Wednesday, December 18, 2019

FINAL REVEAL: Our Labyrinth Christmas Party Video!

For those who aren't sick of hearing about it yet, good news! I finally have all our photos and videos together to show you EVERYTHING John and I made for our big Labyrinth Christmas party earlier this month.

And for those who ARE sick of hearing about it: good news! This should be my final Labyrinth party post. 

So come on in!


And here's our big video tour:

One thing NOT included there is the food, and I think you'll appreciate our oh-so-punny menu:


 (We originally planned to serve "Jareth's (Meat)Balls in Junk Lady's Chunky Gravy," but our friends Thom & Jess brought Ludo's Tasty Rock Friends instead, which were indeed tasty, and also more family-friendly, ha.)

 Our bog punch was delicious, if I do say so myself:

We made it with ginger ale, frozen OJ concentrate, a little Blue Curacao, and floating lime sherbet. Then for an extra brackish color we added a drop of red food coloring.

Here comes my favorite punny creation:


Those are dates stuffed with goat cheese and almonds, and let me tell you, gang, they were DELISH. Considering we made them purely for the pun, I was delighted by how quickly they disappeared.

And finally, the star of the table:

These stunning peach cookies tasted as good as they looked! Our friends Kevin and Katie made them using this tutorial, then hollowed out each half slightly so they could fit more peach jam.

Now let me throw some pretty detail shots at you from around the house. Starting with the Bubble Ballroom Photo Opp:

 This area was especially dreamy in low light.

 Here's a reminder of how it looked while we took photos:

 If you missed it, be sure to check out my post on all our guests' costumes here.

Most of the front room wasn't very Labyrinth-y, but I want to show off my Christmas decorations anyway:

 Now let's head through the wall into the Goblin Room, which is very VERY Labyrinth-y:

 We had real pots hanging inside the fireplace, so the fire illusion was pretty convincing! The throne room clock with its dagger hands is overhead, and there's a crystal ball inside the garland.

There are more of Jareth's crystal bubbles in each of the two window wreaths. Here's a daylight shot so you can see them better:
 Those are just glass Christmas balls with the tops removed, hot-glued together to form a pyramid.

The goblins' Christmas tree has eyeballs like the Labyrinth's eye lichen. It's decorated with a cannonball goblin topper, swords, daggers, helmets, and lots of Jareth's necklace pendants:

The weaponry and armor are all kids' sized Halloween accessories from Walmart and the dollar store:

 The tree is sitting in a giant cauldron - the same one we usually use for our Harry Potter party:

 On the other side of the room is our goblin suit of armor:


And of course in the back of the room is my beloved Junk Lady, Agnes:

 I completely understand that she's nightmare fuel, but I love this grumpy gal more than I can say. Thanks to her John and I met Karen Prell and Brian Henson, and before that we won Best in Show at MegaCon, which has to be one of the top ten moments of my entire life for sheer joy. She represents all good things to me: love and laughter and hard work and falling on John's neck crying happy tears.

So yep, I love my dear Agnes, and it made me so happy to have her out of the garage and whole again for this party.

 Right, moving on, here's a tiny detail I think maybe one person noticed:

"It's so stimulating being your head."
 This back table has a color-changing potion, a Skyrim goblin(?) dragon, and a mosaic lantern:

The hashtag lives!
Now let's head through the french doors onto the deck:

I took some shots at dusk so you could see it better. Because we had about 35 party-goers (and a 1400 square foot house!), it was essential that a lot of folks were out here at all times. The deck could comfortably seat about 20 people, so it worked out really well.
I love this shot.

Beauty pics of Jareth's throne:

(The throne now lives at Jareth's house, btw! I'm so glad; it would have been awful to tear it apart.)

Here's the setup at night:

 It never got cold enough for a fire, sadly, but the twinkle lights were lovely.

These next two are not my photos; I stole them from some of our guests: 

I'm actually still editing a lot of our guests' photos, since we took so many! Eventually I'll post them all in my Flickr gallery, so watch that space.

I haven't shown the Toby Toss target waaaaaaay overhead in the purple tree's canopy yet, which was all lit with green flicker lights:

 "Toby Toss" was a hilarious hit, pun intended. We required everyone to actually catch the baby on the way down, so there was minimal fall-out damage - and Toby only landed on the roof 2 or 3 times. :D

Our other party game inside was just as hilarious, but more NSFW:
 Yes, you had to throw the blue balls into Jareth's... pouch. Which was stretchy.

(HI MOM & DAD! See what you missed?)


Speaking of general hilarity, let's head into our Bog of Eternal Stench for a few detail shots:

Ludo's Rock Friend is made of stacked pink insulation foam:

 On the walls we have Sir Didymus' favorite sayings:

As well as a portrait of Didymus himself with his noble steed, Ambrosius:

 (That's an original James Hance I've had for years, y'all. Of course it has a place of honor!)

