Sunday, August 29, 2021

I Don't Know About You, But I'm Feelin' 23

John and I in the car yesterday:

John: "I know this was my idea, but is driving 45 minutes to buy popcorn the best way to celebrate 23 years of marriage?"

Me: "Wait, 23?"


"I thought it was 22!"

"Well, it's 22 now, but tomorrow it will be 23."


"Why? What's wrong?"

"I was going to play that song later!"

"What song?"

::singing:: "I don't know about you, but I'm feelin' twenty-twoooo..."


 "DANG IT." 

"Awww. I love Taylor Swift!"

"I know! That's why it would've been perfect! Arrrrg, I'm so mad at last year Me. What a missed opportunity."

"Maybe we could use it for something else."

"What else could we possibly celebrate 22 years of?"

::brainstorming silence::

"Yeah, you're right, I've got nothing."


Which is how it came to pass that a little after midnight last night/this morning, I walked dramatically into John's game room and proceeded to blast the chorus of Taylor Swift's 22 on my phone. I did a goofy little dance and screamed "3!!!" over the "2" and, not to brag, but I think it totally worked.


By the way, while looking for a picture for this post I realized John and I don't take nearly enough photos together. Remind me to work on that, k? I did find these ones from an old family visit that really captures our overall marriage dynamic (OMD), though:

::trying to pose pleasantly::

::John telling off my brother for making fun of us::

::following instructions when told to "kiss her or something"::

Happy anniversary, John, sweetie. Sorry the fancy popcorn sucked. XD

Just remember:

"I don't know about you
But I'm feelin' 23
Everything will be alright
If you keep you next to

Also these marriage donuts are the bomb. Thanks, babe.

(The Oreo one has a cream cheese filling that I may actually dream about tonight. NOMZ.)

Your turn! What's the silliest thing you've ever done to celebrate an anniversary? Do you default to special food treats, too? Doesn't have to be a marriage anniversary; other life events count, too!


P.S. Totally unrelated, but I stumbled across this Alien figurine today and it's so stinking cute I have to share:

I've been linking the companion book for a while now over on Cake Wrecks, but had no idea this existed! And it's only $9!? I need to figure out which of my friends are Alien fans, stat. Or, I dunno, maybe I should watch the movie myself? (Don't judge, I'm a wuss.)

I try to link all my favorite finds over on the Epbot Amazon store, btw, so be sure to bookmark that for anytime you're bored or need a fun gift idea.


  1. Happy, happy! Ain't it great (when it's great, it's great). Those doughnuts look amazing - and I love the fun in the journey you two have taken. THAT is what makes things work. It's the adventure and the laughter along the way, traveling together and just delighting in the wonderful.
    Anniversary traditions, for us: if all goes well, we are camping for the first time of the season. Since May is a dicey month for camping in our part of the world, we've been rained on and swamped out, mud-sunk and be-gnatted. We've been sweltered and sweaty (mmmm, romantic cuddling after sweaty bugspray days sans bathing). We've also awakened to frost on everything outside the tent and some pretty scary shivering inside the tent. We've dealt with critter invasions in the campsite, cooler/food storage failures, emergency trips to the vet for the dogs' adventures, and at least one "I thought YOU put the X in the car" adventure/trip. (We have a checklist. Once, we forgot to put the checklist in the car. Now the checklist includes "checklist." It's a little meta.)
    This past May was our 31st anniversary - and we greatly missed being able to camp (really, we are good at it, despite the list above). In 31 years, we've only missed four campversaries - two of which were missed due to COVID lockdowns. (Sigh.) One of the best? On our 25th, dear friends hauled a gourmet meal to our campsite while we were off on a hike - we had a lovely fancy dinner out in the woods, thanks to them. <3
    Marriage is an adventure. We're still having fun.

  2. I was 28 twice. My then-boss had a son that was born the same year as I was, but in February. I'm December. She referred to me being 28 early in the year, and my brain went, "Yup, we're 28", even though I had just turned 27. So I spent the whole year thinking I'm 28, until my kid is doing a project for school. He asks my age, then my birthday. My little 6 year old math genius looks at me and goes, "Mom, you're 27. Not 28. Not yet. Can't you count?"
    Thanks kid.
    So I missed being 27, and spend 2 years being 28, and now I'm never quite sure what age I am without really thinking about it.

