Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Epbot Online Shop Directory: Come Browse & Support Your Fellow 'Bots!

My friend Melissa proposed we celebrate "Social Distance-Mas" this Saturday, and I'm digging it:

You might remember I was sick - and super grumpy - over Christmas, so I'm happy for a chance to finally wear my Christmas Mickey ears!

In addition to planning my outfit for the day, I thought it'd be nice to also buy a few pick-me-up gifts for friends. And if I'm shopping anyway, why not support my online family here at Epbot, right?

That led me to post this on the Epbot FB page last week:

And in just 12 hours, over 200 of you had shared your shops! YOWIE

Initially I thought I'd transfer everyone's links here to the blog, but after 4 straight hours, I'm waving the white flag, ha. I've got over 50 shops I'm going to share here, and for each one I'm including a product preview photo, synopsis, and the first name of the reader who runs it, just to give that personal connection to your fellow 'bots. I've also arranged them into categories for easier scrolling.

Even if you can't buy things right now, please share the love by visiting each other's shops or pages! These are all Epbot readers, all part of this community. If you have time after browsing here, also be sure to explore the comments on the original Facebook post; people are still sharing links there, so there's lots to see. (Please note I can't vouch for anyone, though, so always shop responsibly!)

NOW. ::big breath::

Heeeeere weeeee gooooo!


- Abigail of The Raven's Landing paints "Whimsical Art & Custom Portraits"

Karen Hallion probably needs no introduction here;  her fan art is legendary:

- Melissa of Robots Are Awesome offers sculpture, pins, wedding toppers, & postcards

Mandy Palmer paints mostly people and animals, you can order her art on everything from canvas to stickers:

- Nina of Eclectic Clay specializes in custom pet figures and ornaments.

- Charles Thurston has prints and this collection of cute geeky kids' books in his Etsy shop:

- Nicole of WunderPuppy Art sells prints of her geeky marker art:

Christie Cox Art has been doing custom commissions of your pets in space:


- Jess Pages writes "fairy tales in space" - check out her Amazon author page.

- Stefana is an indie bookshop owner offering curated "Surprise Bundles." You can also browse her stock of new & used books at Brenham Book Nook; she's still shipping orders now.

- Christina writes Harry Potter study guides - digital downloads, & great for homeschooling:

- Clarissa of Unexpected Hobby makes geeky cross-stitch patterns:

Food Stuffs:

- Becca's Gourmet Goodies ships cookies, candies, & mixes, with both gluten and dairy-free options.

- Sara of Perennial Tea Room ships loose-leaf tea like this Almond Sugar Cookie black tea:

Use code "TEABOT" to get 10% off!

- Robyn of Robyn Loves Cake is making mail-order sugar cookies:

- Juli of Julz's Creations makes hot sauce & pickles.


- Marly of Snuggle Studio makes masks, unicorn headbands, & more

- Elan of BunnyMood Studios makes masks, acrylic pour paintings, & more

(Message through IG to order)

- Lauren of Shady Lane Boutique is also making masks:

(Message through FB to order)


Kristina of Kristina's Crafts makes chainmail jewelry:

(Message through FB to order)

- Liz of Petticoated Swashbuckler makes resin jewelry:

(Message through FB to order)

- Elizabeth of Art Studio E makes embroidered wall hangings, cross-stitch jewelry, & more.

- Jess of My World, Jewelry, Etc. makes subtle geek jewelry great for 'bounding:

(Message through IG to purchase)

- Lori of Crumbs N' Fluff makes some seriously cool steampunk jewelry:

(She also has a White Rabbit necklace I've got my eye on...)

- Dacia of Ava Ave makes gold-filled jewelry:

- Ox makes shiny beaded jewelry & pasties at Odin's Bead Hall, & also sells patterns.

- Cassandra is a metalsmith, and sells her jewelry at Moonfire Charms:

- Sara of RLD Dragon Hoard makes alcohol ink necklaces and magnets:

- Emily of Retro Rose 98 has needleminders & jewelry:

- May of Phoenix Fire Designs makes wire-wrapped & gemstone jewelry:

- Tiffany of The Dice of Life makes key-chains and jewelry:

Clothing & Accessories:

- Abigail of Raven's Landing designs geek tees:

- Laura of Reign of Chain makes purses & clutch wallets, geeky & Muggle styles:

(Message through FB to purchase)

- Chris of On A Roll Designs makes Disney tees:

- Dana's Stitch N' Sundries makes embroidered keychains, hairbows, bookmarks, tea towels, & more:

- Helen of SpiraLocks makes bendable hair ties for hair that's extra thick, curly, or dreadlocked.

