Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Best of Dragon Con 2016, Pt 5 - Last One!

Time for my final DCon roundup of 2016!

Of course I COULD go on forever with these, but with another big convention this weekend, believe me, I'll have plenty more cosplay for you guys soon enough.

So let's gallop on with... IT'S SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE!!


 For those of you unschooled in the ways of Despicable Me 2, this is little Agnes' Unicorn Princess dress:

... but note how the cosplayer went the extra mile by turning the unicorn into the plush from the first movie:

YESSSS. And you guys, that pony fur was the softest thing ever. 
(I *did* ask before petting her skirt, promise.)

Raise your hand if you want a unicorn plush this size now. [raises both hands]

Despicable Me 2 got me through one of the most panic-stricken weeks of my life, so it has a special place in my heart. Especially Pharrell's song "Happy." I watched that part of the movie on a loop an embarrassing number of times that week, and I'm still not sick of it. So, yeah, seeing this made me happy. :)

Oh hey, speaking of ear worms:
Who's singing it? You know you want to!

Took me a while to chase down these Fallout power suits for John:
I think I mentioned before, but the pink suit is John's favorite in the game. 

Such great detailing, and I love the paint jobs:

In case you were wondering, elaborate headdresses and light-up skirts are the way to this fangirl's heart:

Can we talk about the sparkly bow on Mjolnir? Hee!

Oh! And lemme tell ya, I gushed over this next beauty:


(You've heard about Ironheart, the new female Iron Man, right? Apparently her first issue hits stands next month.)

More fantastic armor on these Gundams:

And this Cyclops had a digital eye that looked in all different directions:

It's too bright in my photo, but looked suuuper cool IRL.

You know how I'm always telling you guys to ASK cosplayers for a photo, not just snap a pic from a distance or without their knowing? Here's another reason why:

After a moment of squinting I realized this next couple was from LoTR, and asked for a photo. They immediately unrolled a fabric river, set out little boats, and posed like this:


Blurry boat close-up! And notice they even painted their toes gray.

A little Mars Attacks:

And is this a teenage Darkness from Legend?

I'm thinking it is; his horns & nails just haven't grown in yet.
(Note to self: Watch Legend again.)

Tell me this Tank Girl doesn't look like a living comic book cover:
Right? Ah-mazing.

And this Dumbledore could have stepped off the movie set:

A moment of silence, if you please, for the real Dumbledore, Richard Harris. [sniffle]

I think this Joyce from Stranger Things was the most photographed cosplayer at DCon this year, and deservedly so:

Her facial expressions were pure GOLD. As I went to take this photo, someone walking by called out, "Hey, Joyce!" Without missing a beat, she turned to him and screeched, "HAVE YOU SEEN MY SON?!" and it was just about the best thing ever.

BUT WAIT, I have *more* Stranger Things goodness. Are you ready? No, you'll never be ready. Just look:


He was flailing the little puppet hands around on rods, and oh. my. gosh. I love Dragon Con.

Moving on to a creepy cute Harley:

The sculpt on her giant hammer is what first caught my eye, but that grin mask is a cool touch, too.

Gender-swapped Greg and Rose from Steven Universe:

Dapper bearded Rose is my new favorite thing. Even his eyebrows are pink!

More cartoon goodness with a lovely She-Rah:

This Sailor Moon is based on NoFlutter's art, and I think was pretty happy I recognized it:

More proof Dragon Con is a cult among cons: this little boy was cosplaying as one of the hotels:

I think that's the elevator shaft from the Westin lobby. Ha!

This Daenerys brought her own dragon:

While this little Ghostbuster couldn't stop proton-blasting everything in sight - complete with his own sound effects:


Here's a jaw-dropper from the Henson costume contest: Aughra from The Dark Crystal:

Complete with Fizzgig!

Today I Learned: The Dark Crystal characters are no less creepy when they're not puppets. 0.o

And since I can't have a DCon 2016 post without at least one more Labyrinth cosplay, here's one more from the Henson Costume Contest:

The little stick biter! Aaa! SO GOOD.

And finally, let's wrap up with Tron Totoro. Yes, it's Totoro, in a new cosplay:

I think I've managed to catch this Totoro the last two years, and he has a new outfit each time. (Last year was Iron Man, I believe.) I like how they found an especially dark corner to show off all those lights!

And that's a wrap on Dragon Con 2016, peeps! As always these were just my top favorites, but I've uploaded ALL of my photos to Flickr, so feel free to click over there to browse the rest.

Happy Weekend!