    1. That reminds me of a time (too many years ago) when my mother said it made her feel old having a daughter who was 40. Trouble was, I was 38 at the time. Then again, some years later when I was donating blood, I filled in all the paperwork (including birthdate), but when they did the usual double-checking, asking questions like "are you feeling well" and "how old are you" (to be sure it was really me), I got my age wrong.

    2. TWICE in my life I thought I was a year older than I was! About ages 52 and 57? At least when I eventually did the math I was younger than I thought, not older.


  3. Happy anniversary! One year (3rd anniversary maybe?) we went rollerskating. That was fun :)

  4. Happy Anniversary! For our 23rd in Dec. we’re going to Disneyland, again. Lol. I think one of my favorite years was when we went to the Titanic Exhibit and then go karts. Something for me, something for him, and we both had a blast. Living in Las Vegas for many years gave us lots of fun anniversary choices. Sorry the popcorn sucked, but yay for donuts making up for it.

  5. Happy Anniversary! You share your Anniversary with my hubby's late parents. My anniversary was last Sunday...we went to dinner at Black Eyed Pea. I ordered shrimp cuz I haven't had any in a very long time...I usually avoid sea food if I can't see the sea, but I haven't been able to travel to the sea so. We're pretty lame with it comes to celebrations, both mostly homebodies. I think that our biggest "excursion" was to go drive up Mt Evans.

  6. Happy anniversary! I'll forever carry the image of the two of you getting married as toddlers, toddling down the aisle to the theme from "Muppet Babies!"

  7. Omg i will so watch alien with you and virtually hold your hand... (But alienS is better, so we will hafta watch that next...)

  8. Happy anniversary (belated probably at this point), and congratulations on twenty-three years! You two are so inspiring in your mutual geekery and the ways you love and support each other!

  9. Happy Anniversary. My step-dad used the local Greek Diner for all major events. First date, first son-in-law meetings and finally, proposal. Now the proposal was supposed to be at a fancy resturant for moms' birthday but the ring was delayed. I asked him - where do you always take Mom out? He was a lighting designer with late hours, she was a night hour, diner was open 24/7. Got their fav waitress in the loop for the proposal. They had 28 happy years together. Oh - she ordered blue cheese burger, he got chicken croquettes.

  10. I am a wuss too Jen! I hated that movie. Also, I could NOT figure out what was where in the layout of that ship. I just remember feeling disoriented throughout the whole movie. The figurine is adorable though!

  11. Congratulations on 23! 41 years for husband rides his bicycle across country every summer and our anniversary is in August. We've met up in a lot of different states, but Alaska has to be my favorite (honeymoon and 35th anniv). One funny moment was birthday hubby turned 64 and I played the Beatles' "when I'm 64" for him...he had never heard it before.

  12. Is it just me or does it sound like she sings “swimsuit” instead of “twenty-two”???

    Happy anniversary! No crazy celebrations here. 12 years coming up in December. Instead of a dozen roses I’m more likely to get a dozen eggs…

  13. 2020 basically didn't exist, so all birthdays and anniversaries have gone weird. Sorry. I'm glad you were able to adapt the song. :)

    My weird anniversary celebration is about oatmeal cookies. There's a long and involved story about it, but basically because of an old in-joke with some friends, my boyfriend asked me out by giving me an oatmeal cookie. We didn't start dating for a few months after that, but we don't remember our actual anniversary. We remember Oatmeal Cookie Day and have oatmeal cookies delivered to each other. :)

  14. Happy Anniversary!!! 23 years is amazing!! <3

    My husband and I got married on Halloween because we're big ol' Halloween geeks and I told him on our first date that I'd always dreamed of getting married on Halloween. He said right then and there he thought "I'm going to make that happen." and when he told me that I fell in love with him all over again.

    We celebrate "All Hallow's Read" on our anniversary because I'm kind of obsessed with Neil Gaiman and we're librarians and buying each other a scary book seemed like an awesome way to celebrate our anniversary. So, every year we head over to 2nd and Charles and try to find each other scary books. Though honestly, mine have very rarely been scary. :P

  15. Happy anniversary! This year was our 18th and we celebrated by completely forgetting. ;-) Couple Achievement unlocked! If it wasn't for my sister-in-law texting at 9:30pm that day, we wouldn't have remembered at all.

    I've never forgotten our first anniversary - we were super poor and had just had our daughter so we packed sparkling grape juice, cheese wiz and ritz crackers, drove down to the beach and watched the sunset over the Gulf of Mexico with our newborn while snacking on processed food.