(Message through FB to purchase)

- Kali of Dragon Kandy makes custom heels, sneakers, top hats, & more:

- Sara of Which Watch Designs makes interchangeable beaded watchbands that also work with Apple watches:

Home Goods:

- Lana at Saving Throw Pillows makes custom pillows shaped like dice:

Or check her ready-to-ship stock in her Etsy shop.

- Paige of That Glass Though makes stained glass, often with a geeky flair:

- Sassy at Chaos to Art makes upcycled lavender sachets from vintage linen:

- Elizabeth of Whimsy Forge makes glass hot air balloons:

- Victoria of Magical Sisters makes customizable decals, tumblers, shirts, & more:

- Christine of 2 Quilt or Not 2 Quilt makes custom quilts and can finish off your pieced quilt tops.

- Joanna of A Little Bit Of JoJo makes custom tumblrs, phone grips, dot mandala art, & more.

(Message through FB to purchase)

- Tonya of Always Room For Fun makes custom wreaths:

- Debbie of Tiki Toes Creatives does glass-etching and mosaic birdbaths:

- Laura of TimeStitcher makes "Doctor Whooo" hot pads, coasters, "unpaper" towels, & more:

Everything Else:

- Jennifer of Sailor Zeo makes character-themed lip balms, soaps & more:

- Missy Meyer is a font designer who specializes in cute, quirky styles with smooth lines for cutters & crafts.

- Chris of Combustible Props makes props from Fallout & Skyrim:

- Brittany of Mirabella Took Creations makes leather costume accessories:

- Abby of Back Loop Designs makes crochet toys:

Hey, you made it to the end of my list! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED

For extra credit, check out the rest of the shop links over on my original Facebook post, too.

Thanks for being a community that lifts each other up, my friends. John and I are cooking up some new ideas/ways for us all to connect and interact online, and seeing the amount of love and celebration in this group always encourages me to keep going, to make MORE connections, MORE opportunities for us to talk and share and just tackle life together. 

I love you. Talk more soon. 



Ok, Ok, one more shop - just in case you haven't visited our Threadless t-shirt shop lately:


  1. Thanks for the shout-out! -Marly at Snuggle Studio

  2. Awesome finds! I recognize a bunch from my time on Facebook, but bummer I couldn't comment with my shop since I'm not on there now! I love the Quarantine-mas idea but my oldest daughter's birthday is three days after that so I'm more focused on her right now. She'd love gifts from several of these shops though! Hmmm 😏

  3. I bought some pieces from Elizabeth at Whimsy Forge ( and her work is gorgeous!

    1. This comment just made my day even better <3

  4. Thank you so much for the boost! So many small businesses are hurting right now, and need all the help they can get. I can't wait to help fill the cute and sparkly needs of the Epbot community! - Nina at Eclectic Clay

  5. I mentioned this over on the Epbot Facebook page, but I love this SO MUCH! Also, Whimsy Forge making the list made me squee with delight! I only really started working with glass and brass and steampunk-inspired design after reading about it so much here, and only got brave enough to actually open my little shop after the overwhelmingly positive response from the FoEs, so this is very "full circle" feeling. Thank you for being so awesome by just being you. You're making the world a little bit brighter in doing so. <3

  6. Jenn, can you share the picture about April 25 on Facebook please? I don't have Instagram so I can't access it from there and I want to share it on my Facebook with proper credit

    1. Oh sweet! You can share the screen grab from this post, then link to Melissa's IG post in the description to give her credit. Thx for doing that!

  7. What a lovely idea to facilitate mutual support! I'm seriously considering a book bundle.

  8. Thank you for the shout-out! And thank you also for all of these links together in one place, so I can start shopping! 😃

  9. I definitely need some mermaid tears from Crumbs and Fluff.

  10. Thank you for posting this list! Definitely just spent too much money at multiple shops, but as the kids say these days, #worthit.

  11. Already bought from two shops. Thanks for the list!

  12. Oh my goodness, the Perennial Tea Room! I love that place so much, how could I have forgotten about it? Their ginger peach tea is amazing and now I have something to send my mom for Mother's Day. Thank you, Epbot, for reminding me of the wonderful places I'd forgotten. You're the best!


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