Saturday, January 26, 2019

TWIP: Magic Hour Mini Golf & Disney Style Shopping

This week had some especially photogenic highlights:

John and I went mini-golfing at Disney with our friends Tim & Bianca, and by pure happenstance we were halfway through the Fantasia Gardens course right at Golden Hour. 


A lot of folks don't know this, but WDW actually has two mini golf courses: this one and Winter Summerland, which is Christmas themed. Heck, I've lived in Orlando most of my life, and this was still my first trip to Fantasia Gardens.

The course could use a refresh and some repairs - and a major air freshener around the entry where it smells like sewage, yuck - but it's still a fun course, not too pricey, and we had a blast.

Well, most of us did. ;) 

(Bianca makes every group photo memorable, ha. Rest assured no husbands were harmed in the making of this picture.) 

This elephant fountain was turned off, so Bree over on IG took my original photo and added bubbles!

So perfect! You're right, Bree, that's exactly what it needed.

Quick selfie break:

Most days I'm in yoga pants and a t-shirt, so I figure every "real" outfit should be documented. This was my reader meetup look.

I had a couple of people claim it could be a Hobbit 'bound (or gender-swapped Robin Hood), so next time I'll add a leaf pin and wear it to second breakfast. ;)

Oh! Speaking of breakfast, we ate at Cracker Barrel this week, and I found these in the gift shop:

The chicken one is bu-cawking my name, y'all.

The reader meetup was at Disney Springs, so that gave me an excuse to finally visit the new(ish) Disney Style store! We wandered around with Sara & Rob, talked for hours, & took lots of pics:

I know the color thing is trendy, but I gotta say, "Purple potion" is pretty.

Now if only they sold the giant Dole Whip.

And these lanterns!

Not the most practical purse (there's no strap!), but it's soooo soft, and the ears are extra floppy.

I need to snag the Orange Bird version of these. I love the big cartoony beads, so cheery.

And the most spooktacular makeup bags:

The rest of these pics are from the WOD (World of Disney) and the Co-Op:

All these food plushes are so stinking adorable. 

 And this apron pocket is shaped like a Mickey ice cream bar:

Now new, but this matte Mary Poppins mug is practically perfect:

And a few sweet necklaces:

If you're at Disney Springs and looking for a quick gluten-free meal, head over to Cookes of Dublin, the counter service side of Raglan Road.

They have GF fish and chips that are surprisingly good with tartar sauce. (The fish is bland without, but who eats fish & chips plain anyway?) They also have a GF peanut butter & chocolate chip cookie the size of my head, which is excellent. I'm not strictly GF anymore, but I'll eat it if its available - and even eating "real" bread again, I wouldn't have guessed either of those were GF.

Our final highlight of the week will get its own post soon, because it was just that good. Stay tuned!

Oh, but we can't forget the beasts:

Sorry for the potato quality of the video, but this was the funniest thing Suki did this week. Hope she - and this post! - made you smile.

And thanks for sticking around through all this random life blogging; I know I'm light on crafts and DIY at the moment, but the weather is so nice (finally!) that's it's hard to stay inside. John and I are taking advantage of the sub-80 degree weather while we can! I have more random finds and trips coming your way for now, but hopefully also some crafty stuff, if I ever figure out a good Valentine DIY.

Love you, TTFN



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Thanks, gang!



  1. Several years back we got a "Waterparks and more" Disney pass that included 10 activities such as the waterparks and mini-golfing in addition to 10 park entrances (this was back when they offered no-expiration passes). The Fantasia mini-golf was one of my favorite things we did (though the funky smell was not my favorite). We've used up all the park tickets, but I think we still have 4 or 5 activities left. I'm anxious to try the winter course next time we're out that way.

  2. Fish and chips *requires* some sort of saucy lubricant/flavoring. #TeamKetchupAllTheWay!

  3. Oh my gosh, this post is making me so nostalgic for Disney Springs. Two of my best friends from college moved down to Orlando after graduation, and I try to visit them once a year. A day wandering Disney Springs is always on the agenda, and Cookes of Dublin is usually our lunch spot. So tasty, and less expensive than Raglan Road for the same food!

  4. Wait, there’s people who eat fish and chips plain??
    Those photos at the golf course are incredible!

  5. I don't normally wear gold jewelry but that Tiki Bird necklace is amazing!

  6. I'm betting between your craft skills and new cricut, you could make your own lanterns.

  7. Your outfit reminded me of Link from the Zelda games. :)

    1. Oooh, I should revisit my Hyrule Shield bag someday to do a full Link bound! Though I'd feel like an imposter, since I've never actually played a Zelda game. o.O (Crazy, right?)

    2. Welllll...I have The Ocarina of Time on the old N64...but I've never actually gotten as far as having Link find his sword. I had too much fun just having him walk around talking to people and collecting rupees. Stressful games stress me out. :D

  8. Please tell me you're going to create your own room of Tangled lanterns!!!!

  9. I was eyeing that apron all week during my trip! I couldn't quite justify the price tag, though.

  10. I love to play mini golf! Now I know to look for this on my visit...along with the gift shop so I can buy a lantern and monster jewelry. So much fun!

  11. So when are you making the giant Dole Whip? ; )

  12. Hee, my friend gave me the otter card for my birthday because, well, I have a bit of a huge love for Emmett Otter. It's so cute!

  13. Hi Jen! It was so nice to meet you and John. Honestly, you two were exactly as funny and cute as I expected you to be from reading your blogs for years. Rob and I had a great night wandering around and chatting with you. I think we'll be back down there in December, maybe we can meet up again! 😄


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