Friday, February 9, 2018

Under The Sea & Over The Moon

I already shouted this from the virtual rooftops over on FB and Instagram a few weeks ago, but since those posts get lost and I want to remember this always, this is for posterity. And for those of you who don't have FB or Instagram. Or who do have it and just missed my posts.

Plus I put some fun new stuff at the end, so keep scrolling even if you saw these before.

Right. Ahem. HERE WE GO.

Yes, friendly FOE, I finally - FINALLY - after five years of trying, took my first ever ride on Voyages Of The Little Mermaid. I promise I won't keep updating you every time I manage to go on a new ride -  it's just I've mentioned this one so often here I thought you might want to celebrate with me. Especially because... well, you'll see. Keep scrolling.

I can see why Ursula is everyone's favorite part - SO COOL. And fun(ny) fact: two days after this her head fell off.(!!) That was in California, though, so IT WASN'T ME. Honest.

At some point you just start laughing to keep the terror at bay.


And as a reward for humoring me, here's some fun new merch from Disney Springs that caught my eye last week. This was before I went on the ride, but I must have had Ariel on the brain - I kept finding great Mermaid goodies.

New art in Wonderground Gallery, aka my favorite shop in Disney Springs. It got moved to a bigger space in the Co-op, too, so yay!

I actually got meet Miss Mindy (this Ariel artist) at Epcot later. She was here for the Festival of the Arts, I went Full Fangirl on her, and then she was super awesome about it. 

I'm loving all of Miss Mindy's new sculpts coming out:

The interior scenes in the skirts on these figures light up!

More cuties.

One of the newer things with the Mickey ear headbands are these interchangeable bows, which are huge and themed to all different characters/rides. I think this Jasmine one is my favorite - it has the Carpet design in the back, complete with tassels!

Woo! "Give me some tassel!"


Here's an Ariel bow, too, plus a Flounder purse:

Adorable Dumbo mug:
Which is double-sided!

I don't really collect Tsum Tsums, but I make an exception for Donald. And now they have him dressed as a Dapper Dan???

 Dangit, Disney. What are you doing to me.

Also in the category of "cruel and unusual" - I just cannot with this Sebastion purse/clutch, gang. IT'S TOO GOOD:

I think the zipper is supposed to be over his mouth, but I keep seeing his upper lip as his mouth ling and the zipper on his chin. ::shrug:: Either way, TOO GOOD.

And the art on this Ariel purse is dreamy perfection:

I hope they sell this as a print somewhere; it deserves to be framed.

Over in the housewares area they've released a whole new line of Little Mermaid goodies, like this pretty mug:

Orange and teal AND it has a seahorse on it? WHO OVER THERE IS READING MY MIND?

There's lots more - frames and dishes and mirrors - but my favorite is this Ariel statue:

I love how bright and subtle she is, and the matte finish makes it look really high-end. Just lovely.

Right, that's all I have for now, gang! Hope some of this made you smile!


  1. Man, I wish I lived in Florida so I could go to Disney more often.

  2. Yay!!! So proud that you rode the VotLM ride, the camera idea is a genius way to keep from getting overwhelmed. Please keep sharing your victories, even little ones, they help lift all of us up. I have this quote by Marie Curie posted on my mirror to remind me of that, "One never notices what has been done; one can only see what remains to be done."

    What a lovely treat afterward, all the art is so gorgeous! I especially love the Figment painting and the Dumbo mugs.

  3. Yay!! By all means, keep updating us with all of the new rides you go on! I'm so happy for you and it's a pleasure to see your journey. Plus, rides! (not all of us are lucky enough to live in Florida and get frequent access to the parks!)

    Also, I know that those Ariel teal and turquoise mugs and matching products are sold on Disney Store online. Maybe they'll have coupons at some point that you can use? Might be cheaper than in the parks ;)

  4. No no, please keep updating us on your adventures! Any victory is worth celebrating, no matter how many times you've talked about it before.
    And yes, someone is totally reading your mind over there!
    Pinkie Welborne, 17

  5. Ahhh! A. They have a poster of that print you loved, I have a copy that got bent before I could give it to my niece, so I bought her another. I found it at Michaels and WM. B. They have that statue as as art on a mug?!!! I am going to need that. C. Did you see a bunch of mermaid legging wearing goofs? I am in a group of mermaids and they did a get together recently there (and got stuck on that ride a bit too) So proud of you!!!

