Saturday, August 5, 2017

Jen's Gems: Forces of Destiny, Pocket Princesses, & New Figment Goodies!

Time for more of my favorite internet finds!

For those of you who still use Twitter (anyone? Bueller? Bueller?) The Last Blockbuster is SO FUNNY. It's actually been going for over a year, but somehow I just found it this week. (If you're not on Twitter, just click over and read everything on their page.)

To give you an idea, it's like this:

It's similar in tone to Epcot Centre, which I also love. (Dizgeeks, if you haven't seen that one, GO.)


Speaking of vintage Epcot, there's some deliciously retro merch coming out for its 35th anniversary soon, and it is PURDY.

I love this orange and purple color scheme. (Surprise, surprise.) 

And look! Figment!

That little wristlet bag is Ca-YUTE.

Go see the rest (there's lots!) at Inside the Magic.


On the crafty front, these DIY plush notebooks by 2 Cats & 1 Doll are surprisingly fabulous:

There are so many clever little tips in here, from using a kitchen sponge and socks to how they made the unicorn eyes and minion "hair." My favorite is Pusheen, though, because that tail bookmark is everything that is right in this world.


Oh, hey! You know those AMAZING Star Wars: Forces of Destiny dolls hitting stores this month?

 The same set that also has Leia in her Endor outfits?

Woot woot!

Well GET THIS: the art on the retail boxes is by Kellee Riley, an amazing artist and friend I've featured here on Epbot!

(Apparently there's more art on the backs, but I can't find any pics of those online yet. Have any of you found them?)

 Kellee just announced this on her Facebook page, and it's the cherry on top of an already amazing line. SO HAPPY.


And since I'm on a Disney streak: you guys DO follow Pocket Princesses by Amy Mebberson, right?

This week's edition is the entire state of Florida right now:

Wait, one more:


 Go follow Mebberson on Facebook, Tumblr, and/or Instagram to see the rest. There are TONS, and they're all hilarious and adorable. (Amy also has 2 volumes of officially licensed Princess comics through Disney, so definitely check those out!)

And finally, I'll leave you with a moment of joyous-squealing-beyond-the-range-of-human-hearing:

Taken at The Sloth Institute, vid found here.

Baby sloth first applauds you, then gives you a prosh lil' head tilt, because things really aren't so bad now, are they? 



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Thanks, gang!


  1. In love with ShinyAugust 5, 2017 at 8:54 PM

    ! I've seen the Forces line at Target already. There are lightsabers too.

  2. I love Pocket Princesses! And that classic Epcot and Figment merchandise is amazing! Man, I wish I lived closer to Florida.

  3. Hahahahha, if I wasn't already subscribed through email, I would do it now just to use the shiny new green button! :D
    Pinkie Welborne, 16

  4. The "Summer Hibernation" strip is so true. I went out to Busch Gardens last night, well after the sun had gone down, and it was still brutally hot from the humidity. And I just let the dog out this morning-- still hot and miserable. Someone come wake me around November...

  5. Is it bad that I was a sophomore in college when EPCOT opened? Our college marching band went there when I was a junior, so EPCOT was a year old. People didn't know what to think of it at first.

    I love the vintage merch. So cool!

    I love the pocket princesses! So funny!

  6. i love that you share all these great stuffs. thanks!


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