Saturday, August 24, 2019

We've Got A D23 '19!! (My Favorites From D23 Expo!)

First things first, how has no one made a D23 '19 joke yet?? Or maybe they have and I've missed it?

You could have the tagline: "It'll knock your socks off." Eh? EH?

Really I don't see why Disney isn't paying me for stuff like this. :p

If you're lost, I'm referring to this weekend's Disney convention extravaganza known as D23 Expo. This Dizgeek Nerdvana only happens once every two years, and while I'm not there right now [sob], I've been spending the past two days virtually stalking everyone who IS. This convention has THE best Disney cosplay, merch, exhibits... I mean, they have a literal Disney parade INSIDE the convention hall, k? This thing is nuts.

So, since I need an excuse for all this obsessive pixie-dust consumption over here, I'm going to share my most spectacular finds (so far) with you! Obviously the convention is still going strong, but I've found enough from Friday and Saturday alone to fill SEVERAL blog posts, so let's jump right in.

Starting off with a transforming group cosplay that will spin you RIGHT ROUND:

All EIGHT transforming dresses were made by one woman: Katy Regnier. AHHH-mazing. The group won the Mousquerade costume contest on Friday - and deservedly so!

Here's another pic from one of the princesses:

(Pls note that none of these are my photos, btw; I'll be crediting everyone as we go!)

Here comes another fun twist on the princesses:


Yep, that's starting us off with a bang. I love all these big group cosplays!

Hang on, I've got one more: these folks are collectively The Jungle Cruise ride. Yep, the whole ride!

(Photo by CosplayMom99, who's in this group, but I'm not sure which one! Other cosplayers include Perdita's Wardrobe.)

The Jungle Cruise group did a whole performance during the Mousequerade - and the lady in blue turned around to be the Back Side of Water! Bahaha! As a former JC skipper, let me just say, I APPROVE.

Ok, on to some single cosplays now:

Marina Tinker is the most incredible Bo Peep, and she has her own rolling sheep!


Here's Marina again (in Bo's dress this time) on Saturday at a cool Frozen 2 photo opp:

Did you also do a double-take? I couldn't tell which was the real person at first!

Here's another gorgeous Frozen photo opp at the con - this time with Anna & Elsa... times 2.

D23 brings out ALL the princesses and amazing gowns, and I can't get enough:

Sierra LeAsa turned the Fantasmic show into a gown - and it includes the Maleficent dragon on her back!!

AAAAA! I love how her dress and hair are styled after Sorcerer Mickey. FANTASTIC.

Quick shout-out to some of my favorite new D23 merch:

Hipster Mickey ear hat by Jerrod Maruyama. So cute.

And new mugs by Steven Thompson:


I love Belle's rose dress!  

Then there's exclusive D23 art:

This Ariel by Caley Hicks (one of my long-time favorite artists) is on prints and pins.

Then here's a D23 exclusive Jungle Cruise piece by another of my favorites, Jeff Granito!


Epcot had its new logo unveiled, and I'm a fan:

Now back to ballgowns, because Harmony Leiker has an entire puppet theater in her dress:


(@prue_ductions, who's Gaston!)

Then of course there are the mashups. Ohhh, the fabulous mashups.

Kingdom Hearts Belle & Beast!

I haven't found a better photo of her yet, but here's Claudia Stelmach as an Elsa/Amidala mashup:

So pretty!

Now your friendly neighborhood Spider-Princesses:

(Photo by The Nerds of Color, all cosplayers tagged in this video)

Also Spider-Kuzco, ha. The purple brunette in the middle is Vanessa - can you guess all the others?

Another Star Wars twist:

(Photo by YbaNightOwl, cosplayers unknown)
Sully & Boo as Monstrous Jedis? :D I like the little Mike Wazowski BB unit.

Then there are what I call the Deep Cut Cosplays: obscure fandom references that make my nerdy heart sing.

Like Brave Little Toaster in dress form:

(Photo by @SeeUnseenDisneyland, cosplayer unknown)

And the Partners statue from the parks!

(Photo by @LifeDisneyGram, cosplayer unknown)

If you immediately know what this next one is, then you're officially a Dizgeek:

 (Photo by CosplayMom99, cosplayer unknown)

Yes, my friends. THAT is one of the bat stanchions from the Haunted Mansion queue. OUTSTANDING.

More Mansion residents:

(Photo by AandjdoDisney, cosplayers unknown)

I've been searching for a better photo of her and can't find one yet, but here's Princess Captain EO, which is just the greatest:

Photo posted on The DCast Story, and that's Pink Sparkle Tutu as EO! Can't wait for her to post a better outfit photo so I can see the rest of her skirt.

I have to mention that incredible Figment puppet Dreamfinder's holding, because I've been losing my mind over him all week. Figment is the work of Adam Kreutinger, whose Youtube tutorials helped me and John build our Swedish Chef puppet! Ahh, I love what a Small World it can be sometimes.

