Sunday, November 26, 2017

Disney's Dapper Day, Fall 2017 Part 2!

Let's dive back into my favorites from last weekend's Dapper Day with the park's tiniest Dreamfinder - and his mom, Figment:


Then I asked to take a picture of her shoes, because LOOK AT HER SHOES:


These two have a fun Marching Band Mickey vibe going:

I love her jacket and the little gold accents on her shoes! Plus her cape in the back is covered in music notes.

Let's see if you can guess these two:

You probably know the famous red head from Pirates, but did you guess Pink Boa lady? Here's a hint: look at her legs.

Did you get it now?

She's Teddi Berra from Country Bear Jamboree - you know, the one who descends from the ceiling on a swing?

A trio of stylish scoundrels:

Cruella, Ursula, and I believe that's Jafar on the right. (The feather is a great touch.) Ursula's shell purse is covered in a holographic purple glitter, btw, and hnnnnnng.

This family remembered me from when I took their photo at Dragon Con (the Donald in the middle was that awesome Junkrat) - so we ended up talking Overwatch for like 10 minutes, ha:
You can follow them at Avera Cosplay - all three have great costumes!

A sweet Honey Lemon & her mom Baymax, and Ariel & Snow White:

My friend Stephanie 'bounded as one of the aliens from Toy Story, and she has THE cutest accessories:

She made The Claw on her fascinator! AAAA!!! Then she has a pizza slice for a purse, a galaxy print umbrella, and alien earrings AND on her shoes. Love it love it love it.

I think you can tell which of these two were together:

Pretty in peach!

I spotted this fabulous Dick Tracy 'bound from clear across the hub:

You'll never lose her in the crowd! I love this whole outfit: the split pants/skirt, the pin, the way she turned his iconic jacket into a short cape - SO GOOD.

I'm a little stumped on these next two, assuming they're Disney Bounding. Any ideas?

I'm getting a Swiss Family Robinson vibe, but I don't think that's it. At any rate, I love her dress design, and their colors!

Dapper Day has gotten so massive that Disney has banned any official group meetups or activities - it's a crowd safety issue - but there was still a group photo of the D3 Darlins' Facebook group around midday:

I can only assume it's a matter of time before Disney gets after this group, too, since even this fraction of Dappers is a LOT of people. In the meantime, though, it's great for folks looking to get pictures, like me. :D

Genie has the "Applause" sign painted on the back of her jacket! And that's Iago with her - see the little parrot pin on her bag?

A sparkly Spider-Man, Cheshire cat, and a Christmassy plaid with THE best hair:

Seriously, her hair. HER HAIR. So pretty.

A clever Wreck It Ralph pair:

Ralph has the sugar cookie heart on her belt - and isn't that skirt perfect? And Vanellope's candy hat pins?

More standouts in the Dapper Gents department:

Also plenty of dapper plaid!

I can't tell you how much I love the Mickey ears with the green kilt, btw.

Jack and Sally take a frightfully fashionable turn:

She made Zero into a sheer shawl! BRILLIANT! And hard to see, but her little lace-up shoes were the absolute cutest.

No 'bounding here, just some picture-perfect vintage styles:

I tell ya, after a day of photographing Dappers, everyone else in the park (including yourself) starts to look reaalllly schlubby. Ha!

John and I did Dapper it up a bit, though, and John really worked my new rainbow umbrella:

MY MAN. And that's us with Epbot reader Sarah on the right!

Here's the prettiest Mary Poppins:

And I'll end with two more favorites: a Milo 'bound from Atlantis and some lovely lemony goodness!


Hope you guys enjoyed the Dapper eye candy! As always I have even more photos over in my Flickr gallery, so check that out to see the rest!


  1. Your unknown couple...the green is confusing me, but apart from that the colours are right for BB8 & Poe Dameron. It's the orange trim and the white and black spats. see here

    1. My guess is Jane from Tarzan & Jane - but it only works for the girl. Super cute clothes, regardless! Thanks for another fun virtual visit post!

  2. The unknown couple look similar to some cast member uniforms, but I'm not sure.

    1. This was my thought as well. The cast that work on Tom Sawyer Island wear similar ones.

  3. Squeeee - that Figment/Dreamfinder family is ridiculously adorable!!! And the Wreck-It-Ralph couples was one of my favorites that I saw in person that day. :)

    My guess on the "Swiss Family Robinson" dress is that she's similar to one of the trolley show outfits. I saw a group together at one point of several dressed in similar dresses (but not in the current winter colors - I think they were the summer colors), and they were all wearing spats like hers that match the trolley dancers.

    Also, just to clarify, the group photograph was organized by Weber Photography and wasn't part of the D3 Darlin's. At lost of folks from the Darlin's group were there and the Darlin's ' organizer helped position everyone because she's friends with the Webers, but Weber Photography scheduled the group photo and the Darlin's didn't even have it listed on our meet-up schedule for the day.

  4. I'm not sure what her real name is, but Dick Tracy up there goes by Takeitofftrixie on IG. I've been following her ever since she did an AMAZING Rocketeer at a previous dapper day. :-D

  5. If anyone else loves "Marching Band Mickey's" shoes, you can find them on DSW. I know because I've been drooling over them for some time, trying to find an excuse to buy them. Penny Loves Kenny Requiem Pump

  6. I am friends with Cruella and gang featured up there and her and Ursula have an IG account for all of their Disney goings on that I live vicariously through: fairydustnwanderlust

  7. Figment Mom's shoes are THE BEST! sweet Honey Lemon is THE CUTEST! I LOVE all the dapper plaid, and Mr. John looks A M A Z I N G with the rainbow umbrella!
    Pinkie Welborne, 17

  8. Totally crushing on the guy in the kilt! Is he single? Wait, I'm not...never mind... ;)

  9. Oh my goodness, that baby Dreamfinder! I LOVE Mary's carousel skirt, the Dick Tracy cape, and the Zero shawl for Sally! Such creativity!

  10. The color scheme in the unknown couple remind me of Wreck it Ralph, except without plaid involved. Am I crazy? (wait...don't answer that... :D )

  11. I feel like the unknown couple could be from the Trolley Show.

  12. I need to get to a Dapper Day. Everyone always looks phenomenal. I love the kilt and plaids and especially that Milo at the end. Fantastic pics!

  13. I think the unknown couple might be Pecos Bill and Slue Foot Sue

  14. My dizgeek coworker Chris is guessing that the mystery couple is Goofy and the Librarian from An Extremely Goofy Movie.

  15. YESS Milo! I never see enough of the Atlantis crew!

  16. The unknown couple look like Duchess and Thomas O'Malley from the Aristocats? Maybe?


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