Friday, August 9, 2019

New Cosplay Video! Tampa Bay Comic-Con 2019

Ready to see what 6 hours of cosplay filming looks like in less than 5 minutes?


(Sound on for fun!)

This time John left in a lot more audio from the con floor: more people laughing, more candid moments before and after I asked them to pose, and more of me fangirling out of frame, ha. It's less polished, sure, but I really like it this way! I think it captures more of the personality of the con, and hopefully feels more like you're right there with us. 

We filmed all day Saturday, then planned to have the flash rig out all day Sunday - but it turns out very VERY few people dress up on Sunday. I was kinda bummed, but then again, I was so tired after Saturday I suppose it's better we cut out early. Plus I still found a few great cosplays, like this mother-daughter Aurora duo:

So sweet!

Then this gender-swapped Yondu had the coolest arrow prop:

It's flying out of her thigh holster! Such a neat effect.

This Kingpin looks like he stepped right out of the comics:

Bonus points for his Chibi badge version of himself, ha.

I like how the colors on these X-Men ladies seem to glow:

Next some Disney princesses:

That's the new Jasmine, and it's so rare to find Belle in her green dress!

Black Cat looking extra dramatic:
Capturing characters in all-black is a real challenge with black-out flash, but we're getting better.

This next one was a disaster straight off the camera, but after a lot of editing:

... not too bad, right?

On the flip side, both Widow and Peggy here have barely any edits at all; these are almost directly off the camera:


I like how Peggy looks like she's in a spotlight.

 Beeteljuice had such a great pose:

I left the hall lights in because I thought they looked kinda fun.

John & I've been re-playing all of Borderlands 2 to get ready for the new one. I always love how Moxxi's outfit photographs:

This cosplayer had a table and like three people behind her when I took this. Thank goodness for black-out flash.

A fun take on Harley and Ivy:

They're a mashup with Anna & Elsa from Frozen!

(I totally missed that, btw; someone had to point out the mashup in the comments. Thanks, Merida!)

A perfect little Rey:

Also Coraline!

This Luna made a much better mandrake than I ever could, and I'm not at all jealous:


And finally, these two from Five Nights At Freddy's were absolutely phenomenal with the kids around them:

John and I were happy to wait while they personally greeted and high-fived a small line of kids and teens ahead of us, bending down for the littles and really interacting with everyone. I love it when cosplayers go the extra mile like that!

K, that's it for Tampa Comic-Con, gang! I hope these gave you a smile, and that you have an awesome weekend!

Oh, and my winner of the Wonder Woman poster from my last post is Ally Wajda. Congrats, Ally, and please e-mail me your mailing address!

Our next con is the Big One: Dragon Con in Atlanta, coming at the very end of this month. I'm a little scared, ha, but also super excited. John and I hope to do the same thing we did last year: daily cosplay videos starting Friday, plus lots and LOTS of immediate Story coverage on Instagram. Then we'll have our formal portraits going up after the fact, along with my Story recaps. It's gonna be fun. :)


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Which reminds me: I was looking for good Disneybounding purses yesterday, and I found the PERFECT everyday bag for Belle:
 Eeee! It's even her signature yellow! (Click the photo for the Amazon link.)

Or, if you prefer Belle's pink dress:

Aren't they great? Honestly the white one is so gorgeous, too. Gah, so dangerous.


  1. The Harley and Ivy at the end are a cross with Anna and Elsa from Frozen! Very cute!

  2. I'm so sad. I was there in ful cosplay and I missed you! I've wanted to meet you for so long and I'm not even in the background of any of these photos T-T

    1. I'm so sorry we missed you! We try to be at all the bigger local cons, though, so maybe next time?

  3. There were so many great moments in that video... my favorite being "..mooo!..." LOL Loved it.

  4. I must be getting old. It doesn't seem like it was almost a year ago that you were at Dragon Con.

    1. Believe me, it doesn't seem that long to us, either! o.0

  5. Miguel and Tulio, Tulio and Miguel, mighty and powerful God's! 😂😂 Love it!

  6. I LOVE Belle's green dress and I'm so happy to see someone in it! There's going to be an Edwardian Ariel at DragonCon; I've been following her on IG, where she's been posting the making of her dress (she's a seamstress). I hope you get to see her, because this dress is AMAZING.

  7. I love to hear you and John laughing as you're shooting pics/video. You two are the cutest couple in the world.

  8. When you go to Dragon Con, be sure to find my buddy Marc Gunn. He is a bard and a driving force behind independent artists promotion online...and nust happens to perform Geek Filk! Subjects include LOTR, Star Wars, and Firefly.


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