These three made the Paint The Night parade floats... out of ballgowns:

(photo by Kitra, cosplayers unknown)
Genius, hilarious, these are everything. I think those are little lights in the floats/skirts, too!

One of the enchanted brooms from Fantasia:

 (Photo by CosplayMom99, cosplayer Firetail Design)

Ursula has been especially popular this year, and I've spotted a few INCREDIBLE versions of her:

Here's a clearer shot from Henry's Story:


Nyssa Lee's Ursula reportedly got a standing ovation at the costume contest:

(photo by Caitlin Oishi)

Here's a clearer shot of Nyssa outside:
 (Photo by Derek Martinez)

Then for an Ursula who will straight up give you nightmares, we turn to the incredibly talented SFX artist Joo Skellington:

NIGHTMARES. But wow am I impressed. His Ursula impression is spot-on!

Grace DuVal created a "Geek Couture" look for D23 inspired by Monsters, Inc., and it's like Lady Gaga meets Pixar in the most bizarre and beautiful way:

I am completely smitten. COMPLETELY.

Then there were not one, but TWO dresses made up of the entire Haunted Mansion ride.

How, you ask? Like this:

(Photo by Joanne Dragich, cosplayer unknown)

Gorgeous! I love that the library busts are on her literal bust (HA!), and then those ruffles around the waist are the stairs! Oooh, I wish I could see this in person, I'm drooling.

This next one by Tina's Disneyland Costumes, though, was the big Mousquerade winner. Tina hasn't posted ANY photos of this yet herself, so these are the best I could find! Here she is with one of the judges after the contest:

(Photo by JenRunsOnCoffee)

Notice her sleeves are the stretching room wallpaper?

And here's a video of just SOME of the incredible details:

I say only some of the details, because I've seen other snippets that show this "dress" is a full 360 degree model, and the back side has the REST of the ride in it. WHAAAT. This is mind-blowing!

SUNDAY UPDATE: Found a better video today!


I didn't realize the whole track MOVES, plus there are lights and other moving elements!

I'm sure I've missed some great stuff, but hopefully this gave you a solid taste of D23's magic, gang. To see more I highly recommend following CosplayMom99 on Instagram, because she is finding ALL the best stuff. Then be sure to explore the accounts of all the cosplayers I tagged, because there's so much more to see!

Oh! That reminds me: brace yourself, because Dragon Con is next weekend.

[wordless screaming]

All this D23 cosplay has me officially pumped to dive in to the madness again! John and I leave Wednesday for Atlanta, so watch my Story starting Thursday to come on the adventure with us.

There will be TWO Epbot meetups under the Pulse Loft at Dragon Con; one on Thursday at 4PM, and one on Friday at 6PM. Hit those links for details on their respective FB pages. (These are fan-organized, btw, so THANK YOU, Rebecca, Jen, & Gordon! I can't wait to get my shiny new FOE ribbon!) See some of you in less than a week!


Have you seen the new Ursula Funko Pop? She's gorgeous (the crown is so pretty IRL) and friggin' HUGE!

 Amazon: 10 inch Ursula Pop

I know, I know. We don't need any more Pops. AND YET... ;p


  1. Is that actually some ESMERALDA representation in the merch? HNGGGGG.
    Hunchback is my favorite, folks, give it more love!

    Thanks for the wonderful post, Jen!

  2. That’s Ashley Eckstein, aka Ahsoka Tano, dressed as Alice in the teacup dresses group photo.

  3. These cosplays are amazing! I especially love the teacup and Spidey princesses.

    My brother and his family are there right now. Last night they waited in a 3 hour line so they could spend the night on a concrete floor so they could attend the Disney Movie Panel. Apparently it was worth it because of all the celebrities that were there and the sneak previews they got to see, but I'm more than happy to just live vicariously through everyone else.

  4. The facebook event links arent working :(

    1. Oh no! They're still working for me, so maybe you have to belong to the group Foes Go To Dragon Con to see them? They're the ones who set up the event pages.

  5. I wonder if The Blixunami is Triton rather than Ariel? Otherwise, these cosplays are mind-blowing. I always wonder how long the maker/player keeps and wears them following a debut at something like D23.

    1. Ah, you're totally right; I completely skipped over the triton he's holding, lol. Let me go fix that...

  6. Imagining tomorrow, today... here at Monsters Inc!

  7. Oh my gosh, that Haunted Mansion dress! I was hoping the chairs moved; and so they do! Ahhhhh! So awesome!

  8. The Spider-Princesses are amazing! But who's the one kneeling in front with the big arm weapon? I can't peg her.

    1. It's Mulan. The weapon looks really similar to the dragon cannon from the movie.

  9. No Trader Sam in the Jungle Cruise pic? I guess he had to head out early.

    The Partners statue was my favorite! So good!

  10. Ok skipper - there's going to be a jungle cruise film with emily blunt? yes!!

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