  1. That little ghost buster is the cutest thing ever!

  2. Love! But really, out of all of them, I'm mostly going, "Dark Crystal! Yes! Represent!"

    Man, I need to get to a con some day.

  3. SO much awesome in one post, it's amazing! I'm forever in awe of cosplayers that go all out.

    1. Two overused words and one made up word in one post. Im in awe.

  4. My husband LOVED the Argonath statues from LOTR! Very creative :)

  5. I literally squeed with my hands on my mouth when I saw the Argonath! How awesome is that?!

  6. Oh my goodness, these costumes are fabulous!

    I loooooooove Agnes!!!! Whenever we get a longish-haired dog at the shelter, I find myself thinking (and more than occasionally exclaiming out loud -- whoops!) her fluffy line. Dumbledore has totally channeled Richard Harris; the costume is amazing. I don't have Netflix, so I haven't seen Stranger Things, but I may have to break down and subscribe.

    Thanks so much for sharing these pictures. You have such a marvelous eye, Jen!

    1. Forgot to sign it -- it's Zippy. :)

  7. If you snagged a photo of us and it didn't make it to the Best Of DCon posts, is there any way I could get it from you? I'm totally willing to pay for it through your donation page. I know you have thousands of pictures though so it might not be feasible?

    1. Of course! Did you spot yourself in my Flickr folder I linked to at the end of this post? Almost all of my DCon pics are there now - just a small handful I ran out of time to edit. If you see your pic there, just send me the link, and I can e-mail you the full size image.

  8. I saw the Argonath, and immediately had the strings part going through my head.

    And that Richard Harris Dumbledore! Wow!

  9. I am in love with that Totoro costume. So much so that I went hunting for previous years' costumes - turns out Totoro has also been Batman and steampunk as well as Ironman.

  10. Is the little Ghostbuster wearing TMNT shoes, or are my eyes playing tricks on me? It really looks like Mikey's orange mask.

  11. OMG that little Ghostbuster. I just want to squeeze him, and love him, and call him George.

  12. I am LOVING the "new" trend of putting on makeup like they are straight from comic books. It is FASCINATING! (and is it new? that's why i put it in quotes)

  13. That couple dressed as the Argonath just made my day! That is so clever!

  14. This was so cool, and now I really have to go to DragonCon!!! I've been wanting to for years, but haven't made the trip yet.

    Also, HI! Just wanted to say you've got a new fan/follower! A friend recommended your blog to me. She said it was right up my ally, and HOW COULD I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS?! She also mentioned you're in the Orlando area and love Star Wars. WELL HOWDY, GIRL! I'm in 501st Tampa Bay Squad, and also have a Disney pass! So if you'd ever like to collectively geek out in person, in the most un-creepy way possible, I am hereby expressing interest to do so, in public, at a very open location, such as the Mouse. :)

    Fantastic blog you've got here!!! So glad my friend recommended it.

    1. Hi, Amber! And yay more geeks close to home! If you ever want to schedule a Disney meet, shoot me an e-mail and we'll set something up - or since John and I try to do all the local cons we can, maybe we'll see you at one of those?

  15. ERMAGERSH!I'm dressed as Rose Quartz RIGHT NOW!

  16. So glad you made it to another con, Jen. Hope you both beat the con crud! Is it just me, or does anyone else try to click a "like" button on Jen's photos here on Epbot? Just me? Oh, okay. Nevermind.
    Maureen S

  17. Replies
    1. And they use the LotR LEGO minifigures in the boast! So perfect!

    2. "Epic"? Do you know what that word means?

  18. I was on your Flickr page going through all of the pictures.. Who is the Purple/Black Spider Queen Ballerina with green balls on her leg? Googling that is no help.. I love her costume!

    -Cecilia Williams

  19. I am hyperventilating at the Argonath statues! That is so ingenious! And hilarious with the river and boats. *swoon* And I thought nothing in this post could top the very first pics of Agnes. Her costume is just the cutest! Man, I missed so much amazingness this year! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you again. :)

  20. Eugh that LOTR couple is EXCELLENT the wee boats! Argh! I'm a sucker for simple props <3

  21. Thanks so much for all of the Dragon*Con photos. It's like being back at the con (but way less tired and it smells better!)

  22. OMG you totally just MADE MY DAY! I am the Despicable Me 2 Agnes Unicorn Princess cosplayer!! GAH! Thank you so much!!

  23. Love the pictures, as always! Thanks so much for sharing them with those of us who can't make it. <3

    I'm mildly shocked to see the troll-lite commentary on a couple of people's comments. The EPBOT community is so supportive that it's startling when something like that sneaks in over here.


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