Friday, April 17, 2020

FOE & Tell: Star Trek Gnomes, Rainbow Hair, & Paper Dragons

I always love seeing what you readers are up to, but now more than ever I just like to see your faces, your projects, your silliness, your pets! This community helps me feel connected, and I'm so proud of the hope and humor I'm seeing over on Fans of Epbot. In fact, here come a few of my favorite posts I've seen lately:

Jessica, you just gave us all new pet portrait goals. Bless.




Cindy created the most groan-and giggle-worthy fashion statement for 2020:

They're surprisingly adorable, right?


Photos like this are why I ask you guys to post more pictures of yourselves:

I dare you to look at this picture and not want to be friends with Monie. Because it is impossible.


And then there are your pets! Ohhhh, your glorious pets:

THAT TONGUE. And that belly! 


I fangirl over your crafty adventures, too, and this one made my jaw drop:

 WHAAAAAAT. You... made those?? Incredible!

Here's a closer look:
The book they used is Paper Mache Dragons by Dan Reeder.


Kat's dining room re-model is just getting started, but just this WALL made me sit up and screech:
A Labyinth. Themed. Dining Room.



Have I ever mentioned I have this thing for colorful hair? I'm too lazy to dye my own, so I like to live vicariously through all your hair adventures. And LOOK at Kathleen's:


I've had those same sunglasses on my wishlist for ages, Kathleen; I think I need to finally buy a pair. AND THEN DYE MY HAIR RAINBOW.

Or... maybe just the first part for now. ;p


 Don't you just adore Before and After shots? I can't get enough of them, and Kerri here is serving up a blue-tiful example:
Really digging that base, where the blue is dripping down over the gold legs.


I'm often reminded on FOE just how much cooler you guys are than me, which is why I'm so glad you'll still hang out with me, at least virtually. Lisa Talbott is a prime example of this, and someone I routinely fangirl over:

That's right, every day for a little while there Lisa was dressing as a different Disney princess and sending free video messages to dozens and dozens of kids. I know the cosplay community as a whole has really stepped up during this time, but Lisa not only stepped up, she made it personal and extra special just for the FOE community. Oof. If that doesn't make your heart grow three sizes, I don't know what will.


 And while we're feeling the good feels, here's a sweet story from Bethany - obviously written a little while ago:


Listen, I'm not crying, I'm just thinking about how this group makes each other feel seen with their interactions online, and, well, OK, I'm crying.


Let end with a rainbow. Rainbows make everything better.

This is so gorgeous!! I really want to recreate it, Melanie, but I'd probably cheat and use paper, since you scared me off with all that talk of sewing.  Also John and I are currently watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, so we both approve of your dog's name!

I hope these lifted you up and reminded you there are still rainbows beyond the storm clouds, my friends. Remember to be kind to yourself this week; you're fighting a hard battle. And when you can, remember to check in with your fellow warriors; they're fighting a hard battle, too. 


If anyone else is itching to make a rainbow flower wreath, here's the best paper pack I've found:

AstroBrights 25-Color Assortment

For $7 you get 3 sheets of each color, not bad!
Plus it makes me want to make ALL the rainbow things.

(Remember everything you purchase through my Amazon links gives a little back to me and John, so thank you for helping support Epbot while you shop!)


  1. Thanks for the smiles, as always. I'm not on FB thus not an official FOE so I appreciate that you share tidbits here.

    I'm waiting to see a pair of TP earrings where one side is just an empty roll. :p

    Always grabby hands for the Astrobrights assortment but the budget says that's not allowed...

  2. So when I scroll through your posts, I use the up and down arrows. The packaging on the Astrobrights paper seemingly moves when I hit the up or down arrow. It's such a trippy effect! Has anyone else seen it, or is it just me?

    1. yep, it did that with my scroll!

    2. I didn’t notice it at first, but then I had to scroll back up- yes, it’s like the starburst is sparkling!

  3. Omigosh, how did I miss the paper mache dragon post? Those are fabulous!

  4. I miss being able to use my hands and do all my favorite crafts. Creation is so vital. Don't waste this time; make something. Even when it fails and frustrates you, it's important just to do it.

  5. Quick, easy tip for stiffening felt - mix half and half white craft glue and water, dip your pieces, squeeze out the excess, arrange in the desired shape and let dry.
    It doesn't change the appearance of the felt, but does keep it stiff. Any left over mix can be kept in an airtight container for the next project.

  6. Data troll is holding Spot! Awww

  7. Rainbows are excellent, and I think buying the glasses is a great idea! Mine are prescription from zenni - Zenni Optical :)

  8. I am dying to know the full story of Monie's house.

  9. we're watching Avatar, too! my older kids (18 and 20) watched it nonstop for years back when it was on TV and they still quote it all the time. Now, we bought the dvds and we're introducing it to my 8 year old and she loves it, too! (and it's a great source for pet names-18 year old named our puppy Mai)

  10. Jen,

    You don't have to sew the flowers. A little hot glue will do the trick.


    P.S. It was great to see you in Pittsburgh!


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