Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Icing Sneakers, Golden Girls, & The Exact Function Of A Rubber Duck

I have a bunch of cool stuff to show you today, and since I also feel like laughing like an unhinged loon, for kicks I'm throwing in some of my favorite funny TikToks. Yep, I'm outing myself as a TikTok lurker, gang. SHOW ME YOUR FUNNY DANCE MOVES AND/OR PETS. Show meeeee. 

In fact, let's start with one of my absolute favorite people on TikTok:

I don't care what surveillance sees anymore 🤣

Sound on for happy lolz. I can't not smile every time I see Chrissy dance; she's so stinkin' talented and pure bubbly joy in a sweatshirt.


Speaking of joy, Naxfx Studios just dropped her new sewing patterns for these "borbs" on her Patreon, and I am obsessed:


I want to squish them all in giant bear hugs and play with their twiggy widdle feet. Plus look how pretty:

::attempts to pet screen::

If you aren't familiar with Nazfx and her jaw-dropping plush work, go browse her Facebook gallery for all the pretties. (The giant Luna moth also stole my heart.) If you'd like to make your own, she even has patterns and video tutorials for sale on gumroad.


Hang on, I have the perfect cat video to follow that:


Here's a deliciously nerdy tidbit for you fans of Disney's Atlantis: The Lost Empire:

Took me a second to spot the "egg." See it?

Someone else posted a screenshot from the final movie, but it was too dark to see any details. I grabbed the pic and brightened it way up, and if you look closely you can just see R2's foot:

I'm curious if there are any other angles that show more of R2, so if any of you want to go frame-by-frame on your DVD copy, please do and report back. 

You probably know Brian Kesinger from Otto & Victoria and/or his Lil Kylo comics, btw, which are a continual bright spot in my feed:



Time for another musical interlude:

I laughed SO HARD, y'all. Bravo.


I recently joined a Disney Crafters Group on Facebook, and this Kevin lamp by Jennifer H. is by far one of the best things I've ever seen anywhere:

Omigosh. OH MY GIDDY GALOOPING GOSH. You know that moment when you suddenly realize you desperately need something in your life? That's me right now. John! Where can we put a life-sized Kevin lamp?

And yes, Jennifer made that herself! She used a thrifted lamp as a base and built up the neck with tinfoil and duct tape:

I'm not sure if Kevin's head silhouette is painted on the outside of the lampshade or a paper cut-out inside, but either way would work. And again, GRABBY HANDS, DO WANT.


Since I did a cat video last time, here's one for you dog peeps:

If dog breeds were people

♬ original sound - jonny devaney
The Golden Retrievers, bahaha. Jonny has a whole series of these, scroll wayyyy back on his account to find the rest.


Remember Shoe Bakery? They're the original creators of these fantastic ice cream heels & icing flats:

Well, they finally made their first pair of sneakers!

That rainbow fade, hnnnng.

And they made their first pair of roller skates!


"Now listen, self, you were terrible at skating even as a young and reckless 12-year-old, so adding three decades and a panic disorder probably isn't a recipe for success. DO NOT BUY THESE."

My self: "But...but... CUTE SKATES! And I could dress like ICE CREAM."

Stay tuned to see which self wins.


Somehow TikTok's algorithm figured out I like watching Jensen & Jared from Supernatural make fun of each other during convention panels - a very specific genre, I'll grant you - but I'm not even mad 'cuz it gave me this:

Supernatural in a nutshell Pt. 2. (Insta - thejacksonfield) #fyp #fypシ #foryou

Fact: You can make any Supernatural fan laugh by gritting your teeth and yelling, "SHAMMY!"

That's just science.


I feel confident in saying these Golden Girls ceramic cups will be relevant to some of your interests:

Squeeeee! They're so stinkin' cute, of COURSE they were designed by Disney artist - and one of my longtime favorites - Jerrod Maruyama.

Head to Beeline Creative's Instagram for more pics and order details.


I've mentioned this in passing before, but Studson Studio over on Youtube is dry, funny, punny, and shockingly talented at building small nerdy things. His Jurassic Park build for his dad is wholesome goodness, watch this when you hate the world:

After this I highly suggest all of Studson's videos; there are only about 20, and even if you don't know all the fandoms they're based on (like me) they're fantastic.


