Sunday, May 3, 2020

Dapper Day At Home 2020: Part 2! Merida, Mickey, Dapper Pups, & Dapper Pooh

Who's ready for more Dapper Day Disney Magic?

(If you missed part 1, click here!)

And sorry, who was it that wants the redhead? 

Oh, that's right. 


EEEEEE! So much to fangirl over, but I think I'm most smitten with her hair.

Lucy and her fella really captured the spirit of Belle and Gaston:

Bahahah! They even picked an appropriate book to baffle him.

I can almost hear Jiminy Cricket from Wishes saying, "Look! It's the Blue Fairy!"


 DROOLING over Kate's blue velvet dress here, and all her sparkly accessories.

The cute is strong with this little Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder:

And also with The Child/Baby Yoda!

Here's another one to make you grin: Taco Belle.

Uriel has a taco clutch AND a taco necklace. He's really giving us something to taco 'bout.

Oh hey, you know another advantage of dappering at home?

The pets get to join in!


That's Grayson. Grayson is a very dapper, Very Good Boy.

An artist I follow painted the cutest "Socially Distant Butterfly" -  which is exactly what I thought of when I saw Millie's outfit:
And in my favorite color!

The only pants I usually wear are of the "yoga" variety, but Bri is making me want to branch out:

Plus, all these colors together? HEART EYES.

That reminds me: I was chastised last post for not including our own Dapper look, so here's me and John rocking some rainbows:

I've been asked a lot, so here's the link to my dress on Amazon.

Kara has made me realize that bright red and lavender look INCREDIBLE together:

The shells on her shoes! And on her ears!

There was even some dapper celebrating in France:

I'm getting an elegant Haunted Mansion Ballerina feel here. Would you believe she found all of this in vintage/thrift shops?

Johnamarie made the headband for her Merida 'bound:

It's the perfect... crowning touch.


(Hey, you can take the Skipper out of the Jungle Cruise, but you can't take the Jungle Cruise out of the Skipper.)

Jessica looks like she's about to start a glamorous Old Hollywood style tap dance routine, and I kind of want someone to toss her a fancy cane:

::tappity tap tap tap::

::throwing virtual roses at her feet::

We haven't had nearly enough fellas in this roundup, but Brent is here to make up for it:


Donald!!! Bravo, Brent. Now I want to find a vest to paint.

Catrena made this dress herself, y'all. I can't even make myself dinner:

Loving the sweet Cinderella vibe, and the bows! Bows make everything sweeter.

Brittany looks like she could be on the cover of Life magazine in the 1950s with this photo:

Retro goodness. Plus peep that Country Bear art in the background.

See, that's another fun part of Dapper Day At Home: getting to see more Dizgeeks' homes!
I mean, this way I get to drool over Cat's dreamy Blue Fairy 'bound, AND her Mickey wreath: 


Aww, you guys, this is so sweet: the Pooh Bear in this next photo was made by Channa's grandmother over 50 years ago:


Then when Channa was born, her Nana made the Piglet for her! Click her IG link to see the rest of their socially distant group, and a bonus pic of her Nana's homemade Tigger, too.

And finally, Kit and Briana 'bounded as two fruity Disney treats, and it's exactly the eye candy my weekend needed:


Their inspirations:

LOVE IT. And fun fact: that's Brianna Cherry Garcia in yellow, one of my favorite artists! I had no idea 'til I went to tag this photo.

One last bonus pic of Kit with her dapper puppy, because his bowtie matches her dress ermergersh:


K my dapper darlings, that does it for my favorite Dapper finds! But remember you can always see more on Instagram by searching the hashtag "DapperDayAtHome."

I hope these brought some extra color and creativity to your week, and inspired you to play dress up sometime, or at least plan to sometime soon.


::throws pixie dust::

::vanishes dramatically::


Oh hey, Fun Shopping Tip: If you search "Disneybound" on Amazon you'll find lots of gorgeous & affordable solid-color pieces you can mix and match: everything from skirts, dresses, and tops, to accessories like a sparkly chameleon pin or a purple corset belt.

That's also how I found this cutie:

Apple Faux Leather Shoulder Bag

It's bigger than it looks and costs $18, in case you're planning a Snow White 'bound!


  1. I love essbee, have you seen the puppet they made of the sandworm from Beetlejuice?!

    1. Oh fun! They seem like awesome people, love it.

  2. I love the inclusion of the puppers! So great!

  3. Yay, I'm so glad you included your own photo. You both look *chef kiss*! <3

  4. Such awesome dappers at home! I know someone who had 'fancy pizza night' where she, her husband, and their two preschool aged daughters all dressed up for dinner at home. I might need to try something like this, a little fun at home dress up.

  5. I'm again amazed at people's creativity. Thanks for posting these!

  6. What I am enjoying about this and other stay at home solutions is that more people get to participate in fun activities. I have been noticing more participation in a lot more other activities as well and while not quite as fun as in person...the more the merrier! I hope that some of these at home activities continue...not because we have to.

  7. those treats... are they apples, 'bounding as pineapple and watermelon? I THINK I love them, but I might have cognitive dissonance if I tried to eat one. Are they good? Are they chocolate? How do they even survive the Florida heat?

  8. Dapper Dogs are the BEST! <3

  9. Lovely pictures! Thank you; this made me smile :-)

  10. Jen,

    You must go over to Wild Olive's blog and see her felt Millenium Falcon. Mollie makes the cutest things.


    P.S. It was great to see you in Pittsburgh!

  11. That killer blue velvet dress is from here!

  12. I have a pair of purple pants that rarely see the light of day - this inspired me to wear them with an orange and yellow vest as subtle Figment bound. Nobody but me knows it, but it made me smile all day!


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