Monday, January 21, 2019

TWIP: All About The Cats

I realized last week I neglected to include a single cat picture in my favorite photos of the week, so rest assured I'll be making up for lost cuteness here today.

But first, let's take a selfie:

I accidentally 'bounded as Dean Winchester this week, which was a perfect excuse to finally use the pie emoji:

I'd like to thank all of you who responded with pictures of your own home-baked pies, Supernatural gifs, pi formulas, and yes, even one celebratory photo of Pinkie Pie. YOU ARE ALL MY PEOPLE.

This week has been mostly boring adulting stuff: more doctors, some landscaping, planning big home repairs, bleggity bleg. This is me while adulting:

This is also how my friend Bianca displays her Mickey ears.  
(Btw, did you see Disney's new pink donut ears? SO CUTE.)

John and I installed a window shelf for Bianca's cat Ramsey, who has the most creepy cool eyes:

He's snuggling his new shelf there. I think he approves.

 Eva, however, DOES NOT:


She's a jelly one, that Eva.

Ok, her turn:

Look at my baby girls spooning! I died, y'all.

I also had to stay in bed an extra hour because getting up would disturb them. You know how it is.

 Eva's little vampire toofs sticking out is the best part.

Now a little video:

And a front view:

This desperately needs some thought bubble captions.

Suki continues to be the big bully, constantly demanding cuddles and blumbering about knocking things over with her enormous tail. Eva is the acrobat, lives for belly rubs, and usually retreats anytime Suki wants her blanket or pillow - so it's nice seeing them cuddle up more.

"Me? Kick my sister off this blanket? NEVER."

Suki has an overbite we're keeping an eye on, and this week she started grinding her teeth. This experience has taught me several things: 1) that cats can even HAVE an overbite, 2) cat braces exist? WHAT, and 3) the sound of your cat grinding her teeth is squeakier than you might expect. Like when you're trying to open a stubborn pickle jar and your hand slides. Or like a frog saying "'Suuuuuuuuup?"

Sometimes I'll be writing inane things - like about my cat grinding her teeth - when it hits me: other people are going to read this. 

Hi, other people.


(Don't worry; Suki doesn't seem to be in any pain, and we're keeping a close eye on her mouth for sore spots.)

Here's a badass bat I drew:
Granted, our personal definitions of "badass" may differ.


Keep your photos comin', peeps. These perk me up like you wouldn't believe.

Speaking of things that perk me up, here's an important Health Update:


This will probably spark some debate in the comments, but we all have our health journeys, y'all, and I feel like I've given GF its due diligence. After 8 months of being GF my blood tests show no improvement, and my re-introduction of gluten so far has gone fine. I've found so many GF products I love, though, that I may do a hybrid diet, and mostly only indulge when we eat out or for special treats. (LIKE OREOS. And cake.)

I'm still Low Fodmap, though, so my diet remains needlessly complicated and practically impossible at any restaurant. ::sigh::


John ordered some new wedding bands for himself, look how pretty:

Now he has a day ring and a flashy evening ring, lol. The rainbow one is like an upgraded version of our old Captain EO wedding bands, I love it. Less than $20 on Amazon, too - I just wish they offered it in my size! I'll have to hunt around for a matching woman's ring.


Over the weekend John and I went to the big Antique Extravaganza at Renninger's, so I have some hilariously disturbing photos to share - but those will get their own post later.  ::evil grin::

Couple more cat pictures to round out the week's highlights:

And every day.

Waiting for their album to drop. :p

Now let's announce the art winners from my last post!

The winner of Micky & Minnie is Margaret Balch
The winner of the retro Space Mountain is Vikki
and the winner of the Tiki Birds is Samantha Ferrins!

Congrats, you three, and please e-mail me your mailing addresses!

And for the rest of you: happy Monday! Let's go Do The Things this week. Even if The Things are just photographing our pets being adorable. 


  1. ❤️ thanks for all the cuteness!

    Here's to a good week to all!

