Thursday, August 22, 2019

Thrift Store Karaoke Is My New Jam

On Tuesday John and I went thrift shopping for a big frame for our friend Scott - which we totally found, and here 'tis:

Only $20! AW YEAH.

Along the way, though, MANY ADVENTURES WERE HAD, culminating in my new favorite thing. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's start at the beginning:

 A lot of these were videos in my Story, so you'll just have to imagine Headphone Guy boogeying down while Minnie farts celebratory music notes.

 Move over, Kitschy-Cute.

I like to include you guys with these decisions, so:

 Initially "LAWD NO" was in the lead, but eventually you guys came around. 

Then a few hours later, someone sent me this!

Several of you think he's even creepier WITH the original paint job. I'm guessing it's the eyebrows?


 This is all at The Sharing Center, which I highly recommend if you're around Orlando!


You guys are NOT helpful in leaving things behind: I've since had suggestions to turn him into a Buzz Lightyear Mickey, Rocketeer Mickey, and Retro Tin Toy Mickey.


Oh hey, remember when John was modeling this "Pooey Puiton" in the Walmart toy aisle last month?

 It was $2, and weighed like 8 pounds. What is in that poop?

 From all your comments, apparently I wasn't the only one!


Eh? EH?

 I think there was also a fist-bump. We're non-stop fun, gang.

I forgot this in my Story, but does a Clown Saxophonist sound funny to you?


Fun Fact: that $1 puzzle features the art of Stephanie Law, one of my long-time favorites. In fact, we have some original pencil sketches by Stephanie hanging in our bedroom

Ok, you've waited long enough... here comes the best stuff.

The following took place at our local Goodwill. We'd struck out finding anything other than that puzzle up there, and were heading to the checkout when I spotted a pair of jeans hanging on the end of an aisle.

That's when this happened.




(If you're completely lost, as I'm sure my parents will be, then listen to 15 seconds of this.)

(Also, Mom & Dad, best to STOP listening to that song after those 15 seconds. :D)

Big shout-out to John for finding that stack of "Love" notebooks just as I was about to give up finding anything "low." Also shout-out to our fellow thrift shop customers giving us odd looks when Granny up there hit the floor, haha.

All told our Thrift Shop Karaoke took less than 10 minutes, and has been the most popular thing I've EVER posted on my Story. Your messages have had me grinning for the last 23 hours, so thanks for that. 

Also to answer your MANY requests: if I get inspired to burst into song in a thrift shop again, then Thrift Shop Karaoke will absolutely return. I'm just not sure I'll ever be able to top that. :p 

Now, go do something silly that makes you smile today!


I tried to find that Stephanie Law puzzle on Amazon for you, but struck out. So instead here's another of my favorites:

This Disney stained glass design is hard but not impossible, super colorful, and so pretty! It's not actually translucent, sadly, but the design is still gorgeous.

Also I just saw there's a new Alice design where the pieces are plastic instead of cardboard. Whaaaat. Anyone try a plastic puzzle before? And why am I looking at more puzzles?! (Step away from the search bar, Jen. STEP AWAY.)


  1. My sister's superpower is always knowing what piece fits with what piece for a puzzle. It's not even a challenge for her. So she's always looking for puzzles, I might have to get her a plastic piece one.

    Your karaoke made me laugh so hard the other day. I'd never be that creative!! Glad to see everyone can enjoy it.

  2. Based on the Amazon comments, the stain glass puzzle is also plastic and (at least a little) translucent!

    1. Oh snap (see what I did there?) really?? My version of that one isn't translucent! I FEEL SO BETRAYED.

  3. I want to know which thrift store this is so we can visit next time we come to Orlando! It looks even better than going to the Disney Character outlets!

    1. I was coming to say the same thing!

    2. I linked it in the post! Most of these (including all the Disney finds) are from The Sharing Center.

  4. If you are every driving through the Chicago area stop by my house and I'll load your trunk up with all the old picture frames that I keep for "later use" that I never "use later."

  5. I laughed so hard at this. And, I have done the plastic puzzles before - they are very tiny, but beautiful when completed. Because they are translucent, I put the one I have done in a clear frame (no backing) and it looks really cool.

  6. I love thrifting, and going to auctions.

  7. Rob and I have done a few of the Art Crystal plastic puzzles and they are so gorgeous when they are done, and they snap in so firmly that you can just prop them up on a windowsill. They have a number of adorable studio Ghibli ones. I’ve bought them on Amazon and seen them at Barnes and Noble.

    1. I've done several of the Studio Ghibli Art Crystal puzzles also (okay, okay, only the Totoro ones). They are very sturdy and I like that the pieces lock into place. I've always loved stained glass and puzzles so I'm thrilled that modern technology can combine the two. :)

    2. I just recently saw those in store and I'm so going to have to own a few. I have big window sills and want cute stained glass style puzzle art in them.

    3. I've only seen them at Epcot, in the Japan pavilion, but I'm Canadian (we don't get as much stuff up here).

  8. Board games frame up really well. I used to work for a framing shop, and we had a framed Monopoly board as an example of a shadowbox frame. Let to a lot of odd frame jobs...

  9. We have that puzzle and it's definitely plastic and translucent! We haven't framed it or anything but we love holding sections up in front of Christmas tree lights.

  10. My granddaughter's cell phone case looks JUST LIKE THAT puzzle!!

  11. Thrift store karaoke is the best! I'm looking forward to seeing more!

    1. and I immediately was singing along to the lyrics.

  12. I wish I could go to that thrift store. My son has so many different Mickey dolls. I would have snapped up that rocket Mickey in a heartbeat.

  13. So jealous of that Stephanie Law puzzle find! She's been a favorite of mine for years, too. We just bought a new print of hers, to replace an older one I had that was damaged in a plumbing issue, and everyone who sees it stares at it for a long time and then just whispers an aged "It's so beautiful!"

  14. I'm biased because I love thrift shopping (So many neat things in one place, and usually for dirt cheap!), but I would totally be up for more thrifting posts from you guys! You have a knack for finding neat things, there's quite a few things I've seen in your stories that I'd love to see again.

    One of my favourite youtubers (Lazy Game Reviews) does a video series on his regular thrifting trips, he'll record his trips and then when he's got enough material for a video he'll edit the footage together to show off the best things he found. He focuses on older tech because that's where his interests are, but he'll also show off other silly things he finds. I'd definitely recommend his videos if you want to see more thrifting fun!


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