Friday, October 21, 2016

My New Halloween Wreath! (AKA, YAY GLOWING SKULLS)

Not since my Eyeball Flower Wreath from last year have so many of you jumped on a craft tutorial, and I am LOVING all your Glowing Skull photos!

 A rainbow of skulls!

I'm dubbing Emily G.'s "the Portal pair":
 ("This is a triumph.")

Spooky even with the lights off!

There were several epic quests to round up supplies:

And some forced improvisations when that frame proved elusive:

Meg T. made a mini version!

 Jen H. wins "Most Creepy" with her horrifically fabulous red-lit skull:
I swear I can see eyes in there. [shudder]

She sponged some gold paint on the frame, too, which looks awwwwesome.

Jen made another one with a flickering tea light in the skull, too, and oh dang:

But what really got my gears cranking was when a couple of you went the extra EXTRA mile:


Darci combined her glowing skull with more dollar store items, and made an epic cobweb wreath.

And look at this prettiness Christina put together!


(She tells me she's looking for purple LEDs to put in the skull. Yessss.

So clearly at this point I had to make a wreath, too. HAD TO.

And here's what I came up with:

The wire wreath form and feather boa are from JoAnn's, but the rest - roses, raven, and glittery and light-up spiders - are all from our trusty local Dollar Tree.

I was aiming for something Morticia Addams would approve of. How'd I do?
I really like all the different textures, and how the boa looks kind of scraggly and shredded.
(The skull frame isn't attached to the wreath, btw; it's just hanging there in the middle.)

At night you can't see much inside all that black, but it's still quite dramatic with only the skull lit up:

 Those white spiders are actually clear, and blink different colors:

The slow shutter speed made the colors all turn blue/green, though.

Here's a better idea of the colored lights, taken inside:


And one final shot taken inside, just 'cuz I like it:

 It looks like I took the colors out, but I didn't! It's just on a white door. Pretty, right? In a ghostly, spine-tingling, thoroughly unsettling kind of way?

Thanks to everyone who's shared photos so far, and please keep 'em coming over on the Epbot FB page, guys! Makes me happy. :)


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  1. I love seeing what all the crafty folks come up with! Your wreath is amazing, I want it! Thanks, Jen!

  2. Oh now that is a wreath! Look at all those creative versions. Loving this.

  3. Oh now that is a wreath! Look at all those creative versions. Loving this.

  4. That tea light one gives me the shivers! Great job to everyone!

  5. I so want to make one, but there's no way I'd trust myself or my husband with a craft knife on something that's not flat -- we are the klutziest people in earth and would manage to cut not only our fingers off, but somehow poke out an eye while we were at it.

    P.s. The bag of eyeballs to make the Eyeball Flower Wreath is still sitting next to my couch *from last year*. Perhaps I'll get around to making it before next year. ;-P

  6. I made three skulls with materials to make a 4th, plus I got some more materials for my roommate to make one too. I used a dremel with a cut off wheel after the first skull because I didn't have any blades for my utility knife. Created lots of plastic dust, and the edge locally melted as I worked so the chips kinda melted back in place, but it was nothing that running it over concrete couldn't fix.

    I LOVE how they all turned out! Plus I got my batteries and LEDs from the dollar store :D. I found some LEDs shaped like leaves (green) and dragon flies (Pink and Blue) over by the electronics section. It came out fabulous.

  7. Oooo, if you made one regular skull and one facing backwards you could make an actual Portal set!

  8. Hi Jen, I've got a question: you seem to be using a lot of those mini fairy lights with battery packs. When you switch on your decorations, do you actually need to walk through the house and switch every single one on/off, or is there a trick for switching all of them on/off at the same time?

  9. People are so great!
    I love the craftiness! I definitely need more Halloween in my house, so if I come up with something neat, I'll definitely share it.
    --Piper P from Washington State

  10. Love everyone's awesome skills and creativity! Jen, your wreath wins the extra creepy award from me because I am terrified of feathers! *shudder*

  11. Love this – gave me so many ideas for the wreath my daughter is demanding for her Halloween party.


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