  2. Thank you for admitting in public that gluten free isn't working. I have Crohn's. The number of times that I was told that the only reason I have an illness at all is because of gluten, and if I just stop eating it (and only eat vegetables with a tiny bit of meat) I could heal myself. That's not how disease works. It frustrates me. I am thankful every day for a scary drug that allows me to live an almost normal life, but no matter what I eat or don't eat, I'm not going to be completely normal. I've literally hid my disease, my diet, and my medication from multiple people when it became too much to hear how it's all down to the evil gluten. I'm glad you are able to have Oreos again! Small victories are the best!

  3. I'm always amazed at how your kitties get along. My mom has two cats that are biological siblings, and they haaate each other. They pretty much avoid each other as much as possible, but when they cross paths there will be scary hissing and whatnot.

    And here's some virtual hugs as you continue on your journey to figure out the best foods for you and whatnot (I feel guilty sometimes that I can virtually eat whatever the heck I want and feel fine, while my husband is constantly having reactions to various foods). Definitely no judgment or pressure coming from my end. You figure out what works for you! And that's going to be different than what works for someone else.

  4. The other day I was watching Threadbanger on Youtube, and I squeed with excitement when I saw them making a Quidditch cat tree because even before they acknowledged Epbot as the inspiration, I was all "I KNOW WHERE THEY GOT THAT IDEA!"

    And those spooning cat pictures are too dang much. This post should have a cuteness overload warning. (But then it does warn at the top that there would be many cat pics, so I supposed it does have a warning of sorts, LOL)

  5. Thanks for the update on Suki and Eva. My food journey too is an ongoing and ever changing thing. Kinda like life, I guess!

  6. I'm a FODMAPer too... FODMAP is all about the diagnostic process, if you've found you are able to reintroduce some foods well done you. I've been able to reintroduce some, but still have issues with others (garlic I'm looking at you, and fructose, and mushrooms, oh how I miss mushrooms!). I feel so much better when I stick with it though. Every person's dietary journey is personal though, and one FODMAPer's result is not another's. Enjoy your Oreos!!

    1. Seriously. My mom's and my gut issues manifest in opposite ways and have very different triggers. Well I know what my triggers are and guess from when my mom complains a couple hours after eating. DH likes to say there are two approaches to diet problems - my cautious, avoid things I like to avoid pain, or my mom's devil-may-care-I-want-all-the-cheesecake approach. Both work for us, and neither of us are 100% but we're happier. But ugh, I miss mushrooms, and garlic, and bread, and mangoes.

  7. I can never get enough Suki and Eva pics!

  8. Cute kitty pics! 😍

    I hope you find a better elimination diet that helps *and* lets you eat what you like more. I have Crohn's and control it through diet, but it's a tricky balance doing this sort of thing - so I can sympathize as to how difficult it can be, particularly with eating out. x

  9. Only ONE picture of Pinkie Pie?? I am astounded. XD

  10. I'm so thrilled about the giveaway win - THANK YOU!!

    Also, that is definitely a badass bat (batass!)

    1. dagnabit! you beat me to it! :D (and you are right - it IS a batass bat!)

  11. A head's up on the tungsten ring - DH got one very similar for our '11 wedding, within a couple years the inner cool band was separating from the body because of workshop gunk. He switched to a silicone ring since he was going to keep beating it up - also if it goes through the wash it's less of a racket

  12. Can I send hugs and cuddles to your cats? They are adorable! Is Suki getting a cat mouth Guard? I’ve got a mouth guard because I grind my teeth in my sleep. Maybe Suki and I should take up yoga to ease our stress. Goat yoga preferably.

  13. I'm so glad you have these silly girls in your life. <3

    Those Oreos look amazing! Someone once told me that the "Double Stuf" Oreos don't actually have more stuff, that it's just fluffed up. Google found me this, showing that it's 1.86x, not 2x. ( I think we need to test out all three ... FOR SCIENCE! :D

  14. Thanks for the Kitten Update. They are lovely. (Don't tell the Maine Coons I said so).

  15. Thanks for the adorbs kitty pics! I'm too allergic to have furry pets and am not on any social media, so I really appreciate the puddy pics when you post them here!

  16. I was definitely feeling deprived of Eva and Suki. Thank you for correcting that mistake!

  17. Love all your life updates! They make me feel even more like you're my "bestie in my head"(to steal from Wendy Williams 😀)!

    I don't get people telling others they're wrong on their food choices. What works for me, may not work for you! Take your time, do your due diligence & do what is best for YOU!


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