Over the toilet I made this official certificate:

"Prince of the Land of Stench, as decreed by Jareth, King of the goblins, in punishment of an unwarranted act of friendship"

Over on the cabinet we have a boggy Christmas tree, a giant toad, and a leafy bog monster:

This is a handmade plush from The Monster Cafe - I think it's called a Tiggy Willow?


Seems appropriately swampy, right? And she's sitting on another pink insulation rock.

And last but not least, can't forget our monstrous Christmas tree!
His face cracks me up every time.

 Believe it or not, there's still a little more, gang. o.0

While not as elaborate as last year's Harry Potter Escape Room, we did put together a Sarah's (Escape) Room challenge. Here's a look at the playing area:

It was fun filling out the shelves with all our 80s-era plushes and toys! We only had to buy a few things at the thrift store; most of this we already owned.  (I joked with John that it was a little too easy to turn his game room into a 14-year-old girl's bedroom. :D)

The other side of the room:

It's not Labyrinth themed, I just thought you'd like to see. :p

Here's the Firey plush we made using Kristi's free template:

 And of course we had the Hogwarts mascots tucked around the room as an Easter egg from last year's party.

Rather than walk you through it with photos we put together another quick video, have a look:

Like I said, it's not super elaborate, but given how quickly we had to put it together I'm pretty pleased. Next year I hope to start a lot sooner, so we can do more!

 And that, my friends, is finally a wrap on our Labyrinth Christmas party. Thanks for being patient and coming along for the ride! I hope it gave you as many smiles and giggles as it did for us.

Now, do me a favor, and always remember:

You remind me of the babe.


This is far too appropriate of a time to link one of my favorite tees:


  1. Oh gosh, I was eagerly awaiting this post! I really can't put into words how utterly perfect everything is. I think it's safe to say that this post is going to be the first stop for anyone who is thinking of planning their own Labyrinth party from here on out. You guys and your guests have really set the bar high!

    I am very grateful to have been a part of the party in a small way, it is so incredible to see the Firey and amulets in your photos. If someone had told me even a year ago that something I made would've been showing up on your blog then I don't know if I would've believed them!

    I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank you guys so much for sharing this with us. Time and time again you guys put so much of yourselves into these projects, not just the crafting but the photography involved, editing, writing, etc. Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with a bunch of fellow nerds on the internet. I hope you and John and all of your friends have a wonderful holiday, and a very happy New Year!

  2. Christmas came early! I love everything that jareth game made me giggle so hard. And by the end of the video i had such a silly grin on my face. Thanks for all the joy you bring.

  3. I turned up my volume and giggled and snickered all the way through the Bog of Eternal Stench clip. I don't care who you are or how old you are, farts are funny :) You guys are awesome. I love seeing all of your crazy, insane, amazing work :)

  4. The punny food names are a riot! I love how creative you and your friends are with everything.

  5. Oh my gosh, this was great! I laughed out loud at Jareth's Ball Toss. You guys are SO creative.

  6. There are never too many posts of your Christmas parties! I love this soooo much!!! :D:D:D

  7. If this were my house, I don't think I could be convinced to take down the decorations after the holidays. It is all sheer perfection. You all did a wonderful and it made me smile like a fool!

  8. WOW! I'm practically speechless -- you guys throw one heck of a party! I love all the puns and all the gorgeous details.
    Also, as someone who maaaay be planning an im-peach-mint themed party, I might be swiping that peach cookie recipe...

  9. I have been so busy, and completely forgot to check for this post. But here it is! And it is so much better than I ever could have imagined. That puzzle room is brilliant! And the ball toss! And the illusion wall! And the Stench-y bathroom! The editing on that video was absolutely fantastic, by the way, the cuts to the fart-soundtracked bathroom and then back to the regal Jareth throne with the fairytale music cue made me laugh out loud. Wonderful as ever!

  10. I love this post and all your fabulous crafts and foods but oh God, please let's nip this in the bud right now, and I know where it comes from: Matt on Critical Role constantly uses the word "brackish" for a variety of things, usually (I think) lumpy or thick but also some kind of reddish colour? I believe this is because he's seen it used to refer to blood and picked up the wrong inference. *Brackish means salty*, it's why it's used to refer to seawater and occasionally blood. Matt's been driving me crazy with this via CR for months, please don't pick it :D <3

    1. Ha, I forgot I even used that word, so had to look back through the post for it. My only context is with water, so I associate "brackish" with long-sitting swampy water - though I see now that has nothing to do with color, so thx for the heads up! (NOW I KNOW...)

  11. So I'm a year late to this party but uh. Just curious what you did with the life size print of Jareth. Asking for a - no. I'm asking for ME hahaha. This is all absolutely AMAZING, every last bit of it. You guys really know how to throw a party!! The door knocker came out absolutely incredible, I hope you kept him up somewhere (I know in another post you said you might make the other one too)! This was so fun to read through (from the first post on preparations) and amazing to see come together. What a great memory for you and your guests!!

    1. Hi Jamie! Funnily enough our life-sized Jareth print has been hanging out in the garage, because John wanted to keep it and put it up every year, lol. The knocker lives in our back room full-time on the wall, along with the eyeball moss. :D


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