Sunday, September 8, 2019

Some Bunnies To Love: The 2019 Dragon Con Bunny Hutch!

Every year Dragon Con kicks off Thursday night with the Bunny Hutch costume contest and party, where everyone is invited to dress as a fandom-themed Playboy bunny or "Heff". This is where you'll find some of the most hilarious and insanely creative fandom mashups of the whole con, making the Bunny Hutch a can't-miss, quintessentially Dragon Con affair. I mean, where else can you see a bunny Ponda Baba serving Blue Milk martinis?

Or Edward Scissorhands with topiary "ears"?

That's what I love about the Bunny Hutch; this isn't just folks throwing on a pair of bunny ears and a tail. These cosplayers go ALL OUT, pouring just as much love and craftsmanship into their Thursday night bunny suits as they do their Saturday afternoon showpieces.

Here's a bunny Wampa and Boba Heff:

You can just see her fuzzy Wampa leg warmers!

Effie from Hunger Games:

(It's hard to tell from this angle, but she has two gold bunny ears off to one side.)

I absolutely love it when the ears are themed to fit the character, like Shredders' blades here:

Then this Ursula used Flotsam and Jetsam for her ears! Ha!


All Might from My Hero Academia already has hair that sticks up like bunny ears, so NATURALLY:


Here's a spot-on Mugatu and Hansel from Zoolander:

Plus the little poodle!

Pretty sure this is a Night Elf from WoW:
Isn't she stunning?

Of course not everyone tries to be a beautiful bunny:


Some would rather terrify you.

Then a lot more of them want to make you laugh:



Hang on, you have to see Hayley here in action - but turn your volume down first, lol:

This was one of the funniest things I saw all weekend. I'm STILL giggling. 

Another funny one:

At some point you stop asking questions and just roll with it.

Ruh-roh, looks like Tinkerbell has gone to the dark side:

(Outsiders Cosplay)

Here come two video game bunnies: Princess Peach and Cuphead:

I love the bright colors. So pretty!

And a cute Harley & Ivy:

These next three are terrifying, but you've gotta respect the creativity in Demagorgon bunnies:

Their faces are so dang freaky. LOOK AWAY.

This Lydia has a spider on her ribbon, love that little detail!

And here comes another Beetlejuice with a sand worm for ears! Brilliant!

This Ursula has a puppeteered Flotsam & Jetsam boa, whaaaaaat:

Check out the tentacle trim and all the shell details! Gorgeous! 
(I have some video of her in action in my Story post, in case you missed it.)

Here's a blast from our animated past: Darkwing Duck & Gizmoduck:

Gizmoduck has coiled antennae ears, omigosh. Love it.

Mirror Spock brought his own kind of "bunny," bahahaa:

I mean, tribbles DO multiply like rabbits. 

(Again, great attention to detail; his embroidered insignia is from "Mirror, Mirror" as well as the dagger.)

I know nothing about sports, but this "Hugh Refner" made me grin:

I assume the ladies represent two football teams. So cute with the sneakers!

I legitimately thought this lady was crying 'til John said, "OH! She's Winky!"

Yep, that's Dobby and Winky. House Elf Bunnies with sock ears. You guys. We could just close the internet now, am I right? Ha!

I hope you enjoyed your virtual visit to the Bunny Hutch with me! As always I do have more photos; I only posted about half of my bunny pics here. To see the rest just head to my Bunny Hutch Flickr album.

Cosplayers, if you see yourself here, please comment with your account so I can tag you! You're also welcome to download my photo(s) of you to share - with credit would be awesome.

 I'll have more Dragon Con photos later, so stay tuned! I'll give you guys a break after this, though, since I know this has been a LOT of Dragon Con coverage all in a row, heh. Hopefully I won't make you TOO sick of cosplay pics.


P.S. I'd like to point out that there was NOT a Tim the Enchanter bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail at the Bunny Hutch, and therefore suggest that someone rectify this grievous oversight next year. In fact, I already found some comfy footwear to go with the costume!

