Friday, April 3, 2020

These Pokémon Terrariums Turn Nintendo Game Systems Into Magical 3D Worlds


I just found an artist on Instagram doing something I've never seen before - are you ready for this?


 Jennifer Z. of Oh Honeydew takes custom Nintendo covers - not the actual game system, don't worry! -  and transforms them into the most breathtaking Pokémon terrariums.

 Jennifer creates detailed floral scenes to complement each colored case, with exquisite little trees, flowers, and even mushrooms!

She also put screenshots from the show onto the back screen, so they look like little windows.

C'mon. How magical is this??

This pink, black, and gray color scheme is speaking to my soul. So good.

I think her DS style is my favorite, since it looks like an open book:

I'm sad to say I don't know much about Pokémon; somehow I've never seen the shows or played the games -  but art like this makes me want to be a fan! What would you recommend for a newbie?

Love the icy look! I bet Jennifer's workshop is a wonderland of sparkly things.

And check this out: Jennifer also makes Switch terrariums. Prepare to jawdrop over this Pocket Camp beach scene:

Look at the waves! And the mushroom growing through the button hole, ermergersh. Amazing.

Back to Pokémon with Deerling and Shaymin:
Aww, you could hang this on a wall like a 3D painting!
But wait, THERE'S MORE.

Jennifer makes magical terrariums out of just about everything.

Her lanterns are incredible - love these Miyazaki ones:

And the colors in this Kirby pair make me SO HAPPY:

It took me a sec to notice the baby Kirby with the Starbucks cup, hah.

These sweet snoozers have their own translucent Poké-eggs:

 Look closely; the Squirtle has fish below him in the resin "water." I mean, whaaaaaat.

Here's the Bulbasaur with the lid on:

I like that you can display them like this to keep the dust off, then take off the lid for a closer look.

I'd buy this little cat terrarium in a heartbeat... if it weren't already sold!

So sweet! WANT.

And finally - since I'm in real danger of just posting everything Jennifer's ever made, I love it all so much - let's end with the one that gave me the most pastel Spring/Easter vibes:


I'm just gonna stare at this for another minute. Ahhhhh. That's the stuff.

Writing this post has been a vacation for my eyeballs, I hope it made you stop and smile, too! And thank you so much, Jennifer Z; you're making just the kind of beautiful geeky art the world needs right now.

And hey, believe it or not, there's LOTS more to see. Go follow Oh Honeydew on Instagram for more beautiful eye candy, and if you're feeling brave, go browse Jennifer's Etsy Shop HoneyDewBun, where about half of these beauties are still for sale! I warn you, though: that shop is dangerous. Good luck not buying EVERYTHING. I'm tempted enough as it is; if I actually had a fandom connection to Pokémon I'd be in real trouble!


Our March Squeegineer winners are Kyle May-Hall and Karen Veltri! Congratulations, you two, and please e-mail me your prize choices and mailing addresses.


Oh hey, writing this post reminded me: Last year at MegaCon I took a picture of some incredible color-changing Pokéballs in the vendor hall:

A bunch of you asked where you could buy them, but at the time I didn't have the shop name. Well, good news: the Pokeballs are on Amazon! Be sure to check out all the character options in the listing: most cost around $21, but several are as low as $12. (SWEET!) They come with the color-changing mirrored base and a gift box.


  1. Each of the generations are standalone, so you can start with any game you want. The remakes of the older ones might have more familiar pokemon for you (Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold and Soul Silver), but if you don't mind getting to know unfamiliar mons I'd just pick up the latest (Sword and/or Shield) and go for it.

  2. Whichever game you do pick up, I recommend watching whichever season of the anime goes along with it. It's always really helped me connect with the 'mon of that generation.

    For games, I'd recommend one of the more modern ones. The older ones are fun, but they can sometimes be more difficult because we expect our games to do different things now.

  3. So so pretty! I was just going through my mini paper roses tonight (to see what I have before making an order from Amazon) and made a replacement flower crown for myself - now I want to make cute scenes like these too! My daughters love Pokemon, I can't wait to show them these when they're awake!

    Indigo League is basically the first series, as I know it, and on amazon. My 10 year old daughter likes playing Pokemon Crystal, it's available as a download for like $10 for Nintendo DS - one of the older ones, before she spends more on a new game. And of course she loved Detective Pikachu ;)

    1. I forgot, she does have Pokemon Sword, and likes that too, as the newest one. There are a lot of different shows and movies on Netflix, she makes better sense of them than I do! I didn't watch when I was a kid, ha.

  4. I don't know where to tell you to start with Pokemon. I watched a little bit of the original cartoon and then didn't do anything Pokemon related until Pokemon Go came out.

  5. It's a tricky question to answer - there are so many different Pokémon games. Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Let's Go Eevee on the Switch were explicitly made for the purposes of easing newcomers into the games. However, I myself as a long-time fan prefer Sword and Shield. It also takes place in a region based off the UK, pleasing me as a Brit! Some of the mechanics there are also nice, such as more in-depth character customisation. The Let's Go games do have the neat Pokémon-following-you mechanic. I don't think you could go wrong with giving either a try.

  6. I'd probably start with Let's Go Pikachu or Eevee (I'm a sucker for Eevee, myself). It sticks to the original 150 Pokemon, your partner Pokemon is super cute, and it doesn't get too complicated. Sword/Shield is also very fun, but I haven't finished that yet.

    Personally, I play a lot of Pokemon Go, but that is harder to do with all the staying home we've been doing. Though they are changing some things up to make it easier to play at home.

  7. For a beginner I would say either Sun or Moon. The game is fairly simple to begin with just going through the story mode, but Sun/Moon helps the player out by saying what moves will be super effective against other Pokemon. To this date it is still the only one I have a complete Pokedex in, and trading for the Pokemon you need is so much easier. A 2DS also isn't nearly as pricey as a Switch is if you are lacking a system, and the tropical setting is so relaxing and beautiful. There is something fun about taking pictures of wild Pokemon as well.

    Just be aware that while you can go into battles with other players online with it, the competitive battling world of Pokemon is a bit more complex than the built in story.

  8. I think the best and least annoying Pokemon series is X and Y. Some of the earlier seasons (shows?) Are VERY annoying little kid type nonsense. But X and Y was wonderful. Plus it feels like the kids are closer to 16 than 10. If you are interested at all, watch the first few episodes of the Original Series ( just to get to know how Ash and Pikachu work) and then start X and Y.
    Have fun! I think you might really like it!


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