Monday, February 12, 2018

My New Dirty Video :D

Remember last week when I said we were going to keep all our new craft videos super short and sweet?

Yeah... about that....

This next one is half an hour. Oops.

HOWEVER, in those 30 minutes you get to watch me age a small-scale Fallout helmet from start to finish, and along the way I share all the tips, tricks, and techniques I've learned when it comes to aging. A little paint makes a HUGE difference, so I do this a lot on store-bought toys and figures, like baby Groot here:

In the past I've only been able to describe what I do, though. Now I get to show you!

So, here's the plastic helmet I start with today:

And here it is after:

Aren't before and afters the best?? Let's do another one:


... and after!

There's not much to the instructions on aging - it really is just "paint on, wipe off" - so this is all about technique. That's why I'm excited to show you this helmet start to finish, even if it's not my best work. (It's ok, but my rust spots could be better.)

Some details:

This was a request, btw, so keep those video suggestions coming! John and I are trying a little of everything for video right now, still experimenting, still learning, still seeing what you guys want to see. (We already have two more filmed and ready to go, so be sure to subscribe to see them as soon as they go up!)

Also by request, this time we have cats. Space cats. I think you get three separate floating cat cameos courtesy of Lily and Tonks (and stagehand John). But mostly you get a chill thirty minutes listening to me chat while I show you all my secrets [eyebrow waggle].

Now on to the actual video! Hope you like it:

I start out a little awkward, so give me a minute to work out the nerves, ha.

I realized after the fact this would have made a good livestream, so you guys could ask us questions while I work. That could be fun, right? Next time I have a long-ish project to film maybe we'll try that.

If you're not a video person, you can see more examples of my easy aging in this Funko Pop post.
And as always you can find ALL my projects and tutorials over on the Craft Page, which has over 150 thumbnails for you to browse through. Hope you enjoy, and happy Monday!


  1. ACK! It was SO GOOD!! I loved the Space cats, I loved the explanations, all of it! :) :) :)

    I do wonder - do you ever find yourself adding too much? Too much rust, or too much for the silver highlights? How do you self edit? Just starting small and then pictures, like you said? Would there be things you could do to make a pop figure look better, say, a MLP or Disney figure? Like this one: Cinderalla we got at Disneyland that needs help...

    1. Fixing mistakes is a huge part of model painting 😂. Hopefully, like bob ross says... Happy Accidents. 1) can always add more paint. 2) wipe away 3) fade away with wet clean brush 4) glazing (like lightly tinting with transparent paint many times)

      I think your cinderella could definately have the flowers painted. Having the edges of thing painted in a lighter colour adds pop called edge highlighting. Basically adding shadows and lights effectively add the most pop. On her arm there is filler you can get at hobby stores... or even white glue can help smooth, then paint all the skin. Main focus is always the face, so anything you can do will add there would be good

    2. Thanks Dan, that's fantastic!

  2. Thought this might be up your alley. When miniature painters tackle disney toys.

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  4. Sorry talk to text can do weird things to try again: I want to take credit for this video as I am one of the people who suggested painting!! I want to get a Funko pop of a character or fandom I’m not into to try. That way if I screw up I won’t feel the desire to go buy another of the same Funko Pop because I screwed up the first one! Lol

  5. That was a fun (and fast) 30 minutes! :) I love your voice and the way you describe what you're doing. And Floating Space Cats? The BEST! :D I'd be more than happy to watch a video of you, John and the cats just talkin' away about anything.

  6. Good video, really enjoyed it, and can't get over how much better it looked when you were done. The recommendation to take pictures is a great one! I make quilts (sporadically, unfortunately!) but I find even just looking at something in a mirror can help to "distance" yourself from the object. So much easier to identify problem spots.

  7. That was the best! Floating space cats were awesome, also because we got to hear both of you giggle. After following Epbot since the beginning, I feel like I know your "voice", but to actually hear it was a little surreal (it may have made me a bit emotional *ahem*) Plus you speak like you write: entertaining and very natural. Thank you!

  8. Just a time traveler watching your video - you two are great! Or should I say you "four" are great - I must include and give credit to the Floating Cats!


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