Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Best of Dragon Con 2016, Pt 4

Who's ready for more Dragon Con cosplay?! 
I know, you've been having withdrawals. Me, too.

Kicking off with a hilariously epic IT Crowd trio:

Moss, Roy, and Richmond!

Sorry that shot's so terrible; in fact, consider this my blanket apology for ALL the bad shots here on out, k?

And I'll make it up to you with...

The Luck Dragon isn't actually a costume, he's an enormous puppet:

I'm sad I didn't see him in action, but at least I got better photos this way.
(Don't you just want him to be a giant bean bag pillow, for snuggles?)

From luck dragons to spider queens:

Really clever build here, though you guys will have to tell me what she's from!

Update: Thanks, guys! Looks like she's Arachne from Smite:


Kylo Ren/Slave Leia and Ballgown Rey:
Not gonna lie: Kylo/Leia made my brain hurt while I figured it out. It's like if you saw a Greedo-themed BB-8.

...which I bet someone will do now.

I'm guessing this Snow White and Aurora are based on an art piece, because DANG are these sweet re-designs:

I love the thorny brambles in Aurora's hair, and Snow's poofy skirt and apple core necklace. And note that Aurora's gown is both pink *and* blue. YES.

More prettiness: Pirate Poison Ivy!

Continuing this year's Labyrinth theme, here's THE most screen-accurate Firey costume you'll ever see:

This is cosplayer Lady Graves, who sculpted, cast, and stitched everything herself. She won first place in Dragon Con's Henson costume contest, and took 2nd at the Puppetry Center's Labyrinth Ball. AHHH-mazing.

A year or two back there was a viral post of a beautiful, 90-something Olenna Tyrell cosplayer, talking about how fun it was to dress up. So when I spotted her across the floor at Dragon Con, I went over to fangirl a bit:
I'd barely gotten out the words to ask for a photo, though, when her daughter there, Merrill, called out, "Jen!!" 

Turns out they not only knew who I was, Merrill even went to one of my CW tour shows! Ha! I love what a small world the geek community can be. And I EXTRA love that this mom-and-daughter are still cosplaying together. You do my heart good, you two. I can see this being me and my mom, someday.

Dangit, is it dusty in here now? GAH. Let's move on before I get dangerously soppy.

One of the most creative Spirited Away cosplays I've seen:

It's Chihiro in a mound of Soot Sprites! Building this on a skirt base is genius, though I can't even imagine the time that went into all those little puff balls. 0.o

Speaking of big skirts, this Cinderella went on to win the Teen division in the main Costume Contest:

She made the whole dress herself! And of course lights make everything more magical.

If you watched the Masquerade contest, then you'll remember these Shining twins:

One of the hosts was hilariously creeped out by them, because they NEVER broke character.  Hat tip, ladies.

The best Garnet from Steven Universe:

Seriously, perfection.

 And a Snorlax hug:

A gaggle of Matt the Radar Technicians:
I have no idea why one of them is an ape.

And some loverly Star Wars lasses:
I suddenly want to see a whole rainbow of Twi'leks, possibly mashed up with the Rainbow Brite Color Kids. Can someone make that happen, please?

But first, let's appreciate Han's eyebrow-quirkin' smirk here:

Love it. Ha!

Garrus from Mass Effect:

Who is SO perfect I have to post a reference so you can appreciate these mad skillz:

I'm in awe.

John had to help me with this one: it's a mashup of two Natalie Portman characters:
Black Swan Amidala. :D


A stunning Regina from Once Upon A Time:

Some glowy warrior goodness you'll have to help me ID:

Check out all the lights on this thing. That is SKILL, peeps.

Update: Aha, turns out she's a Death Knight from WoW, based on this armor:

Another less-than-stellar shot, but I really like this steampunk Belle's masquerade mask:

The skull is on a different costume behind her, which I know looks confusing. But check out her Beast mask, complete with fur and monocle! Me likey.

And finally (for now), let's end with another of my favorite Labyrinth finds: a beyond gorgeous, gender-swapped Jareth:

Most Jareths you see are cosplayed by women, but this is one of the rare times I've seen Jareth redesigned to be more traditionally feminine. I loooove the skirt, and her long hair.

Gah, it's so good. SO GOOD. Whoever this is, I love you, but in a not-weird, barely-creepy way. Promise.

Hope you guys had fun on this latest virtual DCon visit! Stay tuned for more, because, oh yes, I'm STILL not done. [rubs hands together gleefully]


  1. These are sooo good! And Merrill's mom goes to show that it's never too late to cosplay.

  2. Yes! You got a picture of the Sunday! Night! Matt! Attack! Oh gosh I could not stop laughing at those guys and their collective commitment to the character of Matt the Radar Technician. They even gave me a "Sorry I killed your son" card like the one in the skit! There's a video of them too:

    1. Oh man, I wish I'd gotten a card! That is AWESOME, ha!

    2. Yay! One of the Matts is a friend. He's usually Luke Skywalker, in various forms. His 5-year-old daughter was Rey in the DC parade.

  3. Oh my WORD that Cinderella!!! GAH! Also now I really want a big skirt covered in pompoms... :P
    The spider woman *might* be the spider chick from Undertale? I know it doesn't look quite like her but that's what came to mind.

