Thursday, November 23, 2017

Disney's Dapper Day, Fall 2017!

Twice a year most of the Disney parks have their own Dapper Day, a fan-run event that celebrates "refined style from yesterday and today." In a nutshell, you dress your best and come out to mingle with other Dappers. And last weekend was Orlando's turn!

Dapper Day actually lasts two days now, but Saturday at the Magic Kingdom is The Big One. Sunday at Epcot is the more relaxed, less-crowded option, but since I'm all about getting the most photos for you guys, John and I braved the Saturday crowds instead.

 Plus you just can't beat having Cinderella's castle as a backdrop!

 So many cute shoes! It only takes one Dapper Day to figure out comfortable footwear is a must; we saw at least one poor soul limping IN to the park in high heels, heading straight for the gift shop to buy some flip-flops. o.0

Of course "Fall" in Florida means it's still about 83 degrees and 83% humidity, so a moment of sympathy, please, for all the ladies in victory curls and fur stoles and gents in 3-piece suits. I'd also like to thank all the Dappers who squinted into the sun for me, and apologize now for all the dappled shade and harsh sunlight-spoiled-pics to follow. :D

Let me back up to our arrival at the TTC:

Disneybounding among Dappers is huge, but it's also been a point of contention among fans and officials alike, since the line between Disneybounding and outright cosplay has been blurred in past events. There have been a lot of rules and admonitions made, but in a nutshell, think fashion. Disneybounding is more subtle, more clever than cosplay. Mickey & Minnie up there are a perfect example, as are almost all of what I'll show you here on the site. 

 Oh! And not all 'bounds have to be Disney: look at that adorable little Pee Wee Herman! And I'm crushing on Snow White's yellow chucks. (Granted, I want to wear Chucks with every dress.)

I love the visual puzzle of Disneybounds; figuring out who everyone's character inspiration is more than half the fun. Let's see if you can guess these:

Ok, so Pinocchio is pretty easy, and I'm guessing the pink-and-white dress is one of the other puppet dancers? The blue dress I think is Jasmine, because of the accessories. (I love how she did her hair with the scarf!)

These sisters had the cutest handmade skirts:
 That's a monorail on the left, and the clock face from Small World on the right. Plus her little sailor's cap reads "The Happiest Cruise." Eeee!

This couple always brings their A game to Dapper Day:

 Sorry about the dappled shade, but didn't they pick the perfect spot next to those poinsettias?

This year I saw more dapper gentlemen than I think I've ever seen at Dapper Day:

AND I APPROVE. Check out all those great accessories: the pins, the specs, that funky triple tie knot! Don't you wish some of this style would come back all the time?

Also slayin' it? These two:

 Maleficent and Master Gracey! Look at those hats. So good.

An adorable house of Mouse:

And some jaw-dropping vintage styles:

 Check out the cut of that blue suit! And the lady's peacock feather hair clip!

I found a couple of great 'bounding groups, like this Wonderland gang:

 The Queen's purse is covered in playing cards. Nice.

 Now over to The Hundred Acre Wood:
I first just saw the three in the middle, and asked them for a photo. Then THIS ENTIRE GROUP turned around, and there was much Jen rejoicing (and squealing.) Can you name all the characters? Hang on, I'll give you some close-ups:

It helps that they're all wearing pins of their character inspirations, ha. (Click to embiggen.) But seriously, I can't pick a favorite: Kanga, Roo, Tigger, Piglet... they're all too perfect!

Speaking of perfect, do you remember the couple that dressed as Starlord and Rocket from my Spring Dapper roundup? Well here they are as Maid Marian and Robin Hood:

 It turns out we have some mutual friends, so I stopped to chat for a minute. I think I literally yelled, "A-HA!" when I found out he's a professional costume designer. This explains so much.

I go nuts for details like this. (She also had Marian's ring!)

A dapper Haunted Mansion pair and glam Sorcerer Mickey:

 (At first I thought she might be Tower of Terror, but when in doubt, check the pin.)

Every Dapper Day there's at least one outfit I want to steal. THIS IS THAT OUTFIT:

(The orange one, I mean. Though your suit is quite lovely, sir.)

Look at all that happy orange goodness! And her purse is shaped like an orange! Hnnnnngggggg.

Also swooning over this lady in red:

 She sat down in the Hub grass to take a break, but she looked so lovely like that I had to run over and ask for a photo.

This sweet family is all Christmas'd up, and I. Am. LOVING IT:
Those suits! And her gingerbread purse and sparkly corsage! (I suddenly want to wear all my glittery present sprigs as corsages now.)

At first I thought this couple was a prince and princess, but then I zoomed in on the fan she's holding:

They're bounding as the characters in a Tomorrowland poster, you guys. YES.

A picture perfect Mouseketeer, and though it's a little hard to see, the rainbow skirt has a gorgeous painting of the Partners statue on it!

Here's a glamorous Blue Fairy:

I would die in those heels. DIE. But my gosh they look good.
(Let's hope she had some backup flip-flops. :D)

 And since it's Thanksgiving here in the U.S., how about the cutest Disney FOOD Bounds:
 His Mickey Ice Cream ears are my new favorite thing today, you guys - and she's wearing a Dole Whip made of ribbon! Hee!

Phew! Well, I'm at the halfway point with my photos, so I think I'll stop there for now. Hope you guys are enjoying the eye candy - stay tuned for part 2! (And happy Thanksgiving!)


  1. That lady in red - lovely, but as a fellow fair-skinned person, all I can think is 'Ouch!'

    Hope she's wearing at least a 50 factor sun screen.

  2. I curated the perfect Wendy-bound outfit a couple years ago in hopes my husband would be home early enough from his deployment to attend the fall Dapper Days. Alas, no such luck - but I did wear it to Dragon*Con that year, so at least I got to show it off a bit :) I'm hoping to get my whole family dressed in a Peter Pan theme for a Dapper Days one year...

  3. As the lady in red, I made a rookie mistake but baby oil and skim calming lotion helped Me! And full coverage for day 2 ;)

    Also thank you thank you thank you!

  4. Too bad I didn't catch you! I was an awesome Cruella!!

  5. Fabulous as usual, everyone! :D
    Thanks for photographing this amazingicalness, miss Jen! I've always loved the Dapper Day stuff.
    Pinkie Welborne, 17

  6. Beautiful! I would sweat to death, but oh, how lovely the fashion!

  7. Wow, I'm always amazed at the creativity at these events! Just when I think there's no way folks could come up with something not seen before, they prove me wrong! :D I love it!

  8. I wish this had been a thing when we lived near WDW! My husband would hate it, but I'd be going dressed up every time.

    Do they ever have to turn people away at the gate because the costume is too much?

    1. I've never heard of a Dapper being turned away, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened. They're more lax about enforcing the stricter costume rules on Dapper Day (we see a lot of wigs and more costume-y elements), but if you get mistaken for an actual Disney character, they WILL take notice and probably ask you to change and/or leave, ha.

  9. Along with admiring the beautiful well-dressed people, I was amazed at the lovely blue sky and how perfect a backdrop it was, along with the castle. Lovely photos, Jen! This looks like so much fun!

  10. I think the girl in the pink and white dress with Pinoccio might be the ballerina from the Tin Soldier part of Fantasia 2000. See how she is standing on only one leg? ;)

  11. Oh my gosh.. the pooh bear gang!!


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