Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Best Cosplay Of Tampa Bay Comic Con 2017, Part 2!

Let's dive back in to the best of Tampa Bay Comic Con with a tail for the ages:


You might remember this cosplayer from past posts, but this year he got a super cool upgrade. See how he's standing? Well check this out:

Srsly. SO COOL.

And I could be wrong, but it looks like he controls the chair mechanism by turning his hand!

Three Supergirls and a Batgirl:

My favorite part with the mother-daughter duo was how the little one snapped into that perfect superhero pose. She had it DOWN.

For the record, I would totally watch a Deadpool Ghostbusters movie. And it should star this kid, with his dad teaching him the ropes of the paranormal biz:

"Now remember, Bubs, don't cross the streams. But you CAN cross the katanas."

I love the DC Bombshells line - it's retro glam goodness - and this Wonder Woman & Hawkgirl nailed it:

Aren't they great?

I later found them with the whole Bombshells lineup, though my group shot came out a little blurry:

Here are some better closeups:

These kids were having the time of their lives dancing on their own mobile platform. It took me a second to recognize their characters, let's see how fast you are:

If you guessed "steampunk Genie and Rajah from Aladdin," then on a scale of 1-10, YOU... are an eleven.

But wait, there's more! Check out the whole group together:

Steampunk Ariel even came to visit!

Let's keep the Disney train going with this incredible Evil Queen and her Magic Mirror:

The mirror costume hung on a pole like a banner, so the cosplayer just stood behind it! Clever.

If you thought Five Nights At Freddy's was scary, then you probably shouldn't look too closely in this Freddy's mouth:


Here comes my favorite fan encounter from the weekend:

Andrea here recognized John and I on the floor, and excitedly told me that not only is this is her first cosplay(!!), Epbot helped inspire her to do it! She said Lady Vadore inspired her to print up her own in-character business cards, and she chose the hat with the uniform because she liked the way mine looked on my Ghostbusters Geek-A-Week card. (How's that for a blast from the past? Dang, Andrea, you've been reading this blog FOREVER. ;) )

Even better, though, was when I caught sight of Andrea later in the crowd. (But she didn't see me. MWUAHAHAAA.) She was just so HAPPY to be there in costume, you know? It was infectious. It reminded me again why I keep coming back, and why I keep telling you guys to go to your local cons, preferably in costume. There's nothing like it. And best of all, you get to meet people like Andrea.

Oof, look at me gabbing, when there are COSTUMES TO SEE.

This Hawkgirl made her own feather wings and the leather pauldrons on her shoulders - aren't they gorgeous?

A picture-perfect Kiki and Alice:

Alice's "Drink Me" bottle is soooo goood. It even lights up! (I follow "Alice" on Instagram, btw, and you should, too. She's currently working on a to-die-for Mrs. Lovett costume.)

Our BB 'napping Jawa was out for 3-4 hours on both Saturday and Sunday, and I'm pretty sure every single child (and most of the adults) at the con had their picture taken with me:

In the past people have mostly wanted a picture OF me, not with me, so this was harder. I literally had queues at times, so not being able to move or see for such long stretches was pretty rough.

That said, I can't wait to kit up again for Dragon Con. Fooling people is SO FUN. The reactions John got were priceless.

"Is that your son?"
"No, my wife."

It'd be hilarious if he left it at that, but John always goes on to explain the illusion, because he is a spoilsport. ;)

Sorry, sorry, I am so chatty today. Eeesh. Ok. Back to the costumes with this lovely take on Espeon from Pokémon:

For you non-Pokémon followers, this is Espeon:

And here's a steampunk Wonder Woman and ballgown Poison Ivy and Harley:

How awesome is Harley's dress? I love that checkered bit at the bottom.

Queenie and Credence from Fantastic Beasts:
Really diggin' Credence's makeup - that shading around the eyes is fantastic. (Eh? Eh?)

Which brings me to the wizardly duo I know you've been waiting this entire post for.

That's right, I give you, the one - well, the two - the only...

Sexy Saruman and Gandalf.


You're welcome.

Be sure to check out my Flickr album for *all* of my Tampa Bay Comic Con pics, since I couldn't fit them all here. Hope you guys enjoyed!


  1. Sexy Saruman and Gandalf won it for me. Beautiful and awesome. :D

  2. Those last two are just perfect. So many great cosplays! I love your con posts as I always get new ideas. Ps. That Iron man mermaid is fintastic!!!