  4. Ooh I love your Dragon Con cosplay posts, I feel like I'm getting to live vicariously through you :D

    That Garrus is AMAZING. I probably would have been fangirling all over him if I'd been there. And that Chihiro is so clever! Really cool way of turning a pretty simple costume into something more elaborate.

  5. Khalysta from VersaillesOctober 13, 2016 at 4:06 AM

    Thanks for the pictures. I think the Spider Queen could be from World of Warcraft.
    As for the glowy warrior, League of Legends, maybe ?

  6. "I suddenly want to see a whole rainbow of Twi'leks, possibly mashed up with the Rainbow Brite Color Kids." When I read that, what popped into my head was that there should be My Little Pony Twi'leks. Because that would be AWESOME!

  7. A few of those Twi'leks actually are part of a rainbow--they're friends and put together a group for Dragon Con this year!

  8. And in rainbow order:

  9. The glowy warrior is a Death Knight from World of Warcraft - she's carrying Apocalypse, the Death Knight artifact weapon (I play one, so it jumped right out at me!)

  10. My photo of the gaggle of Matts is from almost the same spot! We must have been standing right next to each other, but I was so taken with all the Matts that I didn't notice.

  11. Some amazing costumes, as usual! That Falcor is incredible, must have been quite a sight. Oh, and my daughter has that BB-8 lunchbox that Ballgown Rey is carrying! So funny. I pack her lunch in it every day.

  12. I sat behind that Moss at Hobbit's Night in Bree, and he didn't know the emergency number! I was so bummed. But it was an amazing cosplay all the same :)

  13. My hubby tells me the amazing spider lady is Arachne from Smite.

    1. Hi, Im that spider and it was a hard one to make My name is Mary Madeinhell and happy you liked it

    2. Glad you liked it and Yes Arachne thats me, It was a hard one to make but sooo worth it happy you liked it

  14. Are we sure that Jareth there isn't actually Lena Headey just trying to hang out unnoticed at Dragon Con?!? lol She's got the Cersei smirk going on and everything!

    Amazing cosplay all around though! Wow!

    1. I know this cosplayer. She actually did Cersei as her first cosplay back ages ago. She's a Huge GOT fan (She also did a Littlefinger's Brothel cosplay with her husband as Littlefinger a while ago). I'll be sure to pass along the message. :)

  15. Hi Jen!

    I was having a particularly rough day today and decided to visit Epbot for a lift. Boy did I get one! You posted a picture of our Game of Thrones cosplay! WhooooHoooo! Not only that, it's a great photo, too! I'm looking forward to sharing this with my mother. She loves it when I show how she is Internet famous. She turned 86 this year and is still "Growing Strong". Such a Tyrell! And, since you've met her, you can attest that she has that sass and fun-loving spirit we love about Lady Olenna. I have no doubt that you and your mom will be inspiring us all in a similar fashion for many years to come. I loved your mother's Steampunk/Victorian outfit last year. Your group always look great. The junk lady! OMG!

    And, as proof that I did attend your book tour and to maybe help trigger a memory on your end, my cupcake wreckplica can be found at Cakewrecks under the Boston in the Fall post. (Link: Boston_In_The_Fall) My entry was the Disco Newt! I may not be a knight who says "Ni!", but I AM a knight who says "Newt!"

    Thank you for all the smiles over the years and thank you for brightening my day when I needed it most.

    1. Merrill! (I do hope I'm spelling your name right) Now you've made MY day better. I'm so glad you found your photo! And I don't even have to look; I remember your Disco Newt. :D I hope we see you again next DCon, if not before, and here's to rough days gettin' smoother.

    2. Hi Jen! Happy National Dictionary Day! I was just enjoying the Sunday Sweets and thought to re-visit this post. Awwwwwwwww, you answered! I'm sooooooo glad I made your day. I LOVE win-wins. I got lifted and you did, too. Whoohooo! Here's to smoother days ahead.


      P.S. Since you asked about the spelling, here it is. I was just going to let the spelling slide since just seeing the post matters the most with me. (Eeeeeeeee! Still Smiling!) I joke that my name's spelled the same as Meryl Streep. We are both tall blonds and are comfortable in costume, but that's about as far as the similarities go. I hope to see you at Dcon next year as well. Until then, "Newt!" (Said with best high "Ni!" voice I can manage.)

  16. Great cosplay! I hope I can go to Emerald City Comicon next year, just to wear my outfit and show my love of Punisher :D

  17. Black Swan Amidala is officially the bravest man on Earth!

  18. I'm the blue Twi'lek! Not sure why I look so grumpy, lol. Oola (green) is Lady Danger, Han and pink Twi'lek are Alter Ego, and Leia is Kristina Leigh Designs. And I'm Galacticat! :) Thanks so much for including us! (And yes, our Han DOES have the best faces!)

  19. Opinion in this geek household is that the spider is Lolth, Queen of Spiders (from D&D).

  20. okay, so, I'm not one to travel far for a convention.....but I WILL make it to DragonCon someday, maybe team up with friends to get the logistics figured out...

    (My Genderswapped Princess Celestia human costume idea might work really well there, too...just need to get a white Military uniform to start, hrm.)

  21. I truly hope the Black Swan Amidala guy is a linguistics fan and he's gone as Natalie Portmanteau.

  22. Hi, Im Mary Madeinhell and I am the Spider lady lol the character is Arachne from the game SMITE, hope u guys liked it


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