    1. Aha, Ariel Mermaid - Land or Sea is what that print is called. ^_^

    2. Yes! Seen this print at Walmart too! Its very pretty.

    3. I think they still have it at Five Below

  6. At least if the ride had to break down, the worst break down was during your favorite song? I think? Am I remembering that correctly? I feel like you've mentioned it....

    Sorry, too lazy to sign in because gmail is being weird. (TAL/Tiffany)

  7. I'm SO proud of you for managing the ride! And oh my goodness, that Dumbo mug is too cute for words, and I'm not even a big Dumbo fan!

  8. Jen, your post reminds me of a small triumph I had as a little kid. My family was moving and my parents promised to take us to our small town amusement park one last time. I asked my dad to go on the haunted house ride with me because I didn’t want to leave town scared of it. I was determined to beat the fear. He rode with me and held my hand. I laughed like crazy the whole way through to keep from screaming I was so scared. We came out the other end. I had tears running down my face, but I made it through laughing. My dad looked down at me and said “I’m proud of you.” I’ve never forgotten that feeling. Two years later I rode through my first Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. Now I always make it a point to go through the haunted stuff just to show it who’s boss.
    Way to ride the Little Mermaid adventure like a Boss! I’m proud of you!

  9. So many pretty goodies!! And I just got that gorgeous new Ariel mug in the mail yesterday!! I’m dying over it.

  10. Go Jen! Show 'em who is boss!

    I have aviophobia, the fear of flying. I've had it most of my life. I'm not afraid in the 'we are going to crash and die' kind of way. I just find take off and landing extremely scary and physically unpleasant. I've managed to lessen my fear by tuning out as much as possible. I have to close my eyes and no one can talk to me until I open them again once I feel ok. A few years ago whilst on a flight back home, I impulsive decided a few minutes before landing that I would leave my eyes open. Let me tell you, there was not one second where I didn't want to close them tight. But I did it and felt like a friggin' champ afterwards. I've flown a few times since then but haven't wanted to be daring again. Once was enough to endure but no one can ever take that from me.

    I've never been on a flight longer than 45 minutes. In June I'm bravely taking my first ever overseas flight from Australia to Florida for a week at Disney World; a trip I've wanted to do for years but never thought I'd be in the position to really do. It's 3 separate flights each way. 20 or so hours of flying. I'm low key terrified but am reminding myself that the agony and fear will be worth it.

  11. I read this and wept tears of joy for you. I'm so happy for you, and (hoping this doesn't sound patronizing) so *proud* of you. I've loved watching you keep plugging away at this and growing stronger and stronger over the years. It gives me hope. Thank you and hugs if you want them!

  12. You should join the Sewing for Steampunk FB group to see the amazing dress that Belinda Fitzgerald is making to replicate the Miss Mindy Evil Queen lamp. It's very impressive.

  13. Is it better knowing that The Little Mermaid is a wheel chair accessible ride? The slows/stops are all likely someone transferring into one of the accessible vehicles.

  14. SO happy and proud for you! Congrats on getting over another hurdle!!


  15. Congratulations, Jen! I'm so proud of you for this Mermaid Milestone!

  16. This gives me the warm fuzzies. So glad you gave it a whirl!

  17. Congratulations! I personally look at ride stoppages at Disney as an opportunity to relish in the air conditioning and additional time off my feet. :D I love that art gallery too- bought a print last time I was there featuring the Teacups.

  18. I'm so happy you were able to enjoy the ride and stay calm, even with stops. I have another perspective on the stops.

    I once did Disney (in CA) in a borrowed wheelchair. Dealing with temporary mobility issues made me realize what those long pauses in the continuously moving rides are. They have to stop the ride to allow someone to transfer from a wheelchair, or with their crutches or other mobility/balance issues. So, celebrate the stops as someone else's win.

  19. Firstly - This is awesome! Its amazing to see someone conquer a fear or challenge - no matter how big or small!!

    Now that you've been on the ride... I'll kindly point out that King Triton's hands in that final scene are the biggest part about him. I don't know what it means, but I DO know that it's the only part of that scene I can pay attention to now. You're welcome.

  20. Three cheers for Jen and her latest triumph!! Hip, hip, hooray!

    And speaking as one who lives so far from the parks that I have never been there, you can totally keep telling us about the latest rides you get on and sharing pictures. :) We love celebrating with you!


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