  3. Saruman and Gandalf have very nice legs, I'll say that for them.

  4. Given the last set of photos, you should watch this:

    Skip up to 8:40 for the relevant bit, or watch the whole crazy thing...

  5. Wow! I'm a wheelchair cosplayer myself, and mega props to Iron Merman! Of course, I am side-eye coveting his snazzy chair... ;)

  6. sexy Gandalf is just disturbing...

  7. Truly amazing! I need to get back to going to cons ... so much fun! Especially in costume!

  8. "Steampunk Ariel even came to visit" - I think that is Iago the parrot. Looks like his bill on her headband. Such a cool group!

    1. The "bill" you are referring to is her nametag.
      and there is a crab in her skirt, so I think it's Ariel.

    2. Nah, you can see the purple shell on her chest, and there's a little Sebastian stuck in the netting around her hip.

  9. You are definitely NOT too chatty! I love reading about your interactions with everyone -- makes me feel more like I'm actually there. :)

    My faves are Iron Merman, Andrea (that's an amazing first cosplay!), and of course, your Jawa!


  10. I'm always so impressed with the cosplay. Thank you so much Jen, for posting the pictures!

  11. Hey, Andrea the Ghostbuster, here! I gotta say I had so much fun at this con! I’m not surprised you caught me walking on sunshine…after reading CakeWrecks and Epbot for years, I finally got the chance to meet you and John! :D Thanks for letting me *squee* over you, and thanks for the super-sweet write-up! I blushed as I read it!

    Some random notes:

    *You know, the “Suncoast Ghostbusters of Tampa Bay” business card I gave you (I did remember to give you one, right?) Someone e-mailed me at the address I put on the card and said that there is in fact a charity group called “Suncoast Ghostbusters” who appear at events and raise money for various causes. I had no idea…I just made the name up! So, guess which group I’m going to join in order to become legit?

    *I tried to show off one thing about my proton pack that didn’t work. You see that small black disk? That’s a bluetooth speaker. I had my phone set up to play the Ghostbusters theme, the Ecto-1 siren, and, of course, “What is Love” by Haddaway. When I tried to show you guys, my speaker had somehow lost the connection. Bummer! I also have a PKE meter…as an app on my phone. They really have an app for that.

    *I loved the Steampunk Aladdin family! My friends and I kept running into them throughout the day and they all looked like they were having so much fun!

    *As a first time cosplayer, I was intimidated by the thought of entering a cosplay contest, especially after reading some articles about them written by the pros. But after watching the cosplay contest here, I kinda regret not entering…it looked a lot more casual, fun, and not as competitive than I thought! Maybe next time…

    *I see from your Flickr that you got to see the other Ghostbusters and Sonic the Ghostbuster. I saw all of them and was like “I have found my people!” Glad you also go to see Duck Dodgers and Marvin the Martian, too! They were a riot! Also glad you got to see my friend Joy as the Red Queen of Hearts.

    Thank you again for sharing such great pictures and for being awesome! I hope to see you again at MegaCon at the same convention center in Sept/Oct. I bought a pair of tiny ghost trap earrings at this con and can’t wait to wear them with my uniform!

    In the meantime, here’s a virtual bouquet of daisies for you and John: @~)~~~~ X 10. ;)

  12. There is some CRAZY detail on that Iron-Mer-Man tail! The ombre scale 'plates' are GOALS. I can't quite decide if it's an 'Iron Man/Aqua Man' mashup, or an 'Iron Man/King Triton' mash (Since Aquaman doesn't have a tail), or whether it's a straight-up 'Sub-Aqua Iron Man Suit' design. There is a lot of detail to see and the more you look the more you notice (I noticed a criss-cross decorated tube just peeking out behind the helmet - is this part of the design suggesting a 'scuba' element, or is it functional where the power for the lighting is fed, or a way of integrating an oxygen or feeding tube for the cosplayer themselves?). The level of work and planning that goes into these costumes is brilliant. I totes want the tail for myself! That scale work is lovely!

    I love to cosplay but so far I haven't been brave enough to debut any of my creations outside of private parties or small gatherings and the occasional midnight showing of a movie or book release.

    I am planning an interesting take on a Jedi outfit for the midnight release of VIII though....

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