Bonus accessory: a sign that reads "RUN AWAAAAAY!"


Naturally, if you do make this costume happen, please send me pictures.


  1. Ponda Baba on that first one. Greedo is the guy Han shoots.

    1. Oh geez, you're right. Well, since I always get at least one name wrong every cosplay post, glad I got it out of the way early! :p

  2. If I ever make it to Dragon Con, that's one event I want to go to for sure! I love seeing what characters show up in bunny form.

  3. I never get sick of your Con posts! Keep them coming.

  4. I have (well *had*) those slippers. The mouths open and close by bouncing when you walk. They terrified my poor dog and suffered an unfortunate "accident". But very comfy while they lasted!

  5. Robin Williams is probably looking down and thinking "why didn't I think of that!?"


  6. Do you find the event to be at all objectifying? I understand that it's generally body-positive, but the premise is still rooted in sexualizing women. I didn't actually know about Bunny Hutch parties until I attended another con where they staged one and let's just say a lot of people felt uncomfortable there. As a plus-size cosplayer, I already feel at odds with costumes that are explicitly "sexy," especially when they don't have to be, partially because of the objectification and partially because I feel it detracts from the craft behind them. Even if this sort of event is done with good intentions, can we really separate it from its allusion to men sexually exploiting women?

    1. Even if it's not objectifying the participants (which I'm conflicted about), it's still glorifying Hugh Hefner and Playboy magazine, which is inherently misogynistic. I love the creativity in all these costumes, but it's ultimately a no for me.

    2. I strongly disagree. BunnyHutch is all about celebrating each woman’s beauty and sexuality. Women are inherently sexual creatures and we should be proud of that! I mean, come on! We give life! There is nothing wrong with being comfortable with your body and showing it! No matter your size :)

    3. I too am conflicted. I know no one is making these women take part in this event, and I think the creativity shown is amazing. But I still feel a bit as if the theme has the intention to sexualize participants. And in reply to "OutsidersCosplay", I hear what you are saying, but 1) why label women as creatures? 2) why do we have to celebrate a woman's sexuality? Men (and non-binary folks) are sexual beings too. 3) couldn't a similar level of fun and creativity have been had if it was, say, "comfy pants" theme?

    4. I was in my twenties when Playboy was in its "heyday". There were things happening at the mansion that still bother me to this day. The cosplay of the bunny hutch does not bother me at all. These are adult women (and men) who have made a cosplay that brings them joy - their livelihood does not depend on their cooperation with others objectifying them. I see "bunnies" of all ages and body types having a great time and being comfortable with their bodies. I see no difference between being a bunny, Possion Ivy, Wonder Woman, or a warrior dressed in leathers that barely cover their vital organs. I did not look at them and think "great boobies", I thought "great cosplay, great details, or "I wish that I would have of thought of that".

  7. I think the WoW one is Sylvanas but still amazing!

  8. thanks so much for capturing my mrs doubtfire bunny!! the princess peach bunny is @pumpkin.pixie.princess on instagram. :)

  9. Sick of costume posts? NEVER!! Give me more! :D

    Although I've come up with a costume for the Bunny Hutch now...and I have no idea when I'm next going to DragonCon to use it.

  10. It's actually the people who dress up as Hugh Hefner that make me feel weird about the whole concept. I can understand the feelings behind reclaiming and redefining the bunny outfits for a new purpose and the bunny costumes are always really fun and creative! But anything that makes Hefner himself seem funny or cutesy (including the "Heff" nickname, Stan Lee's cameo as him in Iron Man, etc.) just feels uncomfortable to me. I don't think he should be celebrated, which is what it feels like the mashup costumes of him feel like to me. (I feel the same way about the bright color/zebra print trim "pimp" costumes that always show up at Halloween - why is that type of person considered fun or funny to emulate?)

    1. (Whoops, meant to nest this with the conversation above.)


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