Saturday, June 29, 2019

Art Roundup: Galaxy Whales, Mermaid Hair-Scapes, & The Cutest Sorting Hat Ever

It's time for more of my favorite art finds! 

And hey, even if you're out of wall space (like me), there's always more room in your feed. Everyone I feature here is fighting the same old algoritym battle, so if you like what you see, give them a follow! I've found that having an IG feed full of geeky/fantasy art is a sure-fire way to make me smile more, so consider this good for your mental health... if not necesarily your bank account. :p

First up, Wenqing Yan of Yuumei Art:


Wenquing paints the most intensely coloful, dreamy landscapes:

She also has a huge emphasis on nature, and how it clashes with technicology, pollution, etc.:

In Yuumei's online shop you can buy prints, totes, tees, and even these gorgeous wall scrolls!

::grabby hands::

Go shop, then be sure sure to follow her on Instagram!


Danielle Boinay paints entire worlds in her mermaids' hair, and it is MAGIC:

Look at this rainbow!

Of *course* she included a subtle Ariel:

Go shop Boinay's online store, where a lot of these originals are still available! And though I've only featured her latest mermaid series, she actually has lots and lots more art styles in her shop for you to browse.


I first found Eva Lacy of Critterosity when I fell in love with her sparkly Niffler painting on IG:

I even tried to win it. And lost. [sob]

My consolation prize was finding such a delightful new (to me) artist, though, because Eva's style is adorable, fun, colorful...

I mean, are you swooning? Because I'm swooning.

 She just did the sweetest Stan Lee tribute painting:

And there's so much to choose from in her online shop!

Follow Critterosity on IG for more, and be sure to watch her live "Sip & Paint" sessions, where Lacy literally walks you through how to paint one of her gorgeous creations, in real time, FOR FREE - and then she auctions off her own painting for charity. This woman is a saint, y'all.

 Also be sure to check out the Critterosity online shop for prints, pins, magnets, stickers... SO MUCH GREAT STUFF. I've only been following her for a few months, so I found all kinds of extra things I want.


It looks like Alex Worthen only sells prints at conventions, but I'm going to show you these anyway, because they'll make your life better:


Prepare for the cutest Sorting Hat you'll ever see:

Ded from teh cute. His happy little face! And the spider!

Baby Buckbeak!

Though you wouldn't know it from my choices here, Alex DOES paint lots of other fandoms beyond the Potter 'verse:

I just happen to think his prints like this are #1:

... and also #2.


Head to Alex's website to see all his work, but again, I think you can only get a print if you see him in person at a con. So be sure to follow his IG for his convention schedule - and to see more great art in your feed, of course!


Debbie is another convention-only seller from what I can tell, but since she's only 19 and fresh out of school, I bet she'll have more available soon. At least I hope so, because DANG is she talented:

She has a whole mix of traditional pencils like this, plus inks:


... and digital paintings:

I have an irrationally intense love for this bunny.

This last one may be my favorite: I love the soft pencils over a digital background:

Give Debbie a follow on IG (her account is spelled Diebbie), then go browse around her website to see more!


Now, let's give away some art! 

Once again I'm doing the give-away through Facebook, so head over to my art post on the Epbot Facebook page, then tell me which of these three you like best to win:

 "Harley & Deadpool" (11X17) by James Marcia

"Rocketeer" (5X7) by Kate Carleton

"Droids" (5X7) by Christie Cox

I'll announce the winners on Facebook within the next few days, and as always, I'll ship anywhere in the world. So happy commenting!


If you'd like to help me and John out while we pay for all this FREE SHIPPING on our give-aways - nudge nudge - then you can always shop through our Amazon links! USAUK, Canada.
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You can also bookmark those links, btw, so you don't have to re-visit Epbot every time to refresh them.

Thanks so much, gang!


  1. Christie's Droids are unbelievably cute.

  2. That Moaning Myrtle one!! 😯😊😂

  3. That is a damn cute bunny.

  4. Omigosh! The Moaning Myrtle print made me guffaw out loud in a very inappropriate place. This art is amazing! Heading over to Facebook right now.....

  5. OMG! Those Droids!!! they ARE the ones I've been looking for!!

  6. If you like artist streams, Minna Sundberg's on Twitch (Stand Still Stay Silent) are great to draw / craft too)

  7. I love Yuumei's art! I stumbled across her stuff a number of years ago on deviantART.

    That Moaning Myrtle card is such a hoot!! I'm glad I swallowed my tea before I got to that. :D

  8. Those are great! The Moaning Myrtle one made me laugh out loud.

  9. Oh please I love Harley & Deadpool!

  10. The mermaid hair artwork is a great idea!

  11. "Eye Candy", eh? Did you know there was an Ike Handy? He wrote some book on golf. I have no idea if he was anything to look at.

  12. I thought Buckbeak was ridiculously adorable until I kept scrolling and stumbled upon Robin Hood! Ack! Love them all!

  13. OOOOOO, so many lovlies! I would love any of them and all the extras.

  14. The Stan Lee Thor got me right in the feels. Still look for his cameos in every Marvel movie and get sad knowing that he's gone :(

  15. This is my favorite round-up you've done for a while. I love SO MANY things you shared! I'm pretty sure I need that mermaid with the pirate ship in her hair.


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