing autographs, make sure no one thinks you work there, no total face coverings, etc.) There was a TikTok going around last week of two cosplayers being "busted" at Universal Hollywood, but that was probably just security advising them of the rules.

(Photo by Stacey Conroy)

As you can see, Universal Orlando is cool with our kookiness. :)

My friend Jessica Day repped Durmstrang this year in her vintage ensemble:

Jessica always finds some of the best costumes, too, like this Kingsley Shacklebolt. I grabbed these next few photos from Jessica's Instagram Story:

Look at this INCREDIBLE Bertie Bott's ensemble:
So sweet! Eeeee!

Delores Umbridge & Mundungus Fletcher:

Umbridge has one of the twins' firecrackers stuck in her hair and several soot marks, bahaha.

.. or maybe HufflePunk? Either way, I LIKE IT.

Of course I'm always here for deadly puns:

Death by chocolate? :p

Again, those were taken by Jessica Day, give her a follow on Instagram for lots of fun theme park and vintage style content.

A couple more from various Instagram Stories:

That's Paula @unpensievable, and speaking of puns, that account name is GOLD.

Briona of @StitchesAndSpells is my new favorite Tonks:

Badassery goals.

The Uncelebration only has official meetups on Saturday, but some folks go all weekend. Here's admin Melissa on Sunday with a different group cosplay:

She wrote, "Wizengamot Ministry officials were at the parks today making sure there was no misuse of magic happening."

What Melissa didn't mention is that they're also dropping a hot new album:

Awww yeeeeah. COURT IS IN SESSION.

(That's another thing I love about Uncelebration: the obscure cosplays!)

Loving this shot of a stowaway Cornish Pixie on the back of Gilderoy Lockhart's robes:

(photo by Jacqui Downey)

Jacqui takes amazing shots, check out her close-up of Professor Sprout:

The wand tucked into her hat!

Diane Lewis spotted another Lockhart with a much cuter Cornish Pixie:

Diane debuts a new costume every year, and they're always incredible. This year she came as a death eater, complete with custom embroidered face mask:

Diane also posted so many good photos of everyone! Here are a few more of my favorites:

I imagine them pointing at each other like that Spider-Man meme. :D

This suit! Going by the mask in her hand I wonder if she's a Joker/wizard mashup. And dig the dapper death eater behind her, gorgeous.

Helga Hufflepuff:

(Photos by Diane Lewis)

I forgot to mention it was COLD here over the weekend - like 50 degrees! - which I'm sure these Durmstrang students appreciated:

Professor Trelawney with a new student, perhaps?

(Margot Lorien)

And let's end with Melissa's incredible recap video, which has so many more:

Ending with the Dementor's Kiss again, yessss.

I hope I get to see some of you at future Uncelebrations! If you'd like to see more of this year's fun and festivities be sure to hop over to the Central Florida Slug Club, where photos are still pouring in.


Now, let's announce some prize winners:

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  1. Are you sure that joker/wizard isn't actually JK Rowling??

  2. Whomever the joker/wizard is, I squeed over her green shoes!!

  3. You start out with a pic of Weasley's Whimsical World club members and Slug club gets the acknowledgement with no accreditation of the Weasleys but many of them pictured. I have been going since the Celebration of Harry Potter and I have enjoyed seeing Both groups there ever since CoHP canceled. Why do you show such favoritism, is it a Florida thing- are you a local? Not trying to be mean because I enjoy your blog but it is a bit impolite to only mention one club and give only one club any credit.

    1. I am a local, yes, and at the time of this post I only knew about the Slug Club. I did meet some of the organizers of the Weasley's group at Leaky Con just a few weeks ago, but not being a member I of course don't know any of the group to recognize them. I'm sorry if that came across as a snub, it truly wasn't intended as one!


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