    There was also the time we did a fancy mystery dinner and hubby accidently got drunk on all the gross drinks (we're sweet, fruity wine people - not James Bond Martinis or dry wines). Or the time we went to a hot springs spa town only for me to learn how unromantically smelly hot springs are. lol

  16. You two are too cute.

    Also, I love that John still has his photo head tilt going on.

  17. My husband and I celebrated our 23rd anniversary in March 2020 (yup, right around the start of that pesky pandemic thing) by dressing up as vampires and doing a photoshoot at the local castle: (sorry, I'm a fashion blogger, just skip the clothing pics if they bore you).

    If you've seen the TV show "What We Do In the Shadows", then read along in Laslo and Nadia's voices for extra amusement. :)

    Bonus pictures included there of our only-slightly-evil cat, Vizzini, and yes, he's named after the "Inconceivable!" Vizzini in "The Princess Bride" - our previous cat was Inigo Montoya.

    Here's to 23 more years for the both of you! Huzzah!

  18. Our anniversary is the same day as yours just one year before. Last year we spent it canning 60 lbs of tomatoes. Usually we freeze corn. This year we just stayed home cuz hubby was sick so I'm looking forward to a trip to in n out some time soon.

  19. Congrats on 23 years!

    As someone who's *also* a wuss about horror movies, I think "Alien" might be doable for you, depending on what bothers you about horror. There's actually not a whole lot of gore--just look away during the dinner scene when Kane starts coughing and you'll be fine. Unless you're more bothered by jump scares and high tension...because there is a LOT of that. Personally, I like creepy and atmospheric but I can't handle Graphic Violins. Alien is my husband's favorite movie of all time, so we watch it at least once a year (usually around Halloween) and now it's become one of my favorites too.

  20. Hooray for 22 and 23!! We celebrated our 15th this summer going out to dinner without our three kids. That's our tradition, going to dinner - this year we couldn't go ON our anniversary because husbot had class (night class law school - he's almost done, yay!) but went the next day and it was still special. Usually we took the kids with us, a whole family night out, till we got grandparents to retire and move near us, now they watch the kids for the evening. (And we go somewhere fancier that we wouldn't take the kids!) We don't forget our anniversary easily because it's Memorial Day Weekend and my husband gets the day of it and our firstborn's birthday mixed up - wedding is 27 and birthday is 28 of previous month, he has put her birthday down wrong because of that.

    We never went on a honeymoon so I said that going to our favorite gaming convention was half our honeymoon - so every time we go to the convention it's a little reminder of our sorta honeymoon. Dressing up like the geeks we are going to look at new games and hang out with friends!

    What popcorn disappointed you? I have access to Mackinac Popcorn that everyone seems to love - can't have it myself because braces. Yay for donuts though!

  21. Mazel tov! But I gotta ask, did you get married as zygotes?

  22. Happy Anniversary. We spent 11 watching This is Spinal Tap, but that's about as creative as we got.

    Assume you're coming to Atlanta this weekend - you absolutely need to go check out Sublime Donuts on 10th street, and if you want to hit up the north suburbs in Cumming is worth the trip and the line.

  23. Husbot and I were married on International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So every year we take a pirate picture. They are always silly and goofy. Last year Hurricane Sally hit on our anniversary weekend. I've challenged him to top this year but he isn't allowed to get me two hurricanes in a row.

  24. Happy Anniversary!! I Love the Anniversary Doughnuts!! We do Birthday doughnuts here. We haven't done any thing wild or silly. We have gone on various vacations for our anniversary. Since it's late May we go a week or 3 before and miss all the school kids.
    My tip for a long happy and loving marriage is to learn to laugh together!!

  25. Happy belated anniversary! Also, I totally bought that Alien figurine and the book! Totally worth it!

  26. You two are so cute, congratulations on 23 years!
    We celebrated our 10th on the 1st and had carryout from Red Robin. It sounds so silly, but we got married on a random Thursday in the courthouse and didn't have a lot of money. The fanciest thing we could think of afterwards was eating lunch at Red Robin.

  27. Can I ask how old you are? You look like you couldn’t be older than 25 in those cute pictures.

    1. Sure! I'm 43. Those pics are from a few years ago, but I still get mistaken for much younger - good genes from my mom's side, who was mistaken for my sister more than once. :p

    2. My thoughts exactly - you look great!


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