And finally, let's end with another old-but-still-makes-me-laugh video, "James Veitch Is A Terrible Roommate." It's a long ride, but worth it:

Someone in the Youtube comments suggested showing this to Mr. Weasley, and that thought makes me SO HAPPY.

We have your answer now, Mr. Weasley.

I hope my finds and favorites made you happy, and maybe even gave you a belly laugh or two.

Oh hey, and it's a new month, so I have Squeegineer winners to announce! Here's the latest entry on the prize board, let's see how long it lasts before someone grabs it:

This sweet rainbow floof has yellow butterfly wings for ears, and was donated by Justine, a long-time friend and the creator behind The Monster Cafe. I bought a different rainbow Tiggy for myself last weekend, so Justine insisted I take an extra one for all of you. Isn't that sweet? You can browse her Etsy shop to see more, but be careful; they're addictive.

And finally, congrats to Emily C., Lori B., & Kate M., last month's Squeegineer winners! Please check your inboxes for a message from John, you three, so you can choose your prizes.

If the rest of you would like to enter THIS month's give-away, it's easy. You can either share a link to Epbot on any social media (then e-mail me the screenshot) OR, if you're feeling super generous, donate any amount to Epbot via Paypal, which will enter you automatically.

I know they're not much, but these give-aways are my little way of saying "thanks for being here," "I love you," and "HEY LOOK AT THIS WEIRD/COOL STUFF I FOUND IN MY CLOSET. Want some?" 

Happy Tuesday, love y'all.


  1. I have a silly pet TikTok! LittleStealeyZoo!

  2. well this kinda went down a rabbit hole for me and I now have added a few new you tube, IG, and who knows whatever else accounts! Thank you for the mental health breaks!!!

  3. That Veitch routine still makes me laugh, EVERY time... :D

  4. Welp, I guess I have a new Facebook group to join, I'll be seeing you in that Disney crafters group Jen!

    (Also to tempt more people to Studson Studios' Youtube channel, he's busy at work making Howl's Moving Castle. I've seen some sneak peek's of it and it looks fantastic. Not sure when that video will be hitting the channel, but I'm sure it's going to be well worth the wait!).

  5. It looks like two of the tik tok links didn't show up for me, not sure if it is just my computer or the links themselves. But I don't see the videos or a link at all just empty space. It is the first one and then the musical interlude one.

  6. t/w but I just wanted to let you know that James Veitch is...not a great person to link to https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/general-news/sarah-lawrence-alums-allege-rape-against-comedian-james-veitch-4053197/amp/

  7. My favorite TikTok person is Quincy's Tavern, who does adorable, wholesome videos as the owner/tender of a fictional tavern. This is my favorite, if the link works: https://www.tiktok.com/@quincylk/video/6944459579090652421?is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v1&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6980925541830395398

  8. When I had found that James Vietch routine (because yes, that's the first one I saw) it led to me binging them all. Including his TED talk. The fruit bats remind me of Moriah Elizabeth's art from You Tube.
    Squeeeeee!!! Rainbow Monster!

  9. Oh man, I had no idea about the James Vietch rape stuff. I was a HUGE fan. I just threw away his book, unsubbed from all his social media. I was a huge Louis CK fan too, dude, what gives? It's like the people attracted to entertainment careers are sociopaths.

    Okay, that sadness out of the way, All the tiktok links are broken for me, I am on firefox and I tried in Chrome too, are others seeing this?

  10. I was laughing so hard over the ducks. A gal at work had three little rubber ducks on her desk. I happen to acquire one from a grab bag, and quietly added it to the line. Another co-worker brought one in from her grandchildren's toy box. It took a week for her to realize her ducks were multiplying....

  11. A fun fact! The feet on the parrot borb (Kakapo, I think) are anatomically correct, with two toes forward & two toes back; a piece of information the makers of the movie Rio, which is about parrots, didn't even get right!
    The Monster Cafe is temporarily closed, but I've added them as a favorite shop

  12. I just started Supernatural a couple of months ago (I'm almost done with season 9), but I'm the only one in my house that watches. My husband is named Sam and I *want* to yell, "SAMMY!" in a Dean voice but he won't get it. This seems like a wasted opportunity.


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