Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Dragon Con's New "Cult Of Cleaning" Has All The Giggles We Need This Week

It's Dragon Con week, gang, and you can bet your scaly tails and glittering hoards I'm draggin' a bit myself, missing all the fun. (Usually we'd be driving to Atlanta tomorrow.) BUT. Thank goodness for the internet, am I right? Dragon Con is going virtual again this year in addition to the real-life events, and you can buy a streaming pass for just $10.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about.

I'm here to talk about the unique breed of geeks you can only find at Dragon Con, and how they band together to meme-ify and create in-jokes of just about ANYTHING, which is why I love them so dearly.

You probably already know about the Marriott carpet: how 70,000 geeks developed a love affair with a long-gone carpet pattern:

Every year the amount of carpet cosplay grows; it literally has a cult following, ha. (If you're confused, here's a handy explanation guide from GeekMom.)

You may also have heard about the time FexEx foolishly left a cardboard standee in a main traffic hall at the con, and spawned The Cult of Jon

Jon is the standee. When FedEx finally removed him the con-goers held a memorial, which was hysterical.
(You can watch the whole ridiculous progression of this one here.)

In this same spirit of creativity and complete and utter silliness, I am DELIGHTED to share with you the latest Dragon Con in-joke cult, and how it came to be.

::sits down in comfy reading chair::
::opens story book::

Ahem hem hem.

It all started when the official schedule released on the Dragon Con app. People immediately noticed a bunch of these "events":

Yep, the con scheduled several cleaning times each day for the large meeting rooms.

So of COURSE someone meme'd it:

And boom shaka laka, a new Dragon Con cult was born:

It's been only 11 days, y'all, and this group has already amassed nearly 1,000 members. You won't believe the amount of cleaning-themed cosplay, swag, & merch these beautiful geniuses are cranking out. Here, let me show you some of my favorites:

I should mention Dragon Con is famous for its free swag from fellow members. Many con-goers bring freebies to hand out or hide for others to find, usually things like stickers, badge tags, and buttons.

So far I've seen folks making stamped sponges, hanging door tags, and even mini orange cones, all with the CLOSED FOR CLEANING logo. Ha! (If you're going, you MUST start a collection and send me pics, k?)

Y'all know of my love affair with puns, so I'm particularly enamored with the group's tagline, "So Spray We All." Another member also suggested, "All We Are Is Dust In The Bin," which had me rolling.

Then they did a parody of the 501st Legion (a Star Wars fan group) with THIS:

The 409th Legion. Omigosh.

 I think what I'm going to miss most at Dragon Con this year is just finding all the various Cult of Cleaning cosplays, because they look like they're going to be both epic and hysterical:

Folks are sharing every cleaning-based cosplay they've ever done in the group, from Consuela the maid, to Billy Mays the Oxy Clean guy, to Bob & Carl the famous Dragon Con Sci-Fi janitor puppets.

(Huh, "Sci-Fi janitor puppets" are three words I never thought I'd string together. Dang I love being a geek.)

The only person disappointed it's bigger on the inside. :p

Keep in mind all of this happened within the last 2 weeks, so the fact that so many folks are putting together whole new cosplays is just... ::chef's kiss:: ...fantastic.


If I were going I'd be brainstorming up a hazmat tutu dress of some sort, haha.

Of course folks are combining this good clean fun with the Marriott carpet:

Who doesn't love a good mashup? And this may be the most niche mashup I've ever seen.

Now in meme form!

K, I think I've given you the gist of all this ridiculousness. The Closed For Cleaning group has given me so many smiles and much-needed guffaws this week, I hope it does the same for you. I also can't wait for members to start posting photos from the actual con! It's a public group, so click over and browse to see the latest - or be like me and actually join so you, too, can clean up your feed.


  1. Surely their theme song is Todrick Hall's "Mask, Gloves, Soap, Scrubs"? Right?

  2. Squee! I'm the blue smock gal pictured above, I came up with both the So Spray We All and Dust In the Bin puns, hahaha. Long time follower, never expected to see myself here!!!

    1. Omigosh! Hi! I’ve been LOVING your posts, now I can be all, “hey, I know her!” :D

    2. Awe, thank you. I'm honored honestly.

    3. The "you missed a spot" is what really got me.

  3. Oh my gosh!! Jim Hines and his Janitors of the Post-Apocalypse needs to get in on this!! It is a wonderful series, highly recommended.

  4. Not quite Dragon Con - but the 2016 PAX Aus convention created the "Church of the Holy Sweet Roll" out a promotion for Cinnabon Buns by Bethseda/Elder Scrolls- which is still going and even got an official linkage in Elder Scrolls Online (https://www.byteside.com/2020/12/the-church-of-the-holy-sweet-roll-a-unique-australian-lore-story-for-the-elder-scrolls/)

  5. The 409th division??? SIGN ME UP! Lol!

  6. Love the wonderful goofiness of DragonCon. And imagine my surprise when I scrolled down to find a picture of myself and a friend from years ago, dressed as Bob and Carl, with the actual Bob and Carl (I'm the shorter of the two in costume). Thanks for the extra special bit of fun. Missing DragonCon as well, but this helps.

  7. So Spray We All!!! Omg that